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Rob’s Review – Burton Custom X Snowboard 2014 –

Rob’s Review – Burton Custom X Snowboard 2014 –

Hey, I’m Rob. Just got off the Burton Custom X, give this board 5 out of 5 stars. Ton of fun, super fast, if you like to go fast, it’s going to go anywhere for you. It’s going to hold an edge super well, we’re in a little harder pack conditions today, the edge hold on the hard pack is great. Real snow obviously, it’s going to be great too, deeper snow. Any kind of turn that you want, if you’re a real hard charger, making real aggressive, tight turns, it’s going to handle that super well for you, but also going to do a real nice, long, easy turn for you too. Still maneuverable enough at lower speeds. Really kind of a go anywhere, do anything board for that guy that’s going to go all over the mountain.

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