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Rockered: 3 v 4 Wheel Inline Skates Comparison

Rockered: 3 v 4 Wheel Inline Skates Comparison

What’s up skate fam? David Lawliet from double D here. Today’s episode is going to be a comparison I want to discuss the differences between a rockered three wheel and a rockered four wheel inline skate setup, but before we begin I’d like to give a big shout-out to Tiago the French inline skater for commenting on another video of mine and giving me the idea For this little comparison project. It’s very cool That someone was so much YouTube success Still makes time to interact with those of us who are up-and-coming here and his channel is a great resource for inline skating So I’ll link it in the description below. Anyway, he wondered about the difference between these two rockered setups and it sparked my curiosity as well The four wheel skates, I’m using here are the 2015 model Seba FRX? Which I have rockered by placing 76 millimeter wheels on the front and rear axles and 80 millimeter wheels on the two Center axles. I did not have immediate access to a pre rockered four wheel frame So I had to go with the classic method the tri skates or three-wheeled skates. I’m using are the 2018 Powerslide Hardcore Evo Pro. These came mounted to pre-rocker Katana frames So all wheels are 90 millimeters and the rocker action is created by Changing the sitting position of the axles. For a tutorial on how this works check out the link in the description below. I heavily Considered using my Reign Helios Instead, but I already know because of my preferred style It’s my favorite pair of skates i’ve ever owned. So I chose to use the Evos not only because they are Similar to the Seba FRX but because the Helios bias in me is super strong. It’s my intention to create as fair and balanced a Comparison as I possibly can. Now, I should mention when it comes to inline skating I prefer a rockered setup either way, to have all wheels flat. I first experienced rockered skates when I got into ice-skating and Instantly fell in love with the action and control ice hockey skates provide when it comes to skating agility There is no skate like an ice hockey skate when executing directional changes and tight turns and rockering inline skates brings the agile feel of an ice hockey skate to the street. I expected to find huge differences in the three and four wheel setups here But to my surprise the differences are so minimal that I almost feel like I’m nitpicking by Comparing the two. It’s a good thing I like to pick apart to fine details. So let’s cover those differences and talk about how certain actions and movements feel. Yeah? Number one JUMPING On four wheels jumping feels a bit more stable It just makes sense. In either skate only two wheels at a time have full contact with the ground However on four wheels you can land on the true center of your feet Allowing for a full knee bend to avoid any excess shock. The risk Of course being that you’re more likely to end up Rocking your skates right out from under yourself if your landing is not properly centered. The tri-skates do not balance on the center quite as well as the center wheel acts more as a pivot for turning This means you will either land with your balance in the toes or the heels Which I do not recommend as the heels will direct any extra shock straight to your spine and could cause some serious injury if you don’t bend your knees at the right time. This means you need to land with a little more balance in the ball of the foot, which may take a bit of practice, But is not too challenging and gives plenty of room for a full knee bend upon landing. Those details in mind, I feel there is no clear winner for jumping each state has its advantages and disadvantages Number two: Turning or carving. While turning on four wheels At first feels more stable. The clear winner in this one is the Tri-skates. Though the rock of the poor wheels is slightly smoother. The try skate rocking action is much much quicker and Provides the surface contact necessary for transferring lots of power into your turns. Four wheels felt Slightly less reactive and I found that I needed to have my feet a little farther apart in them when turning which will of course Give you a slower reaction time for each step when exiting turns number three Sprinting surface contact and starting position will decide the winner for sprinting. Our starting spring should begin in the toes. If it’s not already clear there’s more general surface contact in the tri-skates. Since you only have two rocking positions front and back while the traditional four-wheel frames allow three positions Front center and back having three wheels means more surface contact for either of the two rocking positions While having four wheels means sacrificing front or back surface contact to gain a center position. All this considered, the Tri skates begin and a much more stable and Aggressive forward takeoff position and have more spring in each step. Very clear winner here: tri-skates. Number four slalom tricks when it comes to slalom or any kind of skating dance for that matter, I personally want all my transitions from heel to toe to look smooth and seamless. Having three positions of balance means being able to rock the four wheel skates from front to back with a more gradual motion. This makes moves like the grapevine and the crazy appear and feel a lot smoother than the three wheel skates, Which again only rock between front and back stances. This would place the four wheel skates in the winning position for slalom how the debate doesn’t end here. Dance and slalom is also about drawing intricate shapes while travelling on your edges and being able to cut tightly between and around cones. The Tri-skates do this much better as their cornering and carving is much tighter. I have to call this one a tie this category can only be decided by how you have developed your personal trick style and what you will want from your skates when it comes to dancing on them. Number 5: Crossovers Crossovers are for the experienced skater second-nature. We learn them early on as a tool for turning as well as changing direction and generating power when going forward and backward. In my opinion crossovers are far easier to execute in 4-wheel skates when rockered. Again, Having three distinct positions of balance is what wins the category for the 4 wheel setup. That’s not to say that crossovers are more difficult than try skates. Just that the action of the tri-states does not allow the skater to step out smoothly. Being in control of each point of contact as it occurs is extremely important to squeezing maximum power transfer out of each crossover. Four wheels win this category hands-down. number six: Forward to backward transitions. This is a simple movement that skaters of all levels either know or want to learn. This one is purely about preference and your personal style. I prefer the feeling of four wheels for this motion in my style. This is another winner for the seamless action of its three contact points. Transitioning on three wheels means going directly from one point of balance to another and a quick rocking can feel abrupt. However, the center wheel acting as a pivot for the tri skates gains its own advantage here. Meaning that Transitions on one foot are clearly quicker and much more stable than four wheels. A skater could easily get used to either motion and come to love both for different application. I’ll call the transition a tie. Number seven: Power stopping! It stands to reason that carving is a key element in executing a solid power stop. So for the same reasons Tri-skates win the carving category They also win the power stopping category. That’s not to say that four wheels Don’t have a good stopping action But the quickness of weight transfer the Tri skates provide allows stopping to occur much quicker Considering tri skates also win for sprinting it stands to reason that stop start agility is heightened I’m feeling quite a bit quicker on them than the four wheel skates! Number eight: Speed! Speed is less to do with the rockering and more to do with the size of your wheels. the Seba FRX sports a 255 millimetre wheelbase, with the largest wheels I’m using being 80 millimetres. The power slide hardcore Evo’s frame comes in at only 225 millimeters while allowing 90 millimeter wheels. Even with a wheelbase that is thirty millimeters shorter The overall speed of the tri-states is much faster. I had to work very hard to gain the kind of speed the tri-states allow out of the four wheel setup. Clear winner for speed? Tri-skates. My conclusion is that Technically I have no winner here. I love both setups and will be rolling each for a different day. The four wheel rocker stands out to me Specifically because it feels just a little closer to a true ice hockey skate, with its smooth rocking action. However, since I enjoyed city skating the most when it comes to in lines I have to say I prefer the tri-states the pivot action of the center wheel Quickness of rocking wheel size and speed as well as carving control make it feel like the better choice for me Which sort of explains why the Helios hockey skates are my favorite skates. That doesn’t mean I’ll be hanging up my four wheel setup anytime soon, But my experience with these two skates leads me to believe I would be best served using them for dance and slalom while sticking to the tri-state set up for curb hopping and traffic skating.. and that wraps up my comparison of the three and four wheel Rockered inline skates. 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48 thoughts on “Rockered: 3 v 4 Wheel Inline Skates Comparison”

  1. Tiago is really nice and humble when it comes to his fame, he commented on my videos before too, I really love that him and Ricardo lino both have assisted me when learning to do powerslides.

  2. Nice video! Good topic. I feel you should have compared same sized wheels, between the skates. Think this also has an impact on the various themes you talk about. Distance of your feet from the ground, for example. Greetz from Belgium.

  3. Great analysis Dave. Rockering is a great thing almost everywhere except for downhill. Hope I will have chance to check it on the three wheels soon. Nice jumps by the way.

  4. Wow, this is such a good video and your skating is so smooth! I've Subscribed! I have so much to comment on I'm not sure where to begin. Love the Labeda shooter wheels they are great, so cool that you are in Texas (is that right?), great ice skating (I play hockey, some inline and ice) and your alley shots remind me of Bill Stoppard which is the biggest complement that can be made to a city skater! Keep up the good work I look forward to checking out more of your videos. Check out my channel if you have some time. Thanks!

  5. I’m thinking about getting a pair of seba’s. Are they true to size? I’m thinking about getting the Igor. I have wide feet. Do you know if they’re narrow?

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  9. Guys what do you think? I am choosing between K2 SODO and RB twister edge 3wd 110mm. I am fast learning begginer and I am searching for "city crossers" for speed and tricks. Main goal for me is to go fast on any surface but also to do some basic tricks later…

  10. Awesome! Thanks a lot! You're getting a new subscriber pal!
    speed is actually the thing I'm looking for when it comes to skates. I love 4 wheels but I'm gonna give myself a shot with the tri-skates. ❤

  11. Great video, I'll stick with 4 because it feels like hockey skates. Please 80mm vs 90mm and mixing wheel sizes on skates.

  12. Hey David  thanks for the video, & kudos on your skills, making me want to go out & skate right now LoL. I've never been introduced to Triskates before but after watching I'm seriously interested. I'm a city skater so carving to me is HUGE but there are also some pretty decent downhills as well as a 4 mile bike path I like to skate on. I'm not a slalom skater either. Do you think the Triwheel is worth a shot for my situation? Also I looked up the Hardcore Evo Pros & they're like $500, do you know of a Triskate you'd recommend like half the price? Thanks again!

  13. Double D, Thanks for the review. I'm getting back into skating after being away since the mid- 90's. I know that's a long time. Skating seemed to die off everywhere in North America and I don't know why. It was kinda depressing. I guess I didn't help. lol. Anyhow, I recently got back into skating because legs day at the gym bored me. So I thought skating would be my new legs work-out. Funny…but now I've got the skating bug…and I can't think of anything else. Just got out my old Bauer hockey skates…which were top of the line carbon at the time, but the plastic parts on the skates are disintegrating. Maybe a good thing. I ordered a pair of Reign Hockey skates and I love them…just like you do. But I got the Perseus model and am very pleased with the quality and tri- wheels. I found that the stiff tongue was very flat and wide, causing me to not be able to tighten the skates properly. I heat molded them to contour to my foot and that helped a lot.
    Anyway…take care

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  17. I was close buying Igor pro at the time, but ended up with High Deluxe, cause the salesman said it might turn out to be an "overkill" – now I think I will go for a pair of triskates, and I have a wide foot – so which brand and model could be recommended for me, and what wheel size for city skating and in concrete skatepark Copenhagen?
    I hear that Powerslide boots are more for slim feet, is that correct!?

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    Scuse me for my English

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    Did you choose to max out and lower the center wheel while rising the back one?
    Did you just keep both "arrows" (back and center) pointing down?
    Thanks so much!

  22. Great comparison and explanation. I've got the katana frame and a four wheel set up too. Fun to have both, as shown in your video each are good in different ways.

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