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Ride With an Olympic Bobsledder

Ride With an Olympic Bobsledder

(whooshing) – [Woman] Bobsledding is
a Winter Olympic sport where you have your driver and you have a brakeman, which is my position. The brakeman is mainly
the engine to the sled. We get it goin’ as fast as possible. (rustling)
(whooshing) I am Aja Evans, and I’m
an Olympic bobsledder. (dramatic orchestral music) The track is about a mile
long, and full of twists and turns, and it can get up to 90 miles an hour. Th moment I zip up my speed suit, I feel like a complete superhero. It’s almost like I here
the theme music in my head. I’m ready to go. (rattling) (clattering) (digital sound wave) (beeping) As we’re going to track, pickin’ up speed, we start to pull about five Gs, which is five times the force a gravity. So, it’s literally what a
fighter pilot experiences. (rustling)
(nervous music) It’s like someone’s jumping on you, ’cause out of nowhere, you just feel all this pressure on your lower back. (scraping) It’s a pretty noisy ride. My head is rattling throughout the sled. I’m tryin’ to stay low. (rustling) As soon as it’s over, I can inhale and start breathin’ again. (sonic wave)

64 thoughts on “Ride With an Olympic Bobsledder”

  1. I dont really get the point. Isnt this just a sled ride everyone does in snow? Whats there to compete if theres no skill involve other than shifting your butt and weighting less?

  2. If you want to know how an astronaut feels during the start, this might be your sport of choice. I did it for 5 years until I had so many issues with my knees and back, that I had to stop and become a professional fat fuck.

  3. I'm not tryna bash the sport or anything but other than pushing the sled, what do the athletes do once they are going down?

  4. this is like the most retarded sport. they should get rid of it from the olympics. actually why the fuck is it in there in the first place?

  5. Nuff people say you know they can't believe, Jamaica, we have a bobsled team. We have the one Derice….
    And the one Junior…
    The fastest of the fastest Jamaican sprinters…
    Go to Olympics, fight for Jamaica!

  6. I feel like if aliens discovered us we'd seem just really crazy and dangerous and they'd probably just nope right outta there.

  7. The story is cool but The production of this is absurd. I wanted to show my son what bobsledding is, because we were talking about the Olympics. He brings out his Hot Wheels bobsled and asks if its in the Olympics. Flashing between closeups and walking left him completely uninterested as he wanted to see the โ€œfast sledsโ€. This is yet another reason younger people donโ€™t watch the Olympic Games anymore

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