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Rizos Curls Review // Latina Products

Rizos Curls Review // Latina Products

Hey ya’ll, so today I will be reviewing Rizos Curls which is a curly hair brand that has been growing on Instagram. The entire brand is sulfate free Silicone free and paraben free, so it is 100% curly hair approved. So first I will be using the hydrating shampoo. This contains Moringa oil, glycerin, panthenol and shea butter. This shampoo is very thin and very watery, I would compare it to coconut milk. This whole line has a very yummy, light, fruity perfume smell And it’s soooo good I found that this hydrating shampoo Very much resembled a co-wash. It was very gentle and did not strip my hair of any oils at all, so I highly recommend This shampoo to anyone who wants to preserve as much moisture as possible Or if you have very thick, dry hair. For a deeper clean I’m gonna use my shampoo brush. Of to rinse. Just to show you how moisturizing this shampoo is, look how it works out my tangles Next is the conditioner. This can be doubled as a rinse out conditioner or a deep conditioner. It contains olive oil, sunflower oil, Coconut oil and shea butter. This conditioner is actually pretty thick, it’s like a thick buttery lotion Although most of my tangles are gone from the shampoo, I can tell that this conditioner has really great slip. It’s very rich and very creamy. So far I’m getting the impression that this line is great for hair that is thick and dry I’m gonna put my hair in a bun, deep condition for 5 minutes, and then rinse. Look how my tangles are just melting So I rinsed out the conditioner and now it it’s time to style. This is the curl defining cream It contains aloe vera, shea butter, coconut oil, panthenol and beeswax I’m gonna use a small palm full, and I’m going to finger comb it through my hair I’m gonna smooth it over and Then I’m gonna scrunch I’m gonna scrunch again with a microfiber towel I’m gonna plop for about 10 minutes, air dry and show you the results so here are the final results and I’m honestly like gagging y’all Like, it gave definition to the inside of my hair if that makes sense. I feel like a lot of products give definition to the outside only. And the ends Look at the ends. How whirly and twirly and curly So I want to go through some pros and cons. I feel like a huge pro Is that the entire brand is 100% curly hair approved. No sulfates, no silicones, No parabens at all in any of the products. And I like that they also contain natural extracts. The styling cream, I think it did a really good job of really getting into my hair and giving moisture to every strand, But my hair is really soft and loses its shape after a few days so I Definitely wish I could have used a gel or a custard on top just to give me that hold because I feel like this is more for moisture So if you’re looking for a good hold, use your favorite gel or favorite custard on top of it. All in all, these Products are very very rich very very creamy, and I think it’s excellent for anyone out there with thick dry hair Let me know down below What you think of my wash day results? Have you heard of Rizos Curls? Have you tried Rizos Curls? Are you thinking of trying them now? Comment, like and subscribe if you like what I’m doing here and comment down below any other brands you would like me to review Thank you for watching, and I hope you have a great day. Byeeeeee

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  1. Have you tried Rizos Curls? Which other brands would you like me to review?

    REVIEW: ( 4.5 / 5 ) The shampoo is very gentle, feels like a cowash. Good cleansing without stripping. The conditioner is very rich and creamy with amazing slip. The Curl Cream gives great moisture, but definitely follow up with a gel or custard for more hold. This whole line is for all hair types, but preferably for very dry hair.

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  2. I've been watching your channel for literally years now and – Girl I wish you so much success, you're the best

  3. I need advice, I love to work out just about everyday & I’m trying to stop washing my hair every day because of that. What do you suggest?

  4. Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible'!
    so try (I G R O C K E T D 'O T C O M) and make your desires possible

  5. Have not but I'm about to buy that shampoo! (Too bad I JUST bought Pacifica's Pineapple Curls a week ago) But that shampoo looks magical

  6. I have a question on the beeswax. I follow a curly hair group on face book and beeswax is a big no no. Wouldn’t it cause build up?

  7. I feel like penny takes such good care of her hair that using any product would give her bomb results😂❤

  8. I tried Rizos curls curl cream before it made my hair look weird, it seemed to enhance the dryness of some parts and made my hair frizzy

  9. So my hair is very similar to yours, today I just noticed that each clump of curls does this weird thing. It twists around one way for one or two curls and then switches and then curls the other way. (not one whole clump goes one way and another clump goes the other) but the same clump of curls goes in different directions. Is there a way to correct that? Or is it always going to be like that? It leaves me with these weird straight/kinky sections about an inch long in between each curl direction change, I hate it!

  10. Do “cake” product line !! It’s cruelty free. You can buy it online on their website 💜(also I looove ur videos)

  11. Ok. Love you channel. Thanks for your videos. I bought the travel kit to try it. The curl defining creme has beeswax. Isn’t that a curly girl method no-no?

  12. Hola amiga. Me encanta tu canal! Can u review the new tree semme line for curly hair. I don’t think is curly hair friendly but i have use it and is my fav. Could love to see if works 4u. Is soooo affordable and the bottles r huge that i think a lot of curlies will like that. Xoxo

  13. I've used Rizos Curls five or six times now on my shoulder-length, medium-fine, medium density, low porosity 2b-c hair with good results every time. The shampoo cleanses, moisturizes, and detangles my hair. The conditioner is rich and moisturizing. I leave it in for about 5 minutes, then rinse out completely. I use the curl defining cream sparingly as a leave-in, then use gel. I get great definition and very soft hair that feels moisturized and looks shiny without being weighed down. The only thing I don't like about Rizos is the smell. To me it has a nutty smell that lingers in my hair even after it is dry. I don't hate the smell, but I don't exactly love it either.

  14. I have 3c curly hair but I also wear the hijab. I usually wear my hair in a protective hairstyle (i.e. braids) and when I wash my hair and put in styler, I notice that after a few hours of drying, my curls start to become dry and frizzy again even if I combed well(This is on day 1 hair, I haven't been able to achieve much after day 2.) I don't use towels instead I air dry and scrunch.
    Do you have any products or tips that you could recommend? Thanks in advance (if your wondering I currently use Devacurl)

  15. Hey Penny, I am looking to buy my first ever cowash, however I always pre-poo with a good oil scalp massage that I usualy leave overnight or a few hours before if i have time. Maybe I use too much oil, but does using a cowash + pre-poo oily scalp make hair more greasier? Or does the cowash clean up the buildup from the oils?

  16. You should do I video on how to get rid of thick dandruff. Feel like I have oily hair and everytime I try to get rid of it dandruff comes back with dry hair:-(

  17. Hey penny can you compare devacurl's matcha mask to Not your mother's matcha mask and see if its a dupe?

  18. Yey! It has coconut oil. I love coconut for my hair. I was using the Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil line which I still use the leave in conditioner and styling lotion, but I switched from their JBCO shampoo to Maui's Coconut milk shampoo and Suave's coconut conditioner and my hair smells divine. It's shiny and bouncing, defined, and moisturized. I also have Maui's deep conditioner. I also have oiling days. One week I use coconut oil and the next I use avocado oil. I weekly also use rice water on my hair as well. My hair is curly and long, all the way below my butt and it needs to be taken care of daily.

  19. No I Haven't tried them or heard of them but now I want to. My hair is very dry, I assuming from being in Florida for a year and I still havent found anything that will bring my hair to life. I am willing to give this a shot!

  20. Heyy Penny! I need your help.
    I just wanted to know that is this hair product alright to use in your opinion? Give me your seal of approval. Thanks a lot for your help. You saved my curls. 💕

  21. Hello! Just a question. If they hair styling products has wax, doesn't it make it non CG-approved? As far as I understand, wax is not water soluble so you need sulfates take it off and avoid built up. Can someone please explain that to me?

  22. There's this Philippine natural line called Human Heart Nature and I've tried a shampoo and conditioner of theirs and I just wanna see what you think of it 💙

  23. I thought it gave you a lot of volume and curl definition. Did you curls breakdown after a day or two since you didn't use any gel or custard? Maybe just a 'curly girl' hair spray would have worked? (Bounce curl has a hair spray now.) Did you ever try gel on top and do you have any pictures?? Love your videos!

  24. I tried the trio today for the first time , and I loved the shampoo and conditioner , it left my hair so soft! But, when I tried the hair styler cream, my hair didn’t like it😭😭 my curls weren’t formed and my hair got super frizzy:/ I’m gonna try it for a whole week and see what happens! Maybe today my hair didn’t turn out that great bc I had a very unexpected day and I was running up and down lol maybe it has nothing to do with it but still lol! I’m convinced that products that are animal cruelty and vegan free don’t like me lol!!! It’s always the same thing! All these products leave my hair so frizzy and weights my curls down! I’ve already tried deva curls and nothing:/ maybe my hair is so used to my tresseme hair mousse. I know, it’s bad lol.

  25. Why did none of Rizos products make it into your favs? I bought the devacurl conditioner decadence and unfortunately for me it left my hair thirsty.

  26. I love your videos! i am not Latina but I have curly hair that no one ever taught me how to take care of and your videos and tips are so helpful! My dad is of Korean and Hawaiian decent and my mom is white, but has very thick hair, so my hair is a very unique texture very thick, curly and dry. I stopped dying it and using heat but I didn’t know about sulfates and the towels, and using a comb instead of a brush lmao thank you!

  27. Nexxus shampoo and conditioner 🤔 will it work on curly hair I no its is silicone free but wonder how the curl would come out after using the products

  28. I love watching your videos porque tenemos el miso hair type like literally my hair is so soft my curls end up falling after a few days and my curls are like yours. I have like 2c/3a curls (I'm also transitioning still it's only been almost a year)

  29. yOur Head When shAmpooIng be like:


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