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RAW alpine Singletrail “EinsEinser” Neustift Stubai part2 -subtitled-

RAW alpine Singletrail “EinsEinser” Neustift Stubai part2 -subtitled-

technical on the first few metres here wo go sun is slowly rising… so there are a lot of bright spots… (something related from a stupid german commercial) that was muddy tight berms…. full enduro cows? yepp still cows… reducing speed yo bro! new black handlebar… gonna test this thing for my buddy at grade5 bikeparts 800mm wide and will be on my bike for a month or two more difficult part little nosemanual… and a drop tight corner hi there! you alright? had a flat but soon it’s on again no glass in your goggles? – yeah for better sight! – nice hack! – best antifog goggle ever uhm ok.. – cya/have fun cya! speed and brake! that was nice. crashed right here one lap before cause I jumped on a root not going to do that again I wanted to ride a different line front wheel drifting a bit more switchbacks to endo that’s nice now getting rough – going straight and I’ll need a break right here… …here we go again hands got some rest some waves coming next.. little gap and now… sorry can’t see …have to slow down loamy mud hole… going up there uh well my hands are done for the day… need a break again more rough stuff trying that again hi ok that’s also a way to corner better watch out .. easy to overjump this bridge jump nice berm I wonder when I’ll crash on this strange obstacle what’s next? and I can add this gap to my list berms… right? next one I’ll try inside not that good uhm forgot to take the steep section I’d prefer a more bald tyre railing the corners

14 thoughts on “RAW alpine Singletrail “EinsEinser” Neustift Stubai part2 -subtitled-”

  1. Hey, wie immer geiles Video. Ich feier einfach dein Gelaber während der Abfahrt, ich glaub das könnte ich gar nich 🙂

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