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Salomon Chief Snowboard Binding

Salomon Chief Snowboard Binding

Matt Guf here for The House Snowboard Shop,
and this is the Salomon Chief Snowboard Binding. You can go from peak to tweak in these bindings
in a flash. The composite 45% Transfer Chassis is pretty because the chassis side walls and
heel cups are completely molded together. The SCS foam composite padding (the sea foam
green color on the sole) is a dampering system that will keep your feet happy and relaxed
all day long. And from tip to tail, this baby has EVA padding. There are heel cup power
locks to keep your heels in place, as well as adjustable wraps. If your feet grow and
you need bigger boots you won’t need bigger bindings because you can adjust the toe ramp
out or in at your pleasure. The Drumframe highback has a continuous spine which means
you can transfer energy to your heel edge in a flash. There’s not a lot of air space
in these, but they are lightweight and fully adjustable without the need for any tools.
That’s right, you can adjust the forward leaning with a pull of the lever and a snap in place,
and you’ll be good to go. However, if you want to rotate the highbacks to become more
parallel with your heel, you will need a Phillips screwdriver. The 3D Supreme ankle straps are
the top of the line straps from Salomon. They are ultra-cushy and very supportive. They’re
a little bit more narrow in the center and a little bit wider on the outside, causing
for more lateral and medial support. They do have ladder guards which are great for
keeping the ice off your ladders, and keeping your Viper aluminum ratchets going all day
long. The micro adjustors are on the other side. If you want to center the ankle strap
down the middle of your boot you can definitely do that, it’s a cinch. The True-Grip Fast-Fit
toe strap of course, is going to be lightweight and it’s a pretty cool feature. You lift it
up, but it doesn’t come undone. You could have like Whopper-thick feet guess what, you
could fit into these bindings. It’s cool, they have micro adjusters on the side, so
you can center the toe strap on your boot. That’s right, the Salomon Chief — from peak
to tweak. Cool color way, lots of cool features, and very shock resistant.

3 thoughts on “Salomon Chief Snowboard Binding”

  1. I m looking for an all mountain freestyle binding that would go well with the salomon grip snowboard. I am torn between the chief and the Ride Capo. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks

  2. @Crackermcnuggets I would go withe Capo's, they are great bindings. If you order before the end of march you can get 10% with Coupon Code – fan10

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