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RAW gopro clips – alpine Singletrail “EinsEinser” Neustift Stubai part1 -subtitled-

RAW gopro clips – alpine Singletrail “EinsEinser” Neustift Stubai part1 -subtitled-

wasn’t here in ages… I’m curious! pretty cool opening section… nice! the soil in serfaus had way less grip and it’s even wetter here I went to this place quite often in the past for hiking trips and stuff and I did some riding with my dumb supermarket bike pulling off some endos good fun! loose stuff yeah uhm that’s confusing the sintered pads are noisy but the performance is way better on long tracks in comparison to the organic ones that came up quick… but nice it’s a bit wet… but normally in alpine terrain it’s way more slippery if I remember morzine… the mud was gnarly I like wavy sections just cleared that just nice when you can jump off somewhere and then overjump everything fresh loam everything fits well.. someone knew how to build second run.. looking forward to it.. just a nice trail but I want to watch the takeoff of a paragliding dude alpine woods are the best with all the roots awesome! uh a squirrel! where is it now? hello squirrel! like some nuts? got some! I like fresh trails.. but good it’s not raining… although I’d have fun nevertheless worst line award goes to…. radde fährt radd there was a deer it’s just awesome! what next.. outside? fine here I don’t want to go all the way round that’s what I call a natural trail! awesome! glad I didn’t went to brandnertal so now I’m able to ride this stuff! hi there pretty fast… uh right … there was a berm key section coming next little endo and a steep little drop sick could have jumped there but wouldn’t make much sense corner afterwards is difficult right on the root pants ripped? nope ok that was stupid have to do another full run…. …took quite a hit there bike in one piece? I guess. so lets go brake has some issues all of the sudden what’s wrong brake and the run was so nice untill the crash this phone is nice… no problem crashing with it I have to say my riding is a little bit restrained now… will be ok after a few metres always more careful after crashes… maybe the reason of crashing again cause the riding is different what the hell? alpine idylle my *** now the sirens are starting

25 thoughts on “RAW gopro clips – alpine Singletrail “EinsEinser” Neustift Stubai part1 -subtitled-”

  1. Samstag 12 Uhr geht immer die Sirene ab als probe… Die ist für Naturkatastrophen und so! Cool zu sehen dass dir unser Home trail spass macht!!! Picco hat saubere Arbeit geleitet und bald kommt ein zweiter Trail dazu 😉

  2. hallo super videos 👍 wo hast du deine GoPro befestigt? Brustgurt oder Helm unterm Dach? Hab ein Abo dagelassen. Werde nächstes Jahr auch ein paar Down Hill Fahrten online stellen. Gruss

  3. Hallo, Ich mag Ihre Videos, kann die Position der Kamera sein sind gut aufgenommen, auch ich denke, mit einem Fahrrad enduro zu gehen, niedrig und hüpfen durch einige spektakuläre Sehenswürdigkeiten, wie Sie ein Downhill-Bike sind folgen Sie Ihre Videos, finde ich großartig und Spaß, thanks for sharing

  4. Einfach traumhaft dieser Trail und somit eines der Hauptziele dieses Jahres. Selten so ein geniales Kunstwerk der Bautechnik gesehen…Die Kommentare sind teils eschd s Beschde! 😀

  5. Hey Radde, welcher Park gefällt dir besser, Neustift oder Steinach am Brenner (resp. Bikepark Tirol), ich plane einen 1-wöchigen Roadtrip durch Österreich und will ein paar Parks abklappern, kenne aber selber nur den Bikepark Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis.

  6. OK – I like the ride but I visited Neustift in 1988 and found the trails on the right hand side of the glacier were fantastic. Me and my friend nearly killed the young guide the first day – we backed out of the valley then right – then up a climb for a couple of hours, then climbed UP AND OVER the mountain on the RHS – the guide I remember shit himself – apologies – we were racing cyclists at the time – ha was funny – went to mildenhutte? RHS miles up – brill memories

  7. Jup! Sah alles echt supercool aus! Hattest offensichtlich Spaß 😁
    Mal sehen, wie man da am besten hinkommt ^^

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