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REAL UNDERWATER BOX FORT BASE! ?? Scuba Tanks, Onboard Oxygen & More!

REAL UNDERWATER BOX FORT BASE! ?? Scuba Tanks, Onboard Oxygen & More!

ready to do I’m ready three two where’s
Jake Jake you in there go away what’s going on buddy chemical compound sprays aunty
waterproofing shoe polish keep it alive underwater Logan is this about the
underwater box for it I thought we said we weren’t gonna do it we can’t back
down look I can’t let a few words sound like that use no papa Jake never lost
them I promised another box we were doing we
have to do it fine what if we just built it out of wood wood you talking about a
compound other than Carver they have the papers written on other compounds wood
metallo we could possibly make our box out of it and put it underwater we will
find some of this woman and we will build a box what underwater before the
video starts I just want to let you guys know that during this shoot we had a
safety diver on set at all time so we can watch and make sure that nothing
went wrong this is a super serious and dangerous video and I do not want you
guys to try this at home we are back with a brand new video and today we’re
doing one of the most requested videos on our channel that is the underwater a
box for bass we tried it before we tried we tried it twice it did not work
because boxes don’t like water and also it’s kind of hard you know you have to
hold your breath you have to go underwater it’s tricky but today we’re
changing the game where you’re gonna be making an underwater box for bass that
not only can withstand itself underwater but also we went ahead and we got our
scuba licenses we got the full scuba gear and we’re gonna be chilling in an
underwater base only we’ll know how to get to it we went to scuba school guys
it was lit so we learn how to scuba dive we learned all the ins and outs how to
use the oxygen tanks how to use everything like that now we’re perfectly
prepared to make this awesome underwater base and you guys seem to love these
underwater video so if you guys do like these underwater
vids and love us doing this smack that like button down below let’s get a
hundred thousand likes on this video cuz it’s gonna be Lin you’re thinking Papa
Jake how are you gonna survive underwater if cardboard like melts away
so basically we figured out the way we’re gonna do this is we’re gonna make
the top part of the base out of wood so we went ahead and bought a bunch of wood
before we get geared up before we show you guys all the cool gear we’re gonna
be using we got start building this thing so I
think I’m gonna start building the hardest part which is the underwater
base between me and you Papa Jake knows the ins and outs of cardboard all right
I’m a cardboard box for building master but wood that’s that’s a whole new story
I haven’t used wood in a long time I built a birdhouse in high school we’re
gonna go grab all the wood and lie down and we’ll start building don’t know
build an expert but I’m pretty sure this is the stuff we need this is the wood
the hard stuff the good stuff basically we’re gonna use this and put it all
together with screws to make our box there’s a lot of wood here to bring out
let’s get started all right there we go that’s a lot heavier than cardboard only
problem now is we can’t use tape so I gotta go get a screwdriver some nails
also real talk I kind of realized one of the most important things they teach you
in school wood floats that might be an issue
I got splinters in my hands I don’t like wood i like cardboard I’m gonna start by
laying out the wood in kind of like the direction I want it to go and then once
I can have an idea how big we want the sport to be I’ll start screwing down
each piece and hopefully you shouldn’t take too long
I remember guys if you do have some wood lying around at home do not try this at
home unless your parents supervision I mean the worst thing that can happen to
me using tape is a paper cut but the worst thing that can happen to me with
this I really don’t want to find out I’m gonna use this extra wood to kind of gap
the pieces together so this is gonna be like our duct tape so to speak for the
sides I’ll probably use the metal brackets that we have but I think this
should work for the base terms of moving it it’s gonna be heavy so I think our
best bet is honestly was to push it in the water from here so never done before
but I think we can do this it’s actually pretty big considering
it’s gonna be underwater but if you guys think we should do this but like massive
scale I mean make a full underwater fort maybe I’ve had a lake smack that like
button you know what I’m gonna go for something crazy that would be a massive
build if we get 300,000 likes I know I don’t normally say this but if we get
300,000 likes we will do this but like four times the scale in an actual lake
so smack that like button let’s see if we can make it happen now it’s on to
these l-brackets so we can start putting on the walls check it out we have half of it done now
it’s coming along looking pretty awesome we made a little bit of a mistake we
kind of overshot the length of these does it like it looks good here it’s a
cube it’s of qubits cube and then it kind of sticks out a little bit but I
mean it’s not that bad it’s be kind of like a little leo accent P so it’ll look
nice so other than that everything seems sturdy for the first thing I’ve ever
built a cube it’s coming along pretty good all right guess we just finished
putting on the roof and already the fort is looking awesome I won’t bring you
guys inside and show you what it looks like so it’s not really huge I mean it’s
pretty big you can almost stand up in it though you wanna come in see uh see what
both of us look like in here yeah it’s uh you know you can sit down like this
and of course guys once we’re underwater I mean we’re gonna be able to float
around it can go over there go over here so it doesn’t really matter what the
size is but it’s looking great it’s all come together we still don’t know if
it’s gonna stay together once it goes underwater so that’s definitely an issue
but now all we have to do is put the door on over here we also have to attach
a cool piece because what we thought of is instead of having our scuba tanks on
our backs and actually having like swim in here and have them all kind of
bumping around what if we attach the scuba tanks to the side of the fort and
just had the regulator’s coming in so we could just chill in here and breathe
normally and then if we want to get out we just take off the regulator and swim
out we went for kind of like a cool like flat mechanism so basically once you’re
in the water you’ll pull the door up like this and then you can swim in and
then shut it from the inside we’re also gonna need to bring our diving lights
because it’s gonna get pretty dark in here considering that you hire for it is
covered all we have to do is cut some small holes for a regulator and then we
gotta push this thing in the water I don’t know if we can move it in the
water this thing is heavy and also I don’t know if it’s just gonna fall apart
I’m a master at cardboard but when it comes to wood uh having it’s a box Logan
that’s most important it’s a box it’s sturdy high five minute aside is like
first-time builder this looks great but now we’re ready to put it in the water
but before we do that we decided we’re gonna suit up in our wet suits in case
we have to jump in and kind of direct it once that’s done we’ll get all of our
scuba gear ready and jump in now that we’re all suited up in our wet
suits we are ready to officially put this in so we’ve got our scuba tanks as
well as all of our scuba gear on the side we’re gonna get to that in a second
but first things first we need to see if this thing will go down we’re gonna push
it in the water and hopefully it stays all together if not it’s gonna be a bad
day the boat is now well floating I don’t
think it’s filled up with enough water so I think we got to jump in the pool
and start pushing it down I’m gonna jump in and start trying to pull it down we’re making way there it is the fort is
now under water we were able to actually get it but nev with a ton of weights now
it’s time to gear up with our regulator so what we’re gonna do is we’re not
gonna wear the full scuba camp we’re just gonna take the regulator’s and
attach them to the side of the fourth that way we’ll have them running in the
fort and we’ll have onboard oxygen it’s gonna be super cool
so let’s grab the tanks and let’s start doing it and now would you breathe out
of this case you guys have never seen how they work underwater I’ll show you
right now that is so cool as I’m speaking right
now Logan is inside the underwater box for it underwater breathing oxygen and
the only one that get down boom is swim down enter through the hole and grab an
oxygen tank I’m gonna go back in because it’s just so much fun I want to be down
there in the box for it so let’s go back down this concludes our epic underwater box
for bass I hope you guys enjoyed it you guys have been asking for so long and we
knew we had to do it guys you had to wait because we had to get our scuba
licenses we wanted to do it properly we wanted to do an actual underwater base
and like I said guys if we get 300,000 likes on this video we will do this
again but in a lake and make it much bigger so smack that like button down
below share with all your friends this has been Papa Jake and Logan from
Tiffany we see you guys next time

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  2. Only 3 minutes of the video is about getting in the box…. these guys should cut their intros out it’s too long

  3. You should make an underdog water city in the pool like fill the whole pool with wood forts!

  4. Make it next level. Spray Flex tape all over the wood so it's waterproof then have cardboard on the inside with more flex tape. Then add a tunnel to the surface with tables to help with the steps. Get a air compressor and make it go down into the bot fort for oxygen and add a door. This would be one of the most insane box forts because you are in a box fort under water completely dry with oxygen you can breath without a scuba mask

  5. I make pillow fort challenges my first challenge hopefully with my lil bro will be 24 hours in a pillow fort (built with limited supply’s

  6. Papa jake: dont try this at home

    Me : ok i dont have a pool anyways

    Everyone : i wont do it a home ill do at my friends pool YEA!!?

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