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Rohui loves eating! (ft.Do you guys know what crab tastes like?) [The Return of Superman/2017.04.30]

Rohui loves eating! (ft.Do you guys know what crab tastes like?) [The Return of Superman/2017.04.30]

(Where is the little fairy, Rohui going?) Where are we going? – Hawaii. / – Hawaii? Where did Hawaii come from? We’re going to the sea. Sea. Sea. Sea. It’s nice to go on a trip with my daughter. Rohui, are you happy to go on a trip with me? – Yes. / – Are you really happy? Then show me a smile. Show me a pretty smile. (She shows him a million-dollar smile.) (Then she straightens her face.) – Dad. / – Yes? Give me bread. Bread? Here you go. (It’s a small piece of bread.) (She is very annoyed.) Give me a big one. (He bursts out laughing.) Why won’t you eat bread that is cut in half? I can’t believe you. My goodness. (It’s a long piece of bread.) (Cutting the bread in half is an affront.) Rohui, look. It’s the sea. After a long drive, they reach Taean in the west coast. It looks great, right? Swim, swim. Do you want to swim, Rohui? Rohui, do you want to smell the sea? It smells nice. Does it smell nice? You know how to smell the sea. What is that? Those are go-karts. – You are right. / – Am I right? Can you see them? Please drop me off here. – Do you want to ride the go-kart? / – Yes. The first course for the car enthusiast Rohui involves riding a go-kart. Let’s go. Where are we going? Let’s go in. You need to put on a helmet to ride the go-kart. – This one. / – This one? This is the hairstyle you had when you were a baby. Do you remember having this hairstyle? Yes. Rohui used to have a Mohawk hairstyle. The helmet does look similar. – Pink. / – Pink. (It fits her perfectly.) Look at me. Let’s see if it looks good on you. It looks good on you. It’s pretty. Car. – You like that it’s in the shape of a car? / – Yes. Let’s ride this one. Let’s ride this one. Let’s ride this one. (Sitting) Where is the seat belt? It’s behind you. (She is in a hurry to ride the go-kart.) (Gosh, it’s obstructing my view.) You couldn’t see well. (Click) (She is doing well without my help.) Dad, let’s ride this. Let’s drive. Dad, get in. – Should I get in? / – Yes. Okay, I will get in. – Let’s go. / – Let’s go. Let’s go. (The race starts.) (They go and divide the wind.) – Drive, Dad. / – Okay. Rohui rides the go-kart with her dad. However, Taeyoung is too slow. You will place last at this rate. (Three go-karts went past them.) (Are we in the last place?) Drive faster. (Yelling) Should I drive faster? Let’s go. (Let’s speed up.) (Taeyoung revs up the engine.) Let’s go fast. I am fast, right? Go faster. (Excited) (Put your hands up in the air.) – Rohui, is this exciting? / – Yes. Are you having fun? (Taeyoung speeds up.) (Rattling) – Dad, the go-kart is going too fast. / – Okay. (Another go-kart passes them by.) Be careful. Let’s go on another ride. Rohui, we should have a meal. – A meal. / – That’s right. A meal. Your baby is so pretty. She’s prettier in person. Thank you. What’s good here? Blue crabs are in season. Really? Rohui has never had blue crabs. Rohui, shall we eat blue crabs? – Yes. / – Shall we eat blue crabs? Please give us blue crabs. (Taeyoung tidies up Rohui’s hair.) Where did Rohui’s hand go? Where did Rohui’s hand go? Where did it go? Where is your hand, Rohui? Where did Rohui’s hand go? (Hocus pocus) It’s here. (My hand is here.) You surprised me. Your hand is here. You surprised me. – It looks delicious. / – The dish is served. Blue crabs are here. My mouth waters at the sight of gaegukji and steamed blue crabs. Those dishes smell like the sea. They are filled with roes. Rohui, what does a blue crab look like? (Staring) That’s not a crab. Show me a crab. I see. That’s a crab. Dig in, Dad. Don’t say “Dig in.” Where did you learn that expression? (She eats quail egg with her hands.) You shouldn’t eat with your hands. Who eats with hands, a baby or a big girl? – A big girl. / – A big girl? How does a big girl eat? She eats with a spoon. She eats with a spoon. (Rohui suddenly stands up.) (My back hurts.) (What will she do?) (She puts the lid far away.) You don’t have to put it far away. (She gets eating utensils.) (She brought back utensils for Taeyoung.) My goodness, is this for me? I will enjoy my food with it. Thank you. Thank you. (She is so cute.) Stop it. (Stop with the kisses.) Okay. (He is embarrassed.) (She sticks her tongue out.) Why are you like that these days? Why are you like that these days? (She only kisses Moi,) (not her dad.) (I am jealous.) Give me a kiss. Give me a kiss. (What will she do?) (Here you go.) (My daughter is the best.) Dad, eat this. I will cut the shrimp for you. It’s shrimp. (Glaring) – It’s hot. / – Is it hot? Give me shrimp again. I will do that. It’s too hot right now. – This one. / – It’s too hot. – It’s hot. / – It’s hot. I told you it’s hot. I find it hot, too. – It’s very hot. / – Really? Please cut it. Do you want me to cut it? Okay. It’s not hot anymore. (She’s liveliest when she eats.) Gosh, it’s hot. Dad, are you okay? Yes, I am okay. Give me blue crab. Rohui, give it a try. Try the crab meat. – How does it taste? / – It’s good. Is it good? You can hold it and eat it. There you go. You can eat the meat. (Ripping) (She knows how to enjoy the crab.) (She uses both of her hands.) You are eating well. (She looks like a hungry animal.) (Slurping) (Do you know the taste of crabs?) – It’s tasty. / – It is, right? (They clear the blue crab dishes.) Dad, drink coffee. – Should I drink coffee? / – Yes. I don’t want coffee from a vending machine. Why don’t you get me what I need? Rohui. Go to the supermarket and buy what we need. Toilet paper, water and coffee. Buy toilet paper, water and coffee, okay? Okay. Rohui runs the first errand in her life. Okay. Will she get the items? (She safely enters the supermarket.) (Looking around) Hello, Rohui. Hello. Do you want a candy? (She takes the candies.) Rohui, what do you need to buy? What do you need to buy? (Blinking) (My head is a blank.) (Rohui looks confused. Will she remember?) – Coffee and water. / – Coffee. – Coffee and water. / – Yes. (She remembered the items except for toilet paper.) The coffee isn’t for you, right? – It’s for Dad. / – I see. (The owner of the supermarket gets the items.) Here you go. Hold it. Thank you. Here is your change. (She takes the change.) I will put them in a plastic bag. (She leaves with the change.) Rohui, you should take the items. (She left behind the purchased items.) – Take the plastic bag. / – Take it with you. Here you go. Put it on your arm. (Thank you. I hope you get many customers.) I have never sent her on an errand before. – Rohui, did you really get the items? / – Yes. Did you really get the items? – This is the change. / – This is yours. – This is the change. / – Yes. (Rohui is all grown up.) I didn’t expect much. Let’s take a look. (She feels like she’s getting her homework checked.) What is this? – Rohui, did you buy candies? / – Yes. Where is the toilet paper? (Wouldn’t that be in the toilet?) Unwrap it. Okay. Since you did a good job, I will let you eat candy this time. Let’s brush our teeth well later. Good job, Rohui.

100 thoughts on “Rohui loves eating! (ft.Do you guys know what crab tastes like?) [The Return of Superman/2017.04.30]”

  1. The dad didn't understand. Rohui got it for free because the store worker gave it to her knowing she is a very nice little girl on a TV show. The return of Superman. So really, Rohui didn't disobey Taeyoung…

  2. i love actor dads! they're very expressive when it comes to encouraging their children. song il kook is the same with the triplets when they achieved something. waaah love u rohui

  3. I'm sure while recording the camera man's Mouth is watery! 🤣 (Because of the food you know right its the food) okay i'll stop….

  4. Want like going on a trip with your Daughter to Haiiwe keep Rick and God Bless good luck on your together with your Daughter make me smile☺

  5. Which episode is it when Rohui/Jion goes to jeju trip with the other superman families. I think someone's shirt tore (forgot who) Sarang is in that episode as well.

  6. Rohui is perfect foe seungjae both of them are lovable,kind,and naughty 👌😅 in craziest way

  7. Rohui is gonna be a strong independent woman when she gets older. She don't need no man! 😭😂😂She's such a cutie pie. 💓

  8. Rogui’s mon I know you’re family uses to run a small Korean restaurant in Guam. You’re family still live in Guam. Baby is cute.

  9. she loves car, it's ok with pink, prefer tiger bag than hello kitty bag, and most important is kind but sassy and pretty

  10. Ohh i am so proud of her doing the seatbelt on her own. Such a bright girl. Rohui is just soooo adorable. Pretty lohee 😍😍😘😘😘

  11. I will never get tired of watching this loving father-daughter tandem & the caring pretty mom too.. LOHEE IS CUTENESS SMARTIE OVERLOAD!!! 😍😍😍

  12. Watching again 2019
    I think 💭 this cute little girl 👧 someday best actress or kpop like her parents. Adorable and intelligent kid.

  13. Oh! Father and daughter are identical.
    They make the some gestures and have the some tastes.
    I love seeing the series of your lives.
    And I love seeing that your dad Is very happy with the baby.
    She Is your happiness.
    ¡Congratulaciones! 😍🤩😉💖💞

  14. Franchement bravo papa avec sa princesse tout sublement parfait 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏


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