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we have a world champion olá Youtube my name
is Ricardo Lino and I’m wheel addict let me start by telling you that we have
a world champion yes that’s right aggressive skating aggressive inline
skating you some of you call it rollerblading
they called it roller freestyle we have a world champion his name is Roman a bratty it’s not a
new name in the skating industry but is our new world champion we are going
through like a really good era for inline skating why do I say that well
since two or three years ago there’s like a new video game that just
came out it’s called honor roll and other than that then we have a world
secret kind of like the aasa’ probably let’s say LG games something like that
please let me go through each one of these points and explain you why is it
that kid but first let me just take my jacket and yeah I’m gonna talk about
these things properly so yesterday I got a message from Adam set relah it’s close
to New York and he just told me these through a message listen man if you ever
have any doubts about what you’re doing don’t
I really think you’re a breath of fresh air in our sport first of all thank you
so much Adam for this message this type of encouragement makes me keep doing
these videos every day and skating and all that stuff so thank you thank you
Adam thank you everyone that keeps supporting this channel and what I do
and my passion for skating and these will to bring skating back and it’s
happening skating is back man like like I just
started this video we have a world champion why is this a big thing but I
know there’s like a lot of really coarse skaters out there that think that we
don’t need a world championships the truth is probably you wouldn’t need a a
world champion like does that really mean anything yes it does why because
when I was a speed skater there was these association it’s called fierce
Federation of international rollerskating something like that and
these Federation these World Federation of skating these Federation of
international rollerskating so I think that’s the name I’m sorry if I’m saying
it wrong but what they did and what’s happening right now it’s the world games
for skating activities basically they got together like inline skaters roller
skaters it doesn’t matter what you do with inline or roller skates there’s a
world traffic keep going on there’s roller derby
there’s check there’s in line okay and there’s ring cock a which means some
Okies plays with roller skates some our oak is played with inline skates and
both of these activities they have their own world championships this is what
fierce is doing first is doing like the World Championships for all the
activities done with skating basically there will be in the next few days also
like the Speed Skating Championships there’s going to be over the last the
next week or two I think I’m not sure it’s gonna be through there will be a
lot of races going on every day and over the last few days I know there’s going
to be the downhill World Championships – I’ve seen the circuit it looks amazing
it’s like super curve that all that stuff I’m excited I’m excited and I’m
super happy that Roman was the winner why man that guy has been putting so
much work into skating he’s putting so much of his money traveling yes yes
bosses but he puts a lot of his money into that same way the second and third
places and I think even fourth I think the four yeah the first four places are
French and I know a lot of people out there they always complain about the
French skating Park rats whatever hey you know what please don’t be jealous
cuz those guys the reason why they are so good is because they skate a lot you
don’t get that good without skating so yes we have a world champion Roman a
bratty East French the second place is Jeremy Malik I think that’s his name
also French third place you name Julian and the fourth place was it Yuma he was
an amateur at with the clash last year and he was leaf hurricane top so
transfers and Sofia he is amazing and he got force so first four places French do
I think it’s weird no because they’re just amazing so let’s
keep going why was I saying also it’s an amazing time for skating well video
games I do not play video games I never had a console sorry about that but the
truth is video games will show our sport to kids there’s a lot of kids out there
playing video games and just yesterday I was watching something about on a roll
video game and I saw a lot of websites that don’t have anything to do with
inline skating doing a review of on a roll that means that skating is going
to be shown in other places that we usually don’t what’s also happening is
it’s been a while since there was like a skate game I would say like I remember
that in skateboarding Tony Hawk pro skater was a huge thing and I’m sure
that about skating growing more and more and more but the last game there was
related to skating I think it was Kate Tree and there was also a few years ago
and since then there’s no games like that it’s always like a first-person
shooter games or whatever you call to those things and this is going to be a
good thing for us so hopefully there will be a lot more kids knowing about
our sport and then with the world championships going on they have like a
goal they want to I don’t know a lot of kids want to be world champion or
something or it’s good to have a goal and it’s good to have world
championships also Adam was talking to me yesterday the guy that just named me
the message that I told you and he was telling me we need something like the X
Games or like the LG games or something like that and I’m like we have that we
have that and the reason why that’s not going to America well it’s going to
Canada but the reason why it’s not going to the United States is probably because
there’s not enough people investing in skates in the United States please don’t
hate me for saying these but there’s a lot of places in the world with a lot of
people skating like if you go to Asia there’s a lot of people skating
especially in slalom and urban skating and all that and that’s why there’s a
lot of competitions going on in Asia other than that we know that Poland
France Spain it’s huge places for skating and that’s probably why the
biggest events right now happen in these places so yes again this is great times
for skating so that’s it I hope you guys enjoyed this video I just wanted to
share this with you guys I hope you enjoyed this video if you did give me a
thumbs up if you didn’t give it if you didn’t like it give me thumbs down but
let me know why I don’t like this video what did I do wrong here and if you’re
not subscribe to the channel do it because when I’m doing these videos
about skating almost every day and it’s like it could be a good way for you to
to get into skating and more important than anything else just don’t forget why
we all started skating because it’s fun cheers guys you soon


  1. i liked the video and on a roll is a fun game i play it and i hope you do a video on it so we can get more people playing the game and getting into the sport

  2. Hi Ricardo,
    It's amazing that the sport is growing and I really hope that kids would throw away things like the hover board, and switch to inline or roller skates.
    "I have a dream" speech is necessary for this to jump off… I think you'll do good as a representative haha.
    Great video, and thanks!

  3. You are fight sir. A video game about skating is good media and exposure for that which we love. I would like to find the vids for said world championship so I could watch it and day dream of what tricks I may do in the future. Today I attempted to do the full frontside grind. How did I do? I got road rash. I am bummed that I couldn't land it but like any person who loves skating, this only shows me where I went wrong and how I can improve. As part of that, I'm giving my skates a good clean from top to bottom as I look for the roller world championships. Hopefully I will see more dedicated roller skaters and inlines in my area in the near future cus of these events. Thanks as always Lino!

  4. I saw Tiago play "On a Roll" in his last video, cool.. Also, who cares what nationality the top skaters are, right? It's about skating, not where they're from. If people are jealous, put that energy into promoting skating where YOU are.
    Good times for skating though, I agree ?

  5. Your saying skating is in a good state but at my local (rampworx which is in like the top 3 biggest skateparks in the UK) there is only me and two other guys, its really weird its like it's completely dead here

  6. Yes, Poland! There's a lot of people skating in my country and I see more and more kids starting inlineskating so that's great! Just today I saw the last video on Powerslide YouTube channel with Aleksey Martsenyuk and it was recorded in Warsaw – the capital of Poland 🙂 nice to see some familiar places. Cheers Ricardo! Big thumb up as always 😉

  7. Boas lino 😀 ! Nem tens noçao de quanta gente ta andar de inline e freeskate em Santo andre sines milfontes e santiago Ja somos 15 Entre os 16 e os 45 e de miudos mais novos sao uns 25 andar ehehe tens de vir ca ver 🙂 um abraço lima

  8. Your videos do honestly help keep skating alive there needs to be more channels like yourself especially in the Uk ? but here's the start of Inline getting Stronger ?

  9. Yea, it is amazing times now 🙂
    Abrate totally deserves it, the tricks were so sick and i've seen him skate in life, he even smiles after every trick that he does, even the hardest ones, like im just having fun.
    I imagine there is a part of skaters who dont like the park competition part that much as they just dont visualise themself doing it. I can relate more to street skating myself, as i can put myself in those videos with ease. I can see myself on a gnarly ledge or a handrail, i wont see myself fun box 720 to topsouls and double backflips. Even if the rail is way smaller than those in street videos i still get the same feeling and it is about feeling to me. I still like to watch all aspects of skating and understand how important it all is. Yea

  10. I am so agree with you in all your think!!! Thank to the social networks videos of inline skating and people as you (Anthony Finocchiaro,
    Tiago, Roman, etc) I began to skate from almost 2 years ago and now I love this sport, this life philosophy. All my support! Thanks!!

  11. Here in Novosibirsk, Siberia we have not big community at all(urban/slalom and aggressive keeps separate of each other except of me with my 72 Aeons and other guy with Razors skates with GC BIG frames, maybe more but they skipped this season), but i'm so happy when we skate together… A lot of people smile seeing us going downhill(not really fast, but 10-15+ peoples skating together). Also, there are was a little cash for trick aggressive street contest – so much people stopped to have a look.
    Really hoping that inline skating going to rebirth.
    But there is the problem with aggressive skating: scooters – its much easier to ride and do tricks. Kids love them very much. Also, parents love scooters too: its cheaper than inline skates, its much cheaper than bmx/mtb. And since inline not very popular – its hard get skates offline in most of city's of Russia.

  12. Isso mesmo, Ricardo! Se cada vez mais as pessoas conhecerem nosso esporte, ele vai se popularizar e consequentemente surgirão novos nomes na lista de grandes campeões. Amanhã, dia 7 de Setembro, será feriado nacional aqui no Brasil e para nos divertir e ajudar nessa divulgação do esporte e do nosso grupo (Patins Velho Chico) vamos fazer um passeio em nossa cidade, que fica no interior de Pernambuco. Sempre que as pessoas nos vêem, demonstram interesse e encantamento, mas talvez por não ser tão popular e não terem informações, elas acabam não praticando. Outra dificuldade que vejo é a falta de notícias sobre a patinação na nossa língua, pois quando buscamos na Internet, que é o meio mais fácil a essas informações, 90% (ou mais) dos conteúdos estão em inglês ou outros idiomas, e isso acaba sendo outra barreira para que mais brasileiros andem de patins.

  13. I remember times in early 2000s while I was 10, coming to Riga park "Mezaparks" – biggest inline skating place here (Latvia) and where I live nearby also, and seeing just few people skating in weekends, like really few in many hours. And now? Now the most people I see on wheels are on inline skates! Fitness skates, Freeskates, Triskates, Aggressive, Speed skates (do all of them, except fitness skates). People got Powerslide, RB, K2, Fila, Seba, Bont etc. inline skates, their own, from rent, or whatever, but the thing is its coming back and stronger and more precise and well looking than ever! Life is in the movement. Keep doing good things Lino the best time is now!

  14. Hey Brother! Great job on all the vids!! I'm almost 30 and just started inline aggressive. Do you have an Instagram page I can follow?

  15. All your videos are what I wanna see about blading, I got back into it about 5-6 years ago and never looked back, except when riding fakie ofc. I make my own grind wheels too, would love to send you a set to try out!

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