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Ringlet Curl Hairstyles : Techniques for Curling Hair with Irons

Ringlet Curl Hairstyles : Techniques for Curling Hair with Irons

Today I’m going to show you how I can curl
my hair in ringlets. And if you want less of a lift, if you don’t want too big of Texas
hair, then you can probably just leave your curl down. Let it fall. But it will probably
fall anyways, once you do it. While you’ve got one curl holding, you can try and gather
your piece for your next curl. So in order to make the ringlet curls instead of the just
curled under on the ends curls, it’s the important part is curling it from the top, and just
working the hair through the curling iron, starting from the top, and then release it
instead of letting go of the curling iron immediately kind of release the hair and let
go with the curling iron.

60 thoughts on “Ringlet Curl Hairstyles : Techniques for Curling Hair with Irons”

  1. umm sorry but this video does suck. she pretty much just teaches you how to use a curling iron. its common sense how to hahaha just because Rilie 01 has an opinion doesnt make her a poser.

    IM NOT TRYING TO ADVERTISE BUT IM SCARED OF WHAT IT SEES in 1908 a lady named sally rusa was in the woods looking for a dog until a ghost came and killed her so if ur reading this u will find a bloody body in your closet hanging there haunting you and will kill you and ur family and if u want to stop this just sends this to 6 videos in 30 mins or this will happen good luck

  3. wow why are ppl so rude to her?
    please be my guest and make a response video to her video doin a better job than she does. 🙂

  4. …why do you find the need to do this? does it turn you on or something? cause you cant possibly believe this? andif your going to make a chainletter you should make it a good one. wtf? why would she get mad if you didnt repost this? why the fuck would she care? if you cant answer those questions then dont post this stupid shit any more[doubt you'll listen but worth a try]

  5. its helen of troy by hot tools 🙂
    i have the same one and its a really good curling iron 😀 u can find them at sally's beauty supply

  6. @vampySARAH You're in the same spot I was in, it's sad but you might not be able to use a curling iron. I can't, they don't stay and they fall out in ten minutes, you might have to use curlers. I use them, keep them in for 20 minutes and then take them out, they work beautifully. I havn't been able to find a curling iron that works for me so my type, use curlers.

  7. @lalajossa
    As far as I can see, it isn't made by so called " Expert Village."
    This clip doesn't even have the logo at the start, like I've seen in clips for Expert Village. What makes you think that it is?

  8. @littlemissjaded12345 well i assumed that because "expert village" posted this vid.and maybe they dont put the logo in some of their vids. even though you didnt need to make a big deal on my comment,im sorry if i offended you because i thought exprtvillage posted this vid….which they pretty much did…

  9. one of the shittiest tutorials i have ever seen. whats the camera person doing? recording while hiding behind the door??

  10. dont know why people are complaining..oh wait i know…because thats the only thing they are good at..i can see what she is doing perfectly fine..maybe i have better eye sight or im not a moron .PEACE 🙂

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