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REACH Figure Skating Camp // NSCtv

REACH Figure Skating Camp // NSCtv

So, the reach camp has been around for a few
years now and when they started out it was a it was kind of mainly more for the
high-level skaters to give them some extra push on the things they need to
work on but now it’s wonderful to see it’s opened up to all the way down to
beginner kids. They’re getting a little bit of everything. There’s some off-ice
classes, there’s Yoga. There are classrooms stuff there’s on-ice stuff, it it’s everything
it’s all day long it’s great. I think the reach program
offers skaters here a unique opportunity to get input from Olympians and really
experts and specialists in their field to come in and help tweak some things
and this year i was amazed to see some kids who last year were struggling with
some pretty low-level jumps now landing double axles really skating at a higher
level and really developing at a fantastic rate. One of my main focuses
with the kids this year is trying to get them to think about how they look when
they’re on the ice. Everybody thinks about their jumps and
spins the elements but one of the biggest things that the judges look at
is what do they look like when they’re skating are they like to look good or do
they look ugly on the ice and so the main focus I’ve been doing is trying to
get them to think about what their postures like there’s no better place to
work on that in the dance studio in front of the mirror they can see what
they look like they can see how they carry themselves I love working with all the kids and
seeing them now this year developing their growing they’re getting better and
better and I can see some of the things we worked on last year they’ve actually
kind of been putting into their skating so it’s wonderful to see that. What makes
me want to do this. I love giving back to the sport. I hope to- share my experiences with these kids and impart the many years of wisdom that
I’ve gained from it and you know I’d I want to be involved in skating enjoy
being involved in skating. It’s wonderful for me to have that
opportunity to see the younger generation getting expend inspired and
taking their skating to the next level it’s a lot of fun for the kids and it’s
a great way to get out of the summer heat too

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