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S1:E5| Stunning V Berth Remodel – Drab to Fab!

S1:E5| Stunning V Berth Remodel – Drab to Fab!

The goop is gone. The goop is gone. Now
we’re gonna start sanding. We’re all suited up. Yeah it’s my uniform. ha ha She told me how all the cool kids wear their, uh, wear their ventilators. Let the V berth rebirth project begin! After our delta trip we kept ourselves
pretty busy with work and school through the winter and spring. We didn’t get out
sailing as much as we would have liked but we did get out for a few fun
adventures on the bay. We also had a great canoe trip on the Colorado River with some other adventures families and good friends. This year it happened to
include all little girls, six of them from age 1 to 5. All the little ladies
had a blast getting to know each other paddling the canoes, swimming in the
water every day, getting themselves as dirty as possible, watching the stars
shoot through the sky and roasting marshmallows by the campfire. Hey Jennifer. How you feeling? Like how I want to feel every day during my life. After the canoe trip my parents came out
to visit and watch Ruby while Jen and I got to do some spring cleaning and some
upgrades to the v-berth. Hey what do you got there? Oh you know, just typical boating things that people store on their sailboats. Ah, a couple of snowboards. Yeh, you know, you never know when you’ll need those. Spring cleaning! Let the v-berth rebirth project
begin. Hi. I feel like we’ve regressed a little bit. Ruby’s room looked like this a while back. When this was built back in
the 80s [they] put carpet up on the wall to help insulate, which, I think is a nice idea but over a couple of decades it gets kind of yucky. So we’ve torn down the carpet off of the
v-berth walls and then we’re going to sand down the walls and here to get off
if you can see it but there’s a nice layer of fuzz and glue and who knows
what. It’ll still have a raw fiberglass look to it but I think was a nice fresh
coat of white, it will look quite nice and clean and bright in here.
So we’ll see, I don’t no, it’s kind of an experiment that I saw. I did it on a
boat that I’m working on at the boat yard and I thought it turned out pretty
nice and it seems like a easy solution where, you know, you’ll be able to chase
down a drip because it’s not running down behind anything and you know wipe
it up really easily especially being a four year old room. JD’s worried I’m going to rub my finger prints off. and I won’t be able to volunteer when I’m in my 70s. The goop is gone. The goop is gone. Now we’re gonna start sanding. We’re all suited up. Back in these familiar suits. Jen’s work outfit. Yeah it’s my uniform. She did really well teaching me how to put it on. She told me how all the cool kids wear there, uh, wear their ventilators. The vacuum fuzz is coming off. Nice. You
think that a clog it or is it okay? It’s okay just pick it out some? Huh? Yeh, it’s totally fine.
Cool. Coming along nicely. Epoxy Pro-Line Primer will be using. [She’s frustrated with me] Epoxy Pro-Line Primer will be using. [I giggle at her because she sound like Yoda] It’s a two part paint that fills gaps and
sticks to a lot of things. It’s great. Love it. We got up early the next morning, threw
another layer of paint on and then headed out to go sail on SV Sequoia. Jen
and I got invited to go sail on a race boat! I’m so excited right now! I’m
getting ready to go sailing on Sequoia, a 1960s Cal forty that Jen helped restore
and I’ve never been out sailing on a race boat before.
Here I go! After a long day in the boatyard it was fun to head out to
actually sail on something that I’ve been working on. This classic Cal 40
sailboat owned by Fred Cook of Shaefer Marine, was getting ready to sail in the
Transpac. We’re floating…on a boat that I helped, refurbish. SV Sequoia Awesome! What an amazing experience to head out
on a shakedown sale on SV Sequoia, before she headed down the coast to start the
Transpac. The Trans Pacific Yacht Race began in 1906. It stretches over 2,200
nautical miles from Los Angeles, California, to Honolulu, Hawaii. To find
out more about the restoration of SV Sequoia and how she did in the 2017
Transpac, head on over to Fred’s YouTube Channel, Great Old Boats. Back to the
v-berth project. We’re really happy with the finished
product and it just took a little standing, a can of paint and definitely
ventilators, but the finished product looks great, clean, fresh, much better than old carpet. It did take a little ventilation of the
boat to be able to get it Ruby ready, that’s for sure and I am happy with the
way it turned out. [Ruby] I like it. You like the way the paint looks? Do you remember what it
looked like before? What was it before? It was the carpet, that was like, um thin and it feeled rough.

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  1. Good job on the boat and the family!  Good to see a lot of the faces from BMC.  Have fun and I will see you in the bay hopefully.

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