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Rastafri Jamaican Curl Crochet Hair Review| Lia Lavon

Rastafri Jamaican Curl Crochet Hair Review| Lia Lavon

Hey Youtube fam! It’s ya girl Lia back again
with another video and today’s video as you can see from the title is another
crochet hair review video and today’s crochet hair as you also saw from the
title is the Rastafri Jamaican Curl hair in the color 30. Now if you’re not
familiar with my crochet hair series welcome join the family. Smash that
subscribe button but this is how things work. I come on here first with my first
day thoughts of a crochet hair showing you how it looks within the first 24
hours of installing the hair. Telling you how long of an install it was. What my braid
pattern is? How many knots the hair required? An overall how it looks that very
first day. Then I come on here one week later showing you how the hair looks one
week in. Telling you whether it went uphill or downhill over the course of the week
and telling you whether it has been higher or lower maintenance over the
course of that week. Then I come on here with my final day thoughts of the
hair. Showing you how it looks literally on the day I’m about to take that hair
out. Whether it’s been 1 week, 2 week, 3 weeks, 4 weeks, 5 weeks, 6 weeks; however, long of a wear I come on here and show you how it looks. Telling you overall how
the hair has held up. Whether its water friendly, active friendly, and overall
whether I recommend you try this hair. Now I have timestamps in the description
box if you want to skip around to certain parts but if you want to watch this video
all the way through keep watching to see my first day of thoughts on this hair. A
few moments later. So now coming on here for my first day thoughts on this Rastafri Jamaican curl hair in the color 30. Now this portion of the video is
going to be semi long I’m just gonna go ahead and preface that. I know some of
you guys out there don’t like it when I’m long-winded but I know a lot of you
guys do. So I’m gonna give you a little backstory on this hair. Now you guys have
been begging me to try any hair from this brand for probably the longevity that
I’ve had this channel. But this hair is like a ghost in the wind. I literally did
not did not know where to even find anything from this brand but I stumbled
across their Instagram page. And by looking at their Instagram page you
would think they were the hottest brands out here. They are out in the
community. They were at the BET awards. They have many a picture of their hair.
They have many of styles. They probably have upwards of like 30-plus crochet
hairstyles and I’m like how. How? I commented on one of their pictures and I
was like you guys are killing it but I do not know where to even purchase your
hair. And then they came back and commented well you can purchase our
hair at these three retailers. Three retailers I have literally never heard of/.
Now I looked up all three of them. All three of them to be honest did not look
like the best websites out there. I trust you know the Sam’s Beauty. The Elevate
Styles of the world. Wigtypes, Divatress, Glamourtress. There’s a lot of
sites I do trust. These three never heard of them so I was very skeptical about
ordering from them. But I decided to go with one of them and the siteI went
with was That was one of the options they gave me. It was $9.99
on that site and I ended up purchasing five packs of it because the site gave
me no indication of how many would be needed. The site was very vague on the hair in general. Most sites kind of give you a little overview, a brief description.
Most of the time they even snag you know the words that are on the back of the
pack and then just copy and paste. Which is good because it allows you to know
more about it. This site was very basic very bland. I’ll get into the site in a
minute but let me first go into what you guys are here for and the thoughts on
this hair. Now as you guys know if you’ve been following for a little bit I have
dyed my hair to a thirty color. So of course I’m going to have to try more
thirty color hairs. Looking at the brand overall they offer a lot of good colors.
Mane Concept I realized doesn’t even offer a plain thirty. They have that T1B30 which is the last hair I tried in that paradise curl. But they do not have
a solid 30 and this whole time I thought they were killing the color game. Them and freetress but Rastafri. If I’m saying it wrong please correct me
down below in the comments. They killing the color game even stronger. I mean in
this a curl pattern itself. I mean I will list all the available colors. I’ll put a
little clip if I can. But they have it in a 1, 1B, 2, 27, 30, 4, GTMDGRAY, GTOMFuchsia, GTOMMint. I could go on. It’s so many different colors of this hair. Let me get to the install of this hair. I did not
install this hair myself. That’s because in let me see if you guys can actually
see that in 23 hours I will be going to Ohio in a second. I’m going to be in
Ohio for the week when I come back from that I have an event that I’m
going to. Then the next two weeks for me are going to be extremely busy. The Ohio
trip is a work trip and then I’m going to be extremely busy more and more
at work and then in my personal life it’s just got a lot going on. So I needed
a hair and a braid pattern that was going to last me quite some times.I I I hope that
I’m able to get six weeks of wear because I need six weeks. I don’t have
six free weekends to spend with a new install. So again I needed a strong
foundation my mother is an incredible braider and when I give her the leverage
to do whatever she wants. And I told her this time she can do whatever she wants
as long as the braids are strong she did that. Now she did 16 braids. That’s a
lot. That is a lot of braids. I know I typically like to stay in the relative
nature of about 11 to 12 braids. She did 16. So they’re extremely tiny braids and
the braid pattern that she decided to do was it going straight back, straight back,
straight back and then back u, back up. So braiding kind of in I don’t know how
you would call that. A circle straight back braid pattern. So all 16 are kind of
going this way all throughout and then they can form together in a little ball
that’s kind of sewn in the back of my head if that makes sense. Very small
braids but she utilized the hair very well. I only bought five packs of this
hair and I used four of them. So this is all I have left of that fifth pack. Now
when I got this hair because the site again wasn’t that clear when I got the
packaging of this hair it said that six to eight packs was going to be needed.
Six to eight packs of this hair. I had bought five. So I was kind of panicked
when I decided I needed to install it. I did not know how many I needed because
again this was something that was on the package was not conveyed at all on the
site. And that’s another red flag. I wish they had conveyed on this site that you
need six to eight packs. It’s easy to write out. If it’s something that’s on
the package of hair why not convert that over to the site.
But again because people don’t know how much to order. I’m sitting there kind of
calculating in my mind. They’re not reviews on this hair where I could go out and
you know figure it out. When I got this hair on Thursday, today as I’m filming
this it is Sunday. When I got that here on Thursday there’s
nothing I can do to get more additional packs. So as she was installing I split
the hair. So this is how the hair comes in the packaging. This is what one strand
looks like. What you’re gonna want to do to split it is kind of just grab it go
like this and this is how I handed it to her as she installed it. So I split the
hair every single hair one time, not two times, not three times. I split every
single hair one time to kind of make up for the fact that I didn’t have six to
eight packs. So if you look at the model for this Jamaican curl hair hers looks a
little bit different than mine because she probably. And I’m almost 100% sure
this is the hair as it looks installed without splitting the hair. I
would have loved to install it without splitting it. It’s an easy hair. I could have
installed it without splitting it if I had six to eight packs but I didn’t. So
you’re gonna make use of what kind of you have. Just something to be aware of
the package says you can use six to eight packs if you split the hair you
probably can get away with just four packs. Especially the fact that my mom did 16
braids and I still don’t feel like there are any sparse areas. So I think she
really utilized the fact that she did 16 very small braids in my head. Now
going into the site I don’t recommend this site. I’m just gonna say that
right off bat. I do not recommend this site for purchasing this hair. From
the prices to the shipping. Now the price I don’t know if it would cost any less
in your store. It was $9.99 a pack. They recommend you buy six to eight packs.
That’s almost sixty to eighty dollars pre-tax pre-shipping if you order this hair.
That’s a lot of money. Now it might be worth it. I come back eight weeks later
and I’m like this is an $80 hair. This is a $60 hair. This is a $40 hair. I could come
back and rave about it. But the pricing on their site for other hairs. I looked up
how much like I think it was freetress deep twist. I looked up other hairs that I’ve
tried before the prices were a little bit elevated. Which
I was like okay alright but the price for this hair was also elevated and I
was like is this a $9.99 hair. You know I like my hairs being that $5.99. You know
$6.99 $7.99 on a special occasion type of a deal. Especially for
this not to be a two times or three times pack of hair. Also the shipping on
this. The shipping on this sucked honestly. The site was very misleading in
terms of the shipping of it. It said on there ship same day. Ship same day and I
was like okay I ordered it pretty late on 7/2. So July 2nd is when I first
ordered this hair. I was like okay it’s very late but it should at least
ship the third and I got a shipping confirmation on the third that it was
prepared it was shipping and then I checked their site. They are located in Tennessee. I’m located in North Carolina. They have how long it’s gonna take in
each state that you live how long it’s gonna take to get to you. So I’m like it
just shipped. It’s not gonna get to me on the 4th because it’s forth of July.
Maybe it’ll get to me on the fifth but I won’t you know hold any
grudges if it doesn’t. Probably gonna get to me on Monday or something. Um checked on Tuesday still said label created. Checked on Tuesday of the following week. And I’m
like for a hair that’s labeled as ships the same day and for a hair that is
going to come from Tennessee which is the next state over from North Carolina.
I’m confused on what’s happening here. So I reached out to them and then they
decided to go ahead and ship it. They were like okay we’re gonna go ahead and
ship this now. So then it got to me by that Thursday. So ordered it that Tuesday
before got to me on that Thursday. I don’t feel like I was being unreasonable
in what I wanted it and when I wanted to get the hair done because I ordered
it the Tuesday of the week prior and I was like well at least it shouldn’t take
more than two weeks to get to me. I shouldn’t have to reach out for you guys
to ship anything. And I can go into more detail because I actually ordered from
them on the third I think once I got that shipping confirmation from them for
this hair. I was like oh my god this site is so fast let me or some other hair
that I had ordered on the third and that today here on the 14th I don’t have. So I
ordered some other hair on the 3rd of July and then on the 14th still don’t have that hair. And my issue is always I don’t
care if the shippings gonna take two weeks. I don’t care if the shippings gonna
take three weeks if it’s explained to me up front. If you give me a timeline on that
it’s going to take five to six days to process. You’re not going to get the same
even though we say same-day shipping that’s a lie. Don’t promise same day shipping. Don’t promise one day to two day delivery if you’re not going to follow
up on those promises. Just say we’re going to take a while. Just give yourself
that leeway don’t give us customers who expect and may have expectations to get
our hair done on a certain day don’t give us those expectations. But I digress
I just want to give you a little backstory on my ordering with this
company. This is what the hair looks like. Let me get up in camera too so you can kind of see. The site says nothing about this hair but the package says experience the
tropics of Rastafri’s Jamaican Curl. The beautiful S wave curl is made with a
soft resilient fiber embraced with tapered finish and falls 19 inches in
length. It does look very much so 19 inches. When I first got it I was like okay
this is about good 20 inches. With this install it did take her about 3 and a
half hours to install. About two two hours maybe 10 minutes of that was the
braiding of it. I realized she was doing something special but again I gave her a
full creative control because I needed her whatever she was gonna do it needed
to be tight. And it took her about two hours and 10 minutes. I remember we
watched two episodes of Snapped as she installed yesterday. And then it took her
maybe a what an hour 15 to install the actual hair as I handed it to her and
split the hair. So I think give it about three and a half hours four hours of
install if you do exactly as I do. Knotting wise. Knotting wise she did a two
knots in the back and she says she invisible knotted in the front. I was not the hugest
fan of her invisible knotting and that’s the one reason why I don’t like other
people do my hair. Not because they don’t do a credible job it’s just that when I
come on camera and talk about somebody else’s install of the hair I always feel
like I’m throwing shade. But really I don’t know if I could have done any
better or could’ve done any worse. So in terms terms of knotting of the hair wasn’t as
realistic as I really wanted those front knots to be. You guys you know I really
pride myself on my front knots looking very realistic. I do the loveth speaks
method in terms of my invisible knotting. I don’t know what really method she uses.
I wasn’t really watching it as much but she did do invisible knots. And
I felt like they were a little bit more visible and I’m gonna get in the camera
so you guys can kind of see. A little bit more visible than I typically like. So
what I did was I got my teasing comb. I bought this from Nia Natural hair site.
She’s an amazing crochet hair stylist. I talk about her in a lot of
my videos because if I lived in the DMV and I could catch her with her calendar
opens because her calendar is always full I would go to her. She prides
herself in her seamless looking crochet hair. It’s kind of more so the illusion
method where it looks like it’s growing out of your scalp. And she does that by
back combing with a comb and she sells on her site which I bought because I
want to achieve the method that she has achieved. And so I decided to see if I
could give it a whirl with this hair.The last few hairs that I’ve been trying are
a little bit more rigid hair. The paradise curl is more rigid from the pre-stretched
line of mane concept. So you need a softer hair and this hair is that soft
resilient fiber like they talk about. So it kind of worked. I gave it a little
try. I won’t show you guys the full method until I can really can get it knacked down.
I think I did a kind of good job at making it look a little bit more you
know growing out of my scalp. What it really involves you back combing the
hair a little bit. Another thing is I might have to crack open that 5th pack a
little bit because on this side she was a little bit scared to go up to my scalp
or go up all the way. So there are some on this side that she kind of didn’t
fill in all the way because she was like I don’t want to do that and I’m like I
don’t have no worries. I will crochet all the way to the tippy top of my hair. So
again that’s something I’m gonna go and probably fill in. So I probably will
crack open that 5th pack a little bit just to kind of fill in these sparse areas
that she kind of left a little bit more open. But other than that that’s kind of
the install of the hair. Again back combing I will try it but I have to try
soft hairs. This hair is very soft and I would definitely say that’s one thing
I’ve noticed about this hair. The first day very very soft hair. Um and might be
a little bit softer than it would be if I left it unsplit. Unsplit might not even be as soft but this hair is so soft that last night I did not know what to put on it.
Of course you guys will see in my later thoughts but first day really having
hesitations with the softness and really confused in what I should do tonight
and over the course of the week.Cause again I am traveling tomorrow. In 24 hours I’ll be on a
plane and I won’t have my products. I won’t even have scissors really. So to
cut out any frizz and that’s the thing I’ve kind of noticed but I’ll try to do
a good job at cutting it tonight. I have not cut this here so what you guys are
seeing right now is it purely installed in it’s 19 inches of length and this is
what it is looking like. Again do not recommend this site. I don’t know where
you would purchase this hair but again I don’t like reviewing things and I don’t
put my stamp of approval on sites that I don’t trust and again I do not trust
this site as of yet. And I don’t know if I trust any of the sites Rastafri
even listed and gave me options. I even commented back on their picture
and was like do you have any intentions on going more commercial. I’m
not gonna tell a business how to run their business. If they’re doing very
well and selling well on these three sites and in stores then by all
means keep doing it. They’re not in any stores near me. I love m Tisun. You
guys know I live in Charlotte. I love my Tisun. They’re not there. So I would
really be interested if they got into more of a Sam’s beauty, in an Elevate
Styles, in a Wig Types. In sites that I’ve bought from before and I really do trust.
This site didn’t have a PayPal option. I typically like to pay with PayPal just
in case. They didn’t have a PayPal option. Although it’s listed on their site.
They say they accept paypal. When you go to checkout PayPal doesn’t even come up
as an option to pay. So I just didn’t like their overall approach as a site. So
I don’t trust them. Comment on their brand site I asked them if they had any
intentions to go to a more commercial site. They didn’t respond to me which
it’s fine I know they got a lot of comments. I commented on a picture that was like seven weeks old. So not everybody sees their pictures but I was
like I would love to like review your hair and I would love to you know show
it on a mainstream level. Again I spent my own coin on this. So this wasn’t up
reach out to them to work with them on any kind of projects but it was to say I
like reviewing hair. I like to give my audience options but I want to give them
options and make sure they can purchase from my site I trust. So again maybe
something will change. Maybe in my final thoughts they’ll have responded to me
and I’ll have some suggestions for you but overall first day thoughts very
interested in seeing how this hair holds up. If you want to see how it holds up
one week from now just keep watching to see my one week thoughts on this
Jamaican curl hair. One week later. So now coming on here for my first week
thoughts of this Jamaican curl hair. Now this is what it is giving you
one week in. Let me turn around of course I have cut this hair and I will get into
that in just one second but as you can see I’m dressed up. I have an event to go
to that I should have left for right now. So this is gonna be done pretty quickly
in terms of my first week thoughts of this hair. Now overall first week in this
is not a low-maintenance hair and I’m so glad that I was able to travel last week
with this hair in to see how it reacts when I don’t have any products. When I
don’t have my scissors with me. When I don’t have the things that I need to
maintain the hair when I don’t have those because I can’t pack mousse on the
plane especially when I’m carrying a carry-on only. My mousse is way over 3
ounces. Cannot have those scissors on my carry-on bag. So I had to see how this
hair worked and it really it didn’t work long in terms of the length of the hair
with hair it was 19 inches. Didn’t cut it really until Thursday of this past week.
Today is Sunday as I’m filming this. So I didn’t really have a chance to cut the
hair. The hair just didn’t work long and also it’s not low maintenance in terms
of the or nighttime care of this hair. You have to twist this hair up at night.
When I say twist this hair I mean just take it twist it into 4 to 5. I typically
did 5 with kind of the kind of bigness of this hair I did 5 chunky twists
throughout my hair. Put it up in a pineapple after I got done twisting it.
So after all the twists are together putting it up on a pineapple and going
to sleep that way. I had to do that. I realized I have to do that starting
Wednesday of this week. So again this hair is not a hair that you just
pineapple loosely. You’re gonna have to kind of twist it before you put this
hair up at night. Now for some of you guys out there that’s not a lot for me
again I like something where I can just really lay it over down they don’t all
down within you know one minute this is gonna be a five to seven minute process
with the twisting of this hair it’s a little bit easier now that the hair is
shorter and again this hair is did not work well for me long this hair needed
to be cut because the tankles the tangles the tangles I cut this hair
literally almost as soon as I land it got home Thursday Thursday evening cut
cut cut I was like no no no I need to get around somebody soon as I was gonna
buy while I was up in Ohio but no waited
till I got home cut this hair and I just feel like it works way better as a bow
they I think I cut it up to maybe this is a 12 to 10 inch length works
absolutely well in that sense this is not again like I said in my first day
thoughts I hear that you’re gonna use Hawaiian silky but this is gonna be here
that you’re gonna want to use more of a mousse product so I did use my bigger
all mousse when I detangle this here did not use it daily probably I think I
applied it Sunday right after I filmed my first day thoughts I didn’t know if I
needed a product I applied mousse to it and then I applied it again a Thursday
when I came back so you’re not gonna need to use product daily but you’re
going to need to use product to detangle this hair this hair does have a tendency
to want to tangle a little bit right now I have kind of detangled it because I
was going out today and I had an event to go to which we’ll probably see in a
vlog so make sure you are watching my blog so see me in real life with hair
and living my real life with hair I can’t say whether it being a colored
hair has played a factor and the fact that is tangled more that it’s been the
way that it’s big but overrides say for it to be a colored hair it’s not
frizzing terribly go ahead and I’ll get up on camera for it to be a week in it
still looks very natural kind of looks like it’s growing out of my scalp now
and I really do like it it’s blending really well with my color I’m gonna have
to skedaddle but you will see my final thoughts on it fish to making curl hair
coming up for right now laid out so now coming on here for my final week’s
thoughts on this wrist a free jamaican curl here knives the Sun say today is
week three with this here however I really don’t plan on taking this hair
out for another week or two but the reasoning why I’m filming is because
this week literally Wednesday of this week I’m going to turn it over to the
left so you can see there are some boxes because your girl is moving I don’t know
what the next few weeks it looks like for me in terms of planning content even
recording content quite honestly don’t even know if I’ll pick up the camera in
the next two weeks so I wanted to really get this out before I forgot but I do
plan on wearing this hair for a couple more weeks so just gonna get that out of
the way now this is what the hair is looking like at week three but I really
don’t see it really changing over the next two weeks it’s
I consisted for the last two weeks I would say since I came in with my one
week that’s been pretty much holding up the exact same way I really don’t see
this hair majorly changing the thing I will say about this hair though it is a
medium maintenance hair meaning this isn’t here that you’re just gonna be
able to you know put in a pineapple and I and walk out the door I think I said
this in my first week thought this is a twist up at night hair now in my first
week thoughts I don’t know if I mentioned what product I was using and I
don’t even think at that time I was using Hawaiian silky but over the last
couple weeks Hawaiians so he had been the goat with this hater Hawaiian silky
see product that you’re gonna need with this hair just because it does add a
little bit to the rigidity of this hair this hair is very rigid when it doesn’t
have any product on it now not a lot of Hawaiian so you know if you guys saw my
a free night patrol cynical man to twist routine video I’ll link it up above you
guys know I used a lot of that one hand silky on that hair but that hair can
take it and soak it in now with this hair you’re gonna have to use kind of
real dime sized amount with that product because this hair will not soak it in
like that hair does it will kind of sit on top of it if you use a lot so you’re
gonna be very generous with the amount of Hawaiian silky that you use with this
hair and also the timing of using that one silky with this here with that hair
I only had to detangle use product about once a week this hair it’s almost once
every three days this hair really gets you dry and somebody told me in a video
well as synthetic hair so you can’t use the word try that’s the only word I know
how to describe this hair dry isn’t the right word please correct me now below
but dry is the way it feels you guys know when dry hair feels like this is
what this feels like if you look a little bit drier I’ve been most so I
definitely say you’re gonna need to if dryness is something that hurts you
which it does earth to me you never want to use product a little bit more
Hawaiian silky is that product that you’re gonna want to use now if you do
use a mousse I definitely say you’re gonna cap
with a braid sheet right whatever braid sheen sprays your product you’re gonna
have to use that because it’s here it’s gonna need a little bit more moisture
but I definitely give this here the categorization of being a medium
maintenance hair now the thing I’d also say about this hair is this color is
beautiful can you guys see this color 30 of course my hair now is a color 30 it
matches my real hair perfectly in my very last video that I did I said main
concept is really good at colors they do colors better than anyone in the game
the whole that felt real quick we’re stop reset don’t count me out
because they make some incredible colors but having said that or sorry it’s gonna
need to get some stores gonna need to get on a line presence that I can trust
now I will link down below where I purchased this hair again I do not go up
for this site this is not a site that I love this is an insight that I really
dealt for so if you guys buy it from their buyer beware
but again the list of options that they gave me for online retailers only leave
it right here these are not places I’ve ever bought from and the thing might be
to you guys out there some of you guys might be I trust them that’s my favorite
site to buy from for you guys out there cool but I will not put my name behind
these sites as trusted sites and the thing about them is they are so present
on IG one of the most present is debris and brands out there only their handle
right now below check them out they are out in the community they’re doing
giveaways they costed their stories almost every day you don’t ever see
Harlem one two five three trays outside sensational being as present as this
brand is online so they are very present for them not to be that present online
and in stores like they don’t have a site like main concept has a site at
least you can’t water from the main concept site but they have their site
they show you the ears we’re sorry couldn’t use a site that
also had a store locator so you can put your zip code in and maybe they can give
you store options because they are not in my local stores and I feel like I
live in a metropolitan city area a city that should have them a lot more readily
available Charlotte it is a big city we have just had the NBA all-stars so we
are a huge city now I’m gonna get a question of course active friendly water
friendly on all that I have to say this hair is medium maintenance on land
that’s how I generally start things off I start
things office how is the hair on land it’s been meeting a maintenance on land
I’m not the most active person and I’m not going swimming with this
hair because I have to wear it for another two weeks and if it goes south I
can’t take little chances I can’t take big chances I love doing YouTube and you
guys are like well why don’t you do it for us I gotta do it for me sometimes
too because again you too made my full-time job I gotta go into work and I
can’t go into work looking crazy but this hair on land has been medium
maintenance I’ve had to put a little bit more effort in to detangle it so if you
live an active lifestyle I’m only gonna assume you’re gonna be a lot more active
than I am I have a very sedentary life if you’re active and it’s medium
maintenance for me as a sanitary person it’s definitely gonna be a lot more
maintenance on you if you’re active same thing goes for water I’m 50/50 on how
this hair would hold up in water type of situation again you have to put
some maintenance in this hair you’re gonna have to detangle it maybe once
every three days two days and adding that water element in it it’s
just gonna add a little bit more I’d say maintenance to the hair so 50/50
I don’t think it would be terrible this women I honestly don’t think it’d be
terrible I don’t think it would be the first on my list since its women and
again I’ll link up above my video on my hairs that I do feel like would be the
top swim hairs those hairs for the most part if you kind of watch a lot of my
videos you’ll notice those were here that I rate it as low maintenance on
land so they’re only gonna be low maintenance in water too so again that’s
kind of where I stand on actor friendly and water friendly but you guys be the
judge with this hair down below how are you feeling miss wrist ah free jamaican
curl hair make sure you give the video a big thumbs up if you enjoyed it make
sure you give it a big thumbs up even if you didn’t enjoy it we’d like all the
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so much for watching bye

78 thoughts on “Rastafri Jamaican Curl Crochet Hair Review| Lia Lavon”

  1. Now you see this 💁🏾‍♀️this right here is Your colour👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
    It lights up your beauty 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾💣🔥

  2. Love this color on you. I tried rastafri's maui curl back in February and loved it. Had a lot of compliments. Getting mane concepts waterfall curl installed tomorrow.

  3. Ummmmmm…. Imma need my refund cause I'll be damned if I'm gonna wait nearly 2 weeks for some hair when other sites ship faster…. But Lia your hair looks beautiful as usual.

  4. This one looks great after many weeks. You must be doing lots of maintenance because the curls look perfect. Its interesting to me about synthetic hairs and one of the many reasons I love you videos is to really get in depth reviews. All synthetic hairs come from the same place depending on the type. Crochet hairs tend to be either a low heat kanekalon, or toyokalon, or a kanekalon/toyokalon mix. These are patented chemical substances that companies buy in bulk from the same source and then turn into the various styles and textures we buy. Also the processing methods are basically the same. So its so interesting that from brand to brand there can be such variation in how they wear. and you can never tell by looking at them. The color 30 really looks great on you. I would love to see some 30/27 mixes in the future 🙂

  5. The color of the hair is awesome, you look absolutely beautiful in it. I appreciate your feedback about the site. That is so weird that they didn't have PayPal although they said they did. Hope the other hair you ordered arrived by now.

  6. 😍😍😍…but how you gone come with this a day after I bought crochet hair😭😭😭😭😭… this color looks great on you. Btw, are we going to get an update on the paradise curl from mane concept?

  7. Hey hey! So fun fact, they do have a website! The parent company is Golden State Imports (California-based), so I think the site is But they just show the hair and the colors that are available. I cannot understand for my life why they are not everywhere either! I’m in Texas and I might have to drive from Houston to Dallas just to find it!!!

  8. This color just perfectly compliments your skin tone and I love that curl pattern as well as the texture of the hair !😍

  9. Beautiful Lia, as always! I wanted to know whether you think crochet hair is a good investment…as opposed to a wig? I mean… cutting it not even a week out seems like a waste. But maybe it isn't if the crochet hair is cheaper. I was just wondering 🤔😄

  10. I am new to crochet I know this old but can you please give me a review on the Kima ocean wave . Or just some of your thoughts.

  11. Yes, GMB is not a good site either decription or pricewise for hair. I use them as a reference when researching hair but never felt the urge to order from them because they don't do a good job of describing products. I'm probably spoiled because RastAfri is sold at one of the local BSS I use, and the prices are a bit cheaper there. This is gorgeous on you, the shorter length is very flattering too. I hope your move was smooth and uneventful.

  12. Can you do your braid pattern for long hair? I have long hair I just don't know how to add the ends of my hair to the previous braid : ( I can cornrow, that's it.

  13. Well done sis!
    Now, if you've got some time, kindly group your list, in the description box, of products reviewed according to your ratings under main categories of their maintename levels.
    1/Rastafri Jamaican Curl Crochet Review – Lasted 4weeks/Not Swim tested/6outof10
    Then add link.


  14. Found this brand on They did not have this specific curl pattern but did have a few that were similar for $5.99 and $6.99 per pack. Order was processed and shipped the same day, and received 3 days later.

  15. I love your videos and I looked up Nia Natural… she is literally right down the street from me. I live in Lake Ridge and she is 5 minutes from my apartment. I'll be damned!!!

  16. Ms. Lia! Bless you! I have really enjoyed your thorough input into your channel and reviews. I believe you have been the most thorough person I’ve seen and received information from. You really need sponsorship if you haven’t already. And honestly if you weren’t as thorough I wouldn’t say this. But you put Sooooo Much effort into this for us who come on and watch! If not rewarded by sponsor. I truly pray that you’re receiving it the way The Lord would have. Bless you!

  17. Dang, does she take a breather? She talks so much her words run together. Sounds like she's rambling on and on. Breathe.

  18. The hair ALWAYS looks best day 1, that is why I love your channel because you REALLY show the truthful side of wearing hair for a bit of time. I love the color on you and it looked great day #1 to me

  19. It sounds like they just need a way to list local retail distributors. I follow them on IG too and babyyyyy I have never seen a pack in the store. LOL.

  20. Maybe try a Bobbi boss crochet hair next? I have been wanting to try a mix of the water curl and Brazilian deep twist but I am being indecisive.

    Also this hair looks amazing on you!!

  21. I’ve been watching your videos all weekend because I’m getting curly hair for the first time! I went to the hair supply (I’m in LA) and they had none of the options I spent all of that time choosing this weekend but they had this so I had to buy it. First thing I did when I got home was look on your page to see if you had ever reviewed their hair and here it is!! Perfect timing! Now I’m excited. Thanks for this!! Ur videos have been amazing!

  22. Hi Lia! New subbie here! I came across your channel and started binge watching…OMG, I LOVE IT! I too wear crochet hair at lot, and truly appreciate all of your helpful tips! God bless you! ❤

  23. I used to order from Golden Mart when I used to wear wigs…. Their prices are always higher (which is why they always have things in stock that others are out of) and they were always sooooo slooow. It's been at least 6 years since I went with them. Ridiculous site.

  24. Lia! I love your channel. I would love to see you review some of the outre curlette hair! Like the loose spiral set!

  25. Thank you for making this video! I found this hair randomly at a beauty supply and was wondering how it would look before I would install it! It looks so bomb on you 🔥😍

  26. Appreciate all of the information that you provide! For not as good quality synthetic hair, you still make the style look nice.

  27. As always, you have led me to my next hairstyle!!! Can you add a comment on hiw it was when you actually took it out?? Did it turn on you? Hoping to keep it for both thanksgiving and christmas

  28. Hi Lai, would you say this hair is too silky for invisible knot method? That color is stunning on you btw! I'm sooo tempted to do color now 😂

  29. I like this color – I will admit that its hard to differentiate between all your videos because you always black – Please try more colors.

  30. Rastafri is available on the west coast mainly. In Sacramento there is a hair and wig store called Kings Wigs and they carry tons of Rastafri hair. They also have a website Thanks to you Lia, I am going to give crochet braids a shot! I have very thin fine hair and I have been doing singles braids and tree braids using synthetic and human hair respectively. I am so tired of paying a tons of money for the human hair and installation and I never thought synthetic hair would look or feel real when worn out. Thank you for opening my eyes to a much more affordable way for me to have long big hair with minimal damage that I can install myself (with practice of course ;). You have also taken a lot of the work out of having research and find the best hair. Cheers to you doll! Keep it up!!

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