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Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Gavin Co-Pilot

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Gavin Co-Pilot

3Burnie: You haven’t seen that residential parking pass? Gavin: Why would I have seen that? Gus: I’ve seen it around several-
*Gavin laughs* *Gavin laughs*
Gus: -all over Austin. There’s many places. Burnie: Why would you pay attention any street sign ever? Burnie: Why would you ever do that, Gavin? Barbara: Yeah, you’re asking Gavin about street signs. Gavin: Do you pay attention to- *wheezes* Burnie: Do I pay attention street signs? Burnie: Yes, Gavin. I do. All the time.
Gavin: No, wait- Gavin: But do you pay attention to plane signs when you’re on the plane? Burnie: When you park with- let’s say Meg drives you somewhere. Gavin: Uh-huh. Burnie: And you guys are going out to dinner? Burnie: Don’t you sometimes have to figure out where you’re gonna park? Burnie: So when that part-
Gavin: Do I have to do that? Burnie: When that part of it comes up, are you just like, “I’m of no help to anybody here.” Burnie: And you just wander off on your phone-
Gavin: But what if I wasn’t in the car- Burnie: -while Meg figures out whether or not she can park in a space?
Gavin: *laughs* What if I wasn’t- Gavin: She’s- She’s very capable of figuring out her own parking. Gavin: What d’you think, she needs me to help her? Burnie: You don’t even participate, though, is what I’m saying. Gavin: Does the pilot need help when you’re on a plane? Does he need help driving-
Gus: Yeah, he does! Gus: There’s two of them. There’s a co-pilot.
Gavin: Yeah? Gus: The other person sitting in the front? Gus: They help!
Gavin: Does he rely- does he rely on the passengers to-? Gus: That’s not what you’re saying. No one in the backseats’ helping. Gus: There are two people in the front seat, is she your chaffeur? Gavin: *laughing* Why would she-?
Gus: Does she drive you around and you sit in the back seat, pretending not to listen her while you read the Financial Times? *Barbara laughing*
Gus: I don’t think so! *Barbara laughing*
*Gus chuckles* Gavin: *laughs* I’m just saying that if you don’t use the vehicle, you’re not gonna look at the signs for it. Burnie: But when you’re parking and you try to figure stuff out. Like when you’re-
Gavin: *wheezes* What’s to figure out? Burnie: Oh my God, okay, you are kid-
Barbara: I understand where you’re coming from- Barbara: -and I also understand where you’re coming from. Gavin: Yeah, when you see a helipad but you don’t know when you can park in it? *Barbara stifling laughter* Gavin: Or do you not care because you have a helicopter? Burnie: Well, if I’m in a helicopter, I’ll probably figure that out after the- my 80th trip in the fucking- Burnie: -helicopter?
Gus: If you’re in a helicopter, I bet you’re looking like,
“Oh, I hope we can land there.” Burnie: Yeah.
Gus: I hope that is a proper- Gus: -place for a helicopter to land.
Burnie: Hey, Gus!
*Gavin laughing* Gus: This doesn’t look seem like a helicopter landing, I think we’re gonna crash! Burnie: Gus, did you know that airplanes when they show up at airports, they park at gates?
*Barbara laughing* Burnie: They don’t just throw people out of the side of the plane? Onto the tarmac?
Gus: *choking on laughter* Yeah?
*Barbara and Gavin laughing* Burnie: Did you know that?
Gus: When you’re in the back of a- when you’re in the back of a plane- Gus: -do you ever look and think,
“Oh, I hope we’re landing in an airport.” Burnie: Yeah.
Gus: “Is this a place a plane can land?” Gus: “Hm. I hope there’s a not a no plane sign here!”
Burnie: Sure. Burnie: And I wonder if there’s one of those airports where they just back the planes in- Burnie: -as opposed to pulling in forwards. I mean, that happens sometimes too-
Gavin: Yeah… wait! Gavin: Where do you-?
Burnie: I don’t know! Cuz I’m not a fucking commercial pilot!
*everyone except Burnie laughs* Burnie: So I’ve never fucking paid attention!
Gavin: Where do you park your jetski?
*Barbara laughs* Gus: *wheezes and laughs* Burnie: If I ride a jet ski, I’ll- I’ll be able to tell you that-
Gus: He said ride- Burnie: If I- I’m saying if I ride on a jetski!
*Barbara laughs* Burnie: If I’m riding behind someone, I’ll figure out where to park jetskis. Gavin: Or will the person driving it, who owns the jetski, figure it out because they probably parked it- Gavin: -seven hundred times?
Burnie: You’ve been a passenger of a car eight billion times- *Gavin wheezes*
*Barbara laughs* Burnie: -and you’ve never- you’ve never looked at where to park a car, or figured it out- Gavin: What’s to figure out-?!
Burnie: You’re just a babe! Lost in the woods! Burnie: Doing your own thing! Nobody else’s experiences matters-
Gavin: You’re making me sound like-
*Barbara laughs* Burnie: -in any way whatsoever.
Gavin: You’re making it- you’re making it sound like if I was in the car- Gavin: -Meg would just be like, “pbbt!”
Gus: That’s not what he’s making it sound like! Burnie: Not at all.
Gus: No.
Barbara: It’s a- it’s a joint effort, it’s helping. Gavin: It’s not a joint effort. Gus: It’s like if- common courtesy!
Barbara: Because she’s looking for parking, you could be looking around- Barbara: -being like, “Oh, there’s a spot! Oh, I see this!”
Gavin: I mean, I’ll navigate!
Burnie: You live with Meg. Burnie: You live with Meg.
Gavin: Yep. Burnie: So let’s just say, it’s your job to pay the electricity bill. That’s your job.
Gavin: Uh-huh. Burnie: She doesn’t do it at all. And one day, she turns on all the lights. Gavin: And you’re like, “Well, that runs up the electricity bill,” and she goes- Burnie: “PFFFBBBBBT!!!” Burnie: You know what I mean?! And that’s gonna affect you, right?! You’re going to be like-
*Gavin losing it* Burnie: “Hey, you’re in this with me! Turn off the fucking lights!” Burnie: She’s like “I don’t pay the bill. That’s not my responsibility.” Burnie: Flip, flip, flip, flip, flip, flip, flip!

100 thoughts on “Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Gavin Co-Pilot”

  1. 1:05 "I understand where you're coming from and I also understand where you're coming from."

    Barbara subtly pouring fuel on the fire of GAVIN IS WRONG, LET'S YELL AT HIM!

  2. Here's an idea for a shenanigan:
    Tell Gavin you're going to a restaurant, have someone text him on the way so he'll be looking down at his phone, pull over next to a ditch, a pond or something and tell him you're here.

  3. I hate it when people try to help me find a parking spot. It makes me extremely nervous when people are pointing out parking spaces as you're passing them.

  4. 2:36 This anallogy makes no sense. Someone turning on all the lights and never turning them off has a much worse impact on paying the electricity bill than the impact a passenger not looking for parking has on driving a car. Looking for parking while driving is easy, there's really not much help a second person can have unless the person driving is REALLY struggling.

  5. I'm with both Burnie and Gavin on this.
    But I'm still leaning more to Burnie because Gavin's wording is…well…ridiculous. XD

  6. If meg was carrying something heavy, and Gavin sees her struggling he’d be like: “that’s her heavy item. If I wasn’t in the house she’d lift it herself”

  7. There's actually an interesting cultural divide between Americans and other nationalities because in the days of american expansionism, there were traditionally two riders out front on a cart/waggon/whatever, the driver and the shotgun. The driver drove the horses while the shotgun defended from animals, bandits , and other attackers. Both were expected to know how to navigate and read a map, and the shotgunner evolved into a kind of second in command to the driver and this mindset persists into the modern age.

  8. I want to see the source of this, at the same time as this. One of those double ones.
    Just watched the one of Gavin explaining the Star War…..

  9. Does the guy that stalked them poke his head out of the trunk and point to an open parking space? I'm sorry I had to say it

  10. I think what these guys forget its Gavins incompetence – If Gavin miraculously finds a spot, cool, but chances are any spot Gavin even considers Meg has already dismissed or is going to immediately. These guys however, would have around equal skill to Meg, so having them would contribute to the objective of finding a spot to park.

  11. Gavin's logic about this is making me wanna strangle the screen and his animated self.

    Being a passenger in a plane is NOT the same as being a passenger in a car. You don't pay Meg to drive around! You're getting it for free! Freaking help out!

  12. I honeslty agree with gavin, who isn't capable of parking a vehicle themselves and figure out where to go. Clearly you are all really skilled. Tis but a joke, but honeslty gavin, I understand you.

  13. Co pilots are trained pilots and have controls/duties they are paid to perform, not sure how that equates to sitting in a passenger seat of a car front seat or back, the driver drives and parks the passengers sit and get out after they have parked. I haven’t gotten parking assistance since my parents taught me to drive and I sure wouldn’t want any from someone who doesn’t own or know how to drive a car.

  14. I truly believe I would be constantly frustrated if I were Gavin's friend. I am also sure Gavin would not understand why and would be sure only I would be at fault.

  15. I agree with Gavin, and I'm always the driver, I never rely on my passenger to tell me where to park, they will just deal with where I park because I'm the only one paying attention to signage.

  16. I think Gavin is in the right. He has full confidence in Meg's competence. He's like "shes perfectly capable of finding a spot of her own"

  17. I like how the style of the animation stays the same but it still looks more animated than the beginning

  18. this doesnt even make sense Gavins not driving and you dont drive the car from the passenger seat. when cars with 2 steering wheels are common place you can compare it to plane.

  19. Took me months to realize that when Barb says “I see your point and I see your point” she’s literally on the fence

  20. Burnie is completely right, if I'm a passenger and the driver is trying to find a parking spot. I assist with looking out for one

  21. If the driver of a car cant figure out where to park without a passenger then they shouldn't be driving.

  22. Ya know, even in his dumbest arguments, Gavin still brings up something that makes me question for 2.384 seconds before realizing what he said was stupid and wrong.

  23. Gavin is the only one right in this situation.
    It is 100% responsibility of the driver to deal with any issues related to the driving of the vehicle.
    If the passenger wants to offer assistance, that's fine, but the responsibility is on the driver, not the passengers.

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