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Riding 6-Foot Bikes + Punting in London | Travel Dares S2 Ep 6

Riding 6-Foot Bikes + Punting in London | Travel Dares S2 Ep 6

Neil Laughton: OK, ride towards… Caroline Aghajanian: Oh, my
God, oh, my God, oh, my God, ah! On this episode of “Travel Dares,” Nico and I are going to learn how to ride penny-farthing bicycles. Neil: Push, push, push, hop up, up. Nico Reyes: And I’m taking
Caroline to Cambridge University, where we’re gonna learn how to punt. Caroline: I was born to
turn this punt around. Come join us on our adventures on this episode of “Travel Dares.” This is “Travel Dares,” the show where we do daring
activities all over Europe, empowered by my Marriott
Bonvoy Boundless card. Nico: London is one of the most
popular travel destinations in the entire world. But, today, we’re gonna be doing two dares that are a bit more off the beaten path. Caroline: Nico, you’re going first. Nico: Let’s see this clue. These clues are just
getting more and more vague. My mind is going to, like, making candles or churning butter or something. Maybe we’re making clocks,
we’re turning back time. Caroline: Penny-farthing bicycles were invented in England
in the 19th century. London’s penny-farthing club lets you see the city on
these huge antique bikes. So close, so close, OK, all right, now you stand right here. OK, Nico, take your blindfold off, because we’re riding
penny-farthing bicycles all around town. Nico: [laughs] Wait, these old bicycles? I’ve never seen one of these in person. It’s huge.
Caroline: Yeah, it is. Neil: So, the penny-farthing bicycle, actually called an ordinary bicycle, was invented in 1869
and became quite popular in Central London. Everyone loves to see us ride the bikes, and at 8 foot tall, up in the air, you get a really fantastic
view of all the great sights. The penny-farthing bike tour’s
a three-hour experience. The first half of the experience is learning to safely and competently, confidently, ride the bicycle, and then we go on a guided
tour of Central London, seeing all the great
sights of Westminster. What I’ll do is I’ll demonstrate first. Nico: OK. Neil: And then it’ll be your turn. Nico: Oh, gosh. Caroline: Is there, like, training wheels we can put on the bike? Neil: Certainly not. So, this is how it looks in real life. Push, push, push, hop up, up. Caroline: I can’t do that. Nico: Oh, no, you make it look so easy. Caroline: I can’t do…I’m sweating. Neil: OK, I turn the corner, straight line, I wanna get off, come down the peg and hop off like so, thank you. Caroline: Oh, my gosh. [Nico and Caroline clapping] Neil: Slide onto the
seat, nice and relaxed. Nico: Yup. Neil: And you’re in charge of steering. Nico: Oh, no, I’m trying
not to freak out right now. Neil: No, no relax, you’re doing it, you’re doing it.
Caroline: You got this, Nico. Nico: I’m doing good.
Neil: You’re riding a penny-farthing all by yourself. Get off, and then dismount. Stand up on the next peg, just relax. Caroline: I’m a little short. My feet keep slipping on the pedals. Neil: No.
Caroline: Oh, God. Neil: Well done. [Nico laughs] Let’s go. Nico: [groans] My heart was pounding. I thought I was a goner. Neil: OK, toe.
Nico: Handlebars. Neil: Toe, stand up, next
peg, slight, that’s it. Caroline: She’s so good. Neil: OK, ride towards… Caroline: Oh, my God, oh,
my God, oh, my God, aah! Neil: Ride towards me. Nico: Caroline, you’re doing it! Neil: That’s it! Caroline: But we didn’t fall. Nico: Yeah.
Caroline: We didn’t fall. Nico: We haven’t fallen at all. Neil: OK. Congratulations, you’re both penny-farthing riders. Caroline: Time to put
our training to the test. Nico: Let’s get the wheels rolling. Caroline: Whoo! Hey! Riding! Yay! Wow, I think we’re really
getting the hang of it. Nico: I think so, too. Caroline: Out of the way, I can’t stop! We are free riding down the road. Down these English roads. Nico: I’m glad we’re doing it together. Caroline: I know! Caroline: We did it! Oh, my gosh! Neil: You did so well! Well done, excellent!
Caroline: Thanks so much. Well done, we did it! Caroline: Yes! Neil: Penny-farthing riders? Caroline: Yes. Neil: Let’s go! Caroline: We did it, yes!
Nico: Whoo, we did it! Caroline: Nico, we rode all the way to the London Eye without falling! Nico: No, we didn’t fall at
all! Which is all I wanted. Caroline: Yeah. Now
it’s time for the clue. Nico: There you go. Caroline: Ready. Oh, my God.
Nico: Give me your thoughts. We’re going to Hogwarts!
Nico: Give me your thoughts. Whoo! I’m getting, like, a few things popping in my head, like books, school, magic. I hope we’re not taking a test, ’cause I’m not a good test-taker. Nico: Punting is the No. 1
thing to do here at Cambridge. You get to see all of these
amazing sights of the university right on the water, and I
can’t wait to show Caroline. Caroline: I feel like we’re
at a farm or something. Nico: OK, stop right here. Caroline: OK. Nico: Take off your blindfold, ’cause we’re at Cambridge University, and we’re about to go
punting in these boats. Caroline: Punting?
Nico: [laughing] Yes. Caroline: I’ve never even heard of that! Caroline: I am super stoked. I really want to learn how to do this. Nico: Ready to go? Caroline: Yeah.
Nico: Let’s do it! I literally can’t wait
to sit back and chill while Caroline punts
me all over Cambridge. Caroline: I’m so, like, relaxed already. Like, I’m just chilling. Fryderyk Lukasik: Well,
punting was originally used for transporting goods across the river from Cambridge to Ely. To be a good punter, you
definitely need good sea legs and good balance, otherwise you might find yourself in the water. [Caroline gasps]
Nico: Look at that! Caroline: Oh, my God! Fryderyk: That’s King’s
College Chapel right there. Caroline: Oh!
Nico: King’s College Chapel. All right, Caroline, what do you think your technique is gonna be? Caroline: I’m just gonna try
to keep a lot of pressure on my legs, and then trust the…[laughs] Nico: Trust the pole! Caroline: Trust the pole and,
like, to guide me straight. Fryderyk: There you go. Caroline: Whoo! Fryderyk: You just want
to pick it up like this, drop it in, and just push. Caroline: OK.
Fryderyk: OK, ready? Perfect, perfect, now push. Nico: Push, Caroline. We moved a little! Caroline: Here we go! Uh-oh, we are turning, I need to steer the other way. Fryderyk: So, if you want to go the left. Caroline: Oh, this way?
Nico: Left? Go left. Caroline: Go left.
Nico: Stake it left. Caroline: OK, one, two, and. Nico: That might be t… [laughing] you got it? Caroline: Yes! Whoo! All right, where do you guys wanna go in Cambridge? Hmm, you wanna go to class? Nico: You’re taking us for a spin. Caroline: Yeah, we’re going
for a spin. Buckle up. I was born to turn this punt around. Guys, I am punting in heels. If that doesn’t get me an extra star, I don’t know what will. Uh-oh, well, never mind,
I lost, that’s really… Nico: Oh, we’re gonna crash a little. Caroline: Oh, my God, aah, oh, no, sorry! Sorry, that’s my bad. Wow. Man: Don’t fall off. Caroline: I’m trying! I think I’m done, Fryderyk. I’m gonna give this back to you. Nico: Let me save you. Caroline, you did it! Caroline: I did it! Nico, I had such an
amazing time in London, it’s literally so beautiful, especially from the hotel. You can see the River Thames, the London Eye, it’s so amazing. Nico: It’s a gorgeous view. Caroline: Nico, penny-farthing
is not an easy thing to do. It takes a bit of skill
to learn everything, but you got on, you rode
all the way around town, and you didn’t fall. And for that, you are getting
a five out of five stars. Nico: Five stars on this, I did not think it was gonna happen. I was so scared I was
gonna fall the whole time. Caroline.
Caroline: Yes. Nico: I’m gonna start off by
saying how much I love you. Caroline: Nico! Nico: And how much I appreciated your enthusiasm and your energy when we went out punting. But. [laughs] Caroline: “But.” There has to be a but! Nico: But we did spend
more time going in circles than we did getting anywhere, so I think I’m gonna have to
give you a solid four stars. Caroline: OK.
Nico: Solid four. Caroline: I will take that. Cambridge was absolutely beautiful. Nico: It was gorgeous. So I didn’t really mind
going in circles that much. We got 360 views. [laughs] Caroline: Nico, we have
just a few more hours left in London, so let’s hit the town. Nico: Cheers! Caroline: Cheers!

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  1. I love travel dares! This has got to be one of my favorite episodes. Wouldn't want to ride one, but it sure was fun watching them do it.

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