Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Moth in Your Ear

Barbara: There’s also like a- you could get your ears flushed out too. By a lot of doctors. Burnie: I don’t like that though. I-I got a moth stuck in my ear when I was mowing the lawn one time? Burnie: That’s horrible.
*Gavin wheezes* It was alive in my ear. Burnie: And- and-
Gus: Ugh. Barbara: Oh- oh God.
Burnie: I can’t tell you, there’s nothing worse- *Gavin giggles*
Burnie: -than the feeling of having a loud noise in your ear, and then you cover your ear to block the noise, but it’s on the inside of your hand!
Barbara: Ughhh! Gavin: It’s like having a light bulb under your eyelids.
Burnie: So you cover your ear- and usually that works a hundred percent of time, but you- I cover my ear and it’s like-
Barbara: I think that’s- “AARRRRRGHGHGHGH!” *Gus laughs*
Burnie: And it’d like flutter! Like bang, bang, bang!
Barbara: I feel like a moth couldn’t fit inside my ear canal. Burnie: Yeah, mine got in there.
Gavin: Why didn’t you just pull it out? Burnie: I tried to, but when you go to like grab it, it would freak out and go in further? Barbara: Ugh.
Gavin: Oh, and a moth is all like… … dusty and it like sheds that crap.
Burnie: Right. It’s actually my neighbor, who was down in Buda. And my neighbor said- like he saw me dealing with it, he goes: “I got it, just try it with a- a pair of, uh, tweezers.” And then he goes- he said, uh Uh, Jordan, he goes He goes, “just go get some rubbing alcohol.” And poured rubbing alcohol in my ear? Killed it. It was like, what a fucking relief. But I still had to go… to the doctor, and then there was like legs and shit in there. Barbara: Ugh…
Burnie: And they had to flush it out.
Gavin, laughing, and Gus: Oh God… Burnie: That’s so- it was so LOUD. *Gus laughing*
It was so loud.
Gavin, laughing: How did this happen? Burnie: It was like-
Gavin: That was like a nightmare! Burnie: I was mowing the lawn! And a bunch of fucking moths flew, and I go:
Barbara: I wasn’t sure where-
*Gavin laughs* Burnie: “Ah, look at all these moths flying-” “BLEAAUHH.” And I was like “Ahhh?? What is that? It was so- So loud.
Barbara: Yeah, I heard of- I’ve heard of people getting roaches in their ears, too- Or shit like that.
Burnie: That’s true. Gavin: Also, who mows the lawn without listening to music? Burnie: What’s wrong with you?
Gus: What? Barbara: Most people? Probably?
Gavin: What’re you doing while you’re mowing the lawn? Burnie: I was singing at the top of my lungs. Duran duran.
*Gavin and Gus laughs*

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