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Rancho EP#17 “11m2 (et 106 au patin)” / “11m2 (and 106 under foot)”

Rancho EP#17 “11m2 (et 106 au patin)” / “11m2 (and 106 under foot)”

11m2 and 106 under foot. February 1980 Rancho ! Dinner time ! Mummy I’d like to ski
and fly when I grow up. Yes, ok, my little Rancho
but for now, eat your soup. I don’t want to eat my soup ! Excuse me Madame I’m looking
for a book about skiing and flying. A book that talks about skiing
and flying at the same time ? Yes I’d like to ski and fly. Maybe a book about Icarus’ dream ? No I don’t want a glass
of Ricard I just want a book … You don’t know who Icarus is ? No. Here you are, does this suit you ? Yes, thanks. You can go and read it wherever you like. Thank you. So, so, so… Yeah, paragliding. It’s great but it’s a bit slow
I need something a bit more… Tandem paragliding… Hey Romain, I like the tandem
flight but it’s a bit slow, I’m not in control and we’re
really far from the ground. I’ve got a solution but I’m not sure you’ll like it. Wow that’s amazing but there’s no skiing. I want to ski. Here we go, the Wingjump. Cool, really cool but I’m
only skiing I want to fly too. Here we go, ski-base jump… 3, 2, 1, drop ! Wow, no that’s a bit hardcore
I want to ski as well. What’s that ? Speedriding with
the Montant brothers. That’s what I want to do ! They’re flying and skiing. Valentin Delluc, professional speedrider
constantly pushes the limits of his sport. Hey Rancho, are you looking for me ? Rancho ? What you doing ? Put the book down, let’s go and make
your childhood dream come true. Come on, let’s go and fly. Shall we ride ? Yeah, so how do we do it then ? You know how to ski ?
You know how to fly a kite ? Yeah, but aren’t you going to
give me any more help ? Well, we can’t really fly together ? Urm, no. Are you ready Rancho ? Yeah, not bad, but Val how
do we do a barrel roll ? We’ll see that later. OK, can we go now ? No you have to wait till the sock rises. That the sock rises ? We’re not
going anywhere soon then. No don’t be stupid, that sock over there, the cheap one, when it rises, the wind
is blowing in our direction and we can go. And the barrel roll ? How do we do it ? Stop going on about the barrel roll we’ll see that later. Let’s go ! Keep going… Don’t get too close to the
cliff face, keep a bit of speed up, that’s perfect we’re moving
away from the relief… Shall we attack the seracs or not ? I’m not bad am I Val ? You’re great. Val there’s a bit of cord dangling in front of me,
it looks like a switch, what do I do with it ? Don’t touch it ! I didn’t hear you, did you say pull it ? No, don’t pull it, it’s for night mode ! The what mode ? Fuck, Val, I can’t see anything !
It’s dark ! What should I do ? I told you not to touch it ! Val when do we do the barrel roll ?
I’m hot ! I’m ready ! I’m hot ! Rancho you’re a pain in the
arse with your barrel roll ! First you need to keep your feet in line, puts your weight
on the left side of the harness and tilt your head to the left, definitely not to the right ! Val… I don’t feel very well…. I’m going to be sick… Come on Rancho ! We believe in you ! We’re
going to land those fucking skis on the snow ! Continue climbing the slope and then straight over. That’s great your skis are touching
the ground ! You’re speedriding ! Excellent ! I told you to tilt your head to the left. I’ll remember next time. You did well anyway. Thanks, it was cool. Have you ever heard of the Super 8 ? Yeah, sure, the Super 8 at Park Asterix ? No something a lot more serious, here’s your ticket. Thanks. Hello, welcome to the Super 8. Hello Have you got your ticket ? Yes, it should be this one. Yeah that’s it. You can go
in their waiting for you. – Through there ?
– Yes. Thanks, have a nice day. Welcome to the Super 8 8 Speedriders – 1 Slope
The first to reach the bottom wins. Attack Rancho ! Wow it’s too fast, I feel sick. Who’s that up my arse ? Rancho, wake up ! Rancho, wake up.
You’ve fallen asleep in your soup again.

77 thoughts on “Rancho EP#17 “11m2 (et 106 au patin)” / “11m2 (and 106 under foot)””

  1. Enak dit a Thomas qu'il mette a jour sa playlist Rancho sur soundcould !
    Vous avez du passer du temps a démêler les suspentes ! encore une super vidéo

  2. Allo la Police Municipale de Bourg Saint Maurice ? C'est pour un signalement, il y a un type louche garé en vrac devant la médiathèque…

  3. Ah ben là, y'a un gamin qui n'a pas fini de faire des conneries quand il va grandir avec un modèle pareil !!
    Sinon, au top comme d'hab !!

  4. Manquerait peut être une petite dédicace à Apocalypse Snow le retour à Chamonix ou y’a des cascades en speed riding mais sinon au top comme d’hab !

  5. Au top Le Rancho.
    La prochaine tu ressort ton pistolet à billes du Canada "bon appétit ski" POUR LE SUPER 8🤪👍.

  6. J'ai fait 3 vols en parapente, je sais pas skier, j'habite Nantes, il n'y a pas de neige, mais je veux rider comme Rancho

  7. Un bien joli vent de folie dans cette période da puta madre comme disent les autres ! au top kranechou

  8. Trop fort le vidéo ! De notre côté on attends toujours que Parcs Canada se décide à nous donner l'autorisation pour voler dans le coin – nous aussi on a de jolis glaciers et séracs à attaquer un peu partout !! J'ai refilé le lien à mon fils de 13 ans – il rêve lui aussi de faire du speed ride depuis notre voyage à St-Gervais il y a quelques années …

  9. 2 coupures pub en 11': on se croirait sur TF1, mon rancho! La loi du succès! Tellement bon et toujours la musique qui fait du bien à attendre…

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