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Sailing and… SKIING! Snow and sailboats do mix ep.4

Sailing and… SKIING! Snow and sailboats do mix ep.4

The last few days have been quite stormy so
I needed a protected harbor And I’ve been staying here in Store Kvalfjord This place is quite good, we didn’t have that
much wind Even though the forecast was for a polar low
with wind gusts up to 32 m/s That’s like 60 knots T he wind was however strong enough to
rip off my pedestal cover, I just discovered that it has disappeared But let’s have a look outside and see what
it’s like right now So there’s an actual stupid amount of snow Maybe 35-40 centimeters on the boat and 40
cm on the pier It’s pretty heavy snow as well so I don’t
know how much precipitation that was but it was a lot And here’s a good tip Always leave your shovel and broom somewhere
where you can access them easily By now I’ve become an expert at shoveling,
and the broom and this shovel are easily one of my most used items on board A plastic shovel is really nice, because it
doesn’t scratch the deck If I plan to stay at the same place for a
long time, then I sometimes leave the snow on the deck, because it acts as a great insulator But if I want to sail again soon then it’s
better to shovel the snow off immediately The weather will usually get colder after
the low pressure front passes Which means that the wet snow will freeze
and really stick to the deck As you might have seen in the previous episode,
I’ve learned that although the Gulf Stream keeps the northern Norwegian coast mostly
ice free, some of the protected fjords still freeze That’s especially true for places like this,
where a fresh water stream coming in Luckily I was able to find another place to anchor So I did get out of there just fine, but I didn’t really have any time to shoot any video because thigs got a little bit too hectic Anyway, in the next episode we’ll meet a friendly beluga whale But before I end this one I just wanted to say a few things and clarify a few things as well First of all, thank you all so much for watching these videos I’ve already got over 85 000 views on these videos And that’s quite a lot for me because I only joined Youtube couple months ago That’s huge for me, thank you all so much for watching And if you’re new to this channel then maybe you’d like to take a look at my other videos as well Then the second thing Some of my followers have been a little bit confused about the timeline of these events And I’m speaking to the camera right now it’s year 2020 But these videos you just saw were from the spring 2019 So they’re like 8 or 9 months old by now And that’s just because I have so much footage that I need to work through And I really want to start posting in real time Because I think it doesn’t make sense to post stuff that happened eight months ago But on the other hand I just have so much good footage from northern Norway And also from Svalbard, we sailed to Svalbard And I want to post that in chronological order because I think it just makes more sense But once I’m finished with the editing of that stuff, then I’ll start posting more in real time I also get asked a lot about a few specific things For example what I use for heating And what’s it like to live inside the boat when it’s so cold I mean the boat is uninsulated and what do I wear and A lot of people would like to see a boat tour An interior tour of the boat and so on I’ll post an episode for each of those topics in the future So for now I just hope you bear with me as I go through the footage See you next time, bye bye

63 thoughts on “Sailing and… SKIING! Snow and sailboats do mix ep.4”

  1. This is great! I just found your channel a few hours ago and subscribed, watched the last episode and you post a new episode 1h later;)
    I really enjoy your videos, keep the coming;)

  2. Very cool videos man. Filmed in a great way. Looking forward to more. Also living on my boat during winter, but on Sweden's west coast, so not even close to the conditions you're having. Inspirational. Keep it up, all the best. Went to school with a lot of Finns. They were always the craziest ones so I liked them the most.

  3. Wicked episode! I don't personally care if its last years footage, as you say it's good stuff. Look forward to seeing a boat and perhaps clothing kit episode. One question, how do you pick your ski runs? have you just been skiing for long enough to know what looks good? I suspect so. Cheers T

  4. I thought that something is off here, when you said it's the first day of sun. The planet is off it's track and we need to readjust the latitudes now… 😉 Good that you cleared it up in the end! 😀
    Thanks for the great content!!!

  5. Am enjoying your revelations of an extraordinary environment that is totally foreign to me. My sailing has almost been exclusively in the tropics where winter is 25C and summer 32C. Concerns here are more about dehydration, crocodiles, and deadly jellyfish.
    Thank you, and I look forward to more from you. I wish you safe travels.

  6. This is awesome!! Well done! Question: what do you to in the freezing temperatures to keep your engine from freezing?

  7. I've noticed that the most unusual, epic, talented sailor bloggers collecting much less rating compare to Caribbean "bikini, dining, shopping " sailors with a flashing title.
    In my vision you are elite.
    Tell more abou your boat and northern sailing tactics and issues.
    Thank you

  8. The worst thing you can do, is to start posting your videos in random order, stick to posting chronologically. It is no big deal if your videos are behind in time, at least this way the viewers know you have survived the harsh conditions you chose to live, sail and ski in. Good luck with your channel, it is unique and I really enjoy it very much and I suspect others will enjoy it just as much and in time it will grow to have a massive following.

  9. Good stuff. I've watched a lot of folk going to hot places on yachts over the last few years ……but I am much more interested in this. You, Erik and Patrick are my favourites. Keep it up 🙂

  10. Wow!! What an amazing part of the world.
    I’m here in Oz, surrounded by drought and bushfires.
    But able to sail in shorts and a tshirt. 😄⛵️
    Thanks for the great vids. Your filmmaking is great. 👍

  11. Phantastic video again.
    You do the filming especially while skiing very good. Do you use a stabilised gimbal?
    Are your filming skills all self taught? Our is filming your profession?
    I am looking forward for next episode.
    Do it chronological. I do not care if the footage is older. Perhaps write in the description which month it was. The landscape is even timeless 😉

  12. Looking forward to knwing how you and the boat cope with the weather, I am very curious about this as a fellow sailor

  13. Nice video and generally the whole channel is amazing! The nature over there is just stunning and completely opposite than the Balkans where I live. Do you feel safe skiing alone on these ridges, due to avalanche risk? Looking forward to other videos, all the best

  14. Another great one, How long does it take you to go up some of those mountains? I remember in Colo. walking up some way smaller ones and taking hours, and only mins. to ski down.

  15. Very inspiring. I dream to sailing north too soon. I plan it for sometime now. 😛 keep up the great work. Your drone videos are very beautiful.

  16. Great video. That ice and snow are amazing. And just about every sailing channel I watch is posting footage that is 1-3 months old, so that's no big deal. I'm looking forward to more!

  17. Love the combination of skiing and sailing. So different than all the Caribbean YouTube channels. Personally I am a winter person. I love skiing and camping in the snow. Can’t wait to see how you adapt your boat for cold weather.

  18. This is getting better and better! And I don't like snow, ice (just eating ice cream!!!!) or SKI! But I'm loving it. Thanks for the hard work of filming, editing and sharing.

  19. Fantastic !!! So many snow !!! Фантастика !! Так много снега !!! Very nice! Очень клёво !)

  20. Superb video and content yet again, well done!

    Also, it's very nice that you commented on the time line, I was a bit confused my self but guessed on 2019 (or earlier) considering the comments you made about "spring" and most of us probably know that January here in Scandinavia is nowhere close to being called spring 😀

    As for the boat tour, heating, humidity, it would all be great to see/hear about it. Currently have my sailboat on the hard but intend to keep her in the water the following winters and the epoxi treatment is done so hearing/seeing/getting experience from several sources would be superb 🙂

    Keep up the good work, it's already a great channel and unique in the way that you sail north in the cold rather than down south like most channel, for some reason North (Norway, Svalbard, Alaska, Canada) is so much more interesting to some of us 🙂



  21. Beautiful scenery, I lived aboard for 8 years in Alaska and your video makes me a bit homesick for the beautiful mountains, for the show shoveling…not so much 🙂

  22. Amazing stuff. Nice to see you breaking the mold of convention. You have gotten many questions and I would like to add to them – can you discuss how you charge your batteries and fuel consumption. Many thanks.

  23. Looked like a beautiful destination until I saw you shoveling snow!!! I’ve never seen so much snow on a sailboat in the water!!! “Always leave the snow shovel where you ca reach it”…not a typical sailing tip! And sailing with snow on the deck…I’m shivering!!! -Rebecca on SV Brick House

  24. I think this may be the most amazing “sailing video” I’ve ever seen…it’s shows you just how limitless our lives are…made me cry actually! Just so amazing! Rebecca on SV Brick House

  25. Love your videos of sailing & skiing in northern Norway. Do u climb the mountains with your skis on or do carry them part of the way?

  26. Another epic video. Wish I could ski, let alone as well as you do but I’m English what would I know about skiing… For me I’m not worried about the year but time of year is interesting so I know what conditions are like at certain times of the year. I’m watching Drake Paragon in Greenland and that is a few years ago but makes no difference to me. Great video, useful info and look forward to more videos when you can. Fair winds Andy UK

  27. No one would know you are not posting in real time unless you tell them. Don't rush yourself. It is your channel so do as you want. We are heading down to Beagle channel soon……Brrrrrr. Patrick

  28. Great video !!! Skiing and sailing what an unexpected combination . I'm all out of it . What a breathtaking scenery .
    You have a new follower . Greetings from Belgium .

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