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Ride WarPig – 2020 Snowboard Review

Ride WarPig – 2020 Snowboard Review

Hey i’m Rob from Snowtrax. Today i’m
with the Ride WarPig! Let’s start off full disclosure; I’m not this board’s
biggest fan, but saying that I can fully appreciate why so many people love the
WarPig and I can actually respect what it does. It’s kind of the go-to
wide-bodied snowboard that works across so many levels. Whilst it doesn’t really
for me excel at one thing in particular, what it does is it gives a really
versatile platform that you can ride anywhere over the hill. I mean I got down
a run once where where it’s nice powder and I was thinking to myself, oh there was
other boards that potentially I would have preferred to be on, but this handled
it remarkably well I mean I was using a 1 4 8 at that point and to get down a
powder run for me on a 1 4 8 it was it was quite an eye-opener and that’s
down to the to the slightly wider body that you get which is really really
stable but allows you to downsize. So, for a lot of people it gives them a board
that is really really nimble into the turns because they’re not handling a
really long board but they still get the stability when you do go quicker and you
still get that float in the softer snow. The Pig family has been extended
obviously we’ve now got the TwinPig and then we’ve got the new SuperPig. For
me I personally prefer the SuperPig that’s probably why I’m being a little
bit harsh on the WarPig but ultimately this is like your VW Golf, it’s so hard to
fault it does everything impeccably and because it does that so
well you can understand why it’s from the class leaders. Yes you could go and
buy something that is more sort of like more specialized, but if you’re after a
one snowboard to go anywhere and do anything
yeah, then give this board a lot of respect because it does that really
really well

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  1. Hey guys! Sweet vid! I’m stuck between the 148 and 151. I’m 78kgs, 5.11 and 9.5 boot. Which size would you recommend? Thanks

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