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Rusty Malinoski | Win a Ride | Texas Ski Ranch

Rusty Malinoski | Win a Ride | Texas Ski Ranch

We’re here at the Texas Ski Ranch. We got
the winner of the “Win a Ride”. Beautiful morning, we’re gonna go do a little bit of
riding behind the boat. Then possibly hit the cable park, do lunch, hang out for a bit,
then that’ll be it. Alright so we’re wrapping up our “Win a Ride” day with the Carpenters and Josh. We spent the morning out on the boat which was
super fun. Perfect weather, great conditions. Did some jumping around on the trampoline
zone and now just wrapping it up with some cable riding which is awesome. I’ve never
actually been here personally myself and I’ve had a blast of a day. So I’ll definitely be
back and thanks Body Glove for doing another “Win a Ride”.

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  1. I want to ride with rusty he's my favorite rider. I would die to ride with. Can u make that happen please!!!!!! Me and my two brothers.

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