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Ring of Fire – scuba diving in Indonesia´s Banda Sea (4K)

Ring of Fire – scuba diving in Indonesia´s Banda Sea (4K)

the reefs off Indonesia as colorful as
ever full of amazing sea creatures and in the last couple of years some new
actors appeared on stage their schooling the schooling Hammerheads in the Banda sea welcome to Ambon and welcome on board the Titak papa first let’s get into details you may find your Queen of Hearts or the
lost time but you will definitely see a lot of critters when you are diving
in the bay of Ambon you see more eels frog-, stone- and leaf fishes different
species of crustaceans cuttlefishes and seahorses and with a bit of luck you even find
some of the elusive Rhinopias after one night of sailing we reach the
waters of Nusa Laut in particular a place called the “Arche”
deserves more than one dive only this vertical wall is full of corals and
macro life nailaka is one of the most western
islands in the bomber group the optimum place for just keeping your mouth shut and now it’s getting very special now we are in the volcanic ring of fire
and Manuk Island lies in front of us Manuk is special for many reasons
since it is a volcanic place this seafloor has a built-in floor heating
making the dark sand much warmer than the water even more special is the huge amount of
snakes that live in this area on one dive you may encounter just five
to ten specimen but on the next one you may easily meet more than 100 leave it
or love it as much as some snakes love the dome port of your camera but that’s not all Manuk island is one
of the best places in the Banda sea to observe schooling hammerhead sharks they
show up in late afternoon when cold currents from the deep are hitting the
dive site Manuk ridge and yes this is really a Tiger shark, in
Indonesia Nil desperandum: never give up the southernmost destination of our
cruise where you hover over the reef like a Hawksbill turtle looking for
prey like nil desperandum also Hatta looks
like a classic coral reef rising from very deep waters reaching up to the
waterline snoop dogg is in the reef! No, he’s not..
when sponges are spawning their eggs and sperm is covering the scenery like smoke
in the water and it happens just without any magic close to the volcano Gunung Api you find
this small rock batu kapal you dive on three small reefs which all host a truly
amazing variety of many different species here you can meet animals that you don’t
find everywhere like this spotted soup fish or even the very tiny boxer crab we are already heading towards Ambon
again but one really great outside is still to
come and this is it Suanggi where did these guys come from? it’s
pretty remarkable that just within very few years so many new Hammerhead sites have been found in Indonesia’s Banda Sea. let’s hope that at least some of these
places will become protected areas in future Please visit.

7 thoughts on “Ring of Fire – scuba diving in Indonesia´s Banda Sea (4K)”

  1. Thanks for visiting my Country! To Showing people in the world what a beautiful sea we have in Indonesia. Goodluck for you

  2. Hi, am the founder of NGO Ambassade des Océans / Oceans Embassy. We are looking for high quality footage to make communication and broadcast action call. Would you be keen to enable us use your footage to do so?


    Quentin Hoerner

  3. Really great video! As many hammerheads sharks and even a Tiger Shark… Ouaahh, like in Cocos, but a lot more colorfull and rich of life! Thanks for the share Marcel!

  4. Fantastic video, I'm gonna suscribe, just a quick question, did you bring the G80/G95 underwater with you? If so how did you get so good colours? Filter? Manual White balance?

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