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Scandinavian Migration | Salomon TV

Scandinavian Migration | Salomon TV

– I think there are a lot of adventurous Scandinavians. People love skiing, we have these small ski resorts in Sweden. But then we go outside
because we want to explore. So we come to the Alps and
we find these communities where people share the mountain passion. And we tend to come back. – This trip was all about going to the Scandinavian hotspots. – We started out in Chamonix. There’s a lot of Norwegians
there, and Swedes. – Chamonix has always been like, that mysterious place with the biggest mountains you can go to. – One of the reason I think
there are a lot of Swedes in Chamonix and in the Alps in general, is that we don’t have that
many mountains in Sweden. – Mountains in Sweden
are more like, round, but in Chamonix you
really get huge mountains. – If you’re fortunate enough to come and see these bigger mountains that we have down here in the Alps, that brings a different
energy to it, I think, that you’re very easily smitten by. – When traveling around with Lovisa, it’s pretty fascinating. It’s like Swedes everywhere,
and she knows everybody. – For me, it’s like coming home. You get to meet all the
other Scandinavians, which love exactly the same thing as I do. – There’s this word of
mouth thing that goes on, where somebody’s gonna have
done your journey before you, and that is special, I think. – I definitely think that having Swedish friends here helped a lot, because especially here where the
mountains are so dramatic, it’s definitely easing into it, having a community of friends from before. – In Verbier, Robert, like, he’s doing, every time he’s skiing,
hucking big cliffs. In Verbier, he did the same. – In Norway conditions are
not the best all the time, so if you’re a serious skier, you go down to the Alps
and just go bigger. – What’s the difference between Swedes and Norwegians? – I don’t know, my
girlfriend is Norwegian, so I can’t say too much bad about them. I like them. Not so much in sports. – It’s always been like a competition between Norwegian people and Swedes. – Nice day out here. Guess I better ski this run
before the Norwegian does. – We actually own Norway
from the beginning, but now they are pretty rich there, so we are a bit jealous.
But coming here to the Alps, we are pretty much the same. – First time I came to
Engelberg was in 2002. When I came, this other hotel was packed with Swedish ski bums,
and that’s kinda nice, because you feel a home away
from home a little bit. – I think the reason why
Norwegian and Swedes go to the same places in the Alps is because on the one hand we’re adventurous, but at the same time we’re a bit shy. – I think all of the
Scandinavians are here to ski, and they feel that I will never outgrow, and I will never be too skilled or too strong for this place. There will always be new challenges, and there will always be a community of people from home to share it with. – As a skier from Scandinavia, going to all these famous places in the Alps is a pilgrimage
that you really have to do.

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  1. Nicely produced and we have ironically a great family from Scandinavia – She from Norway, he from Sweden and their kids a hybrid! Runa, is on our advisory and watches all of our films for input – certainly going to share this with them. LOL. Sure there will be arguments about who produces better skiers. Certainly for XC Norway.. LOL.

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