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Goodmorning, the Minister of Culture informs you that if you enjoy this video, you can click on the thumb up and subscrib to Amixem’s channel. Goodbye Hello ! I am actually in a pretty nice chalet I’m in the mountains, in Tignes more precisely What I am doing in here ? Why am I going to ski and to paraglide ? That’s because Ubisoft sent me here for the game called “Steep” which is a game of skiing *You make my mind blown* of paragliding *My riding school is you* of wing suiting *I’m always in the party* We’re not going to practice the Wingsuit because we care about life Skiing doesn’t stress too much ’cause I have pretty good skills Paragliding stresses me a lot, let’s admit it. But, Laink and Terracid {french youtubers}, with whom I’m here, have practicly never skied in their lives. Well, Laink has NEVER skied in his life So that should be good fun and Cyril aka SUPERKONAR {another french youtuber} with whom I am here in this chalet, has also pretty skills in skiing. We’re gonna take off the drone. I put it there There We’re gonna see what’s around us The surroundings are not bad Let’s go We can see the reflect of the mountains there but it’s not stable at all Worst drone shot I have ever taken ’cause it’s so cold… I think I’m able to land it on the lake It is so cold, the drone must be in the recovery position Just imagine the drone is not frozen that would be cool Look at this chalet ! There is a sports hall ! It’s too much Go wake up Cyril Hey Cyril ! He is in the ground floor Imagine he is naked jerking off before he goes skiing Hey ! Where are you ? This was the discovery of the chalet Now, we’re gonna ski and paraglid Subscrib ! Let’s go, and let’s don’t mock Let’s watch Laink and Terracid discover ski for the first time That should be a great moment “My leg doesn’t stop drift to the right” That’s not normal It worries me a lot Look ! There is Laink ! Nop, he is here, my bad Let’s go skiing downhill, Cyril Real quick, then we can take the tunnel to see the other side, we haven’t seen anything yet Here, we are on a yellow trail which is an easier trail than the green one I’m gonna do it ! But it’s dangerous, be careful ! First incredible sensations and the trail is already over ! What excites me the most here is not the yellow trail, it’s this tunnel ! Amazing ! It’s dangerous ! It is, by far, the most exciting ski experience I had in a while Hey Laink and Terracid ! Hey, I love your channel ! Can I take a photo ? Can I take a photo ? please I don’t know how get down of this thing I love your channel ! It’s Terracid ! Hey it’s Terracid ! That’s Wankil Studio ! Hey ! Don’t fall Stop stop stop ! What a group of assholes ! He stopped the whole machine Well done ! Terracid is going to try the snow plow,warning ! It’s not going really fast, huh First trail with Cyril, professionnal departure in 3, 2, 1 go ! Let’s go for the first trail With SUPERKONAR… SUPERKONAR… where is he ? I think he lost his camera He broke his camera It was great, isn’t it ? It was a great trail Okay end of the video ! Bye ! We’re gonna see SUPERKONAR’s skills, we’re gonna follow him very closely I can’t make slaloms, i’ve never participated to any competition It doesn’t matter Do you know what is the most important thing in a competition ? Nop, what is it ? Opportunism ! What an asshole Yeah ! It’s been filmed ! It’s on tape ! Fuck it I was fooled in my own game (?) I mean, it was decsending And suddenly it was flat ! I couldn’t know what to do Look at this jump Come on ! It sucked I’m here with Romain who is a ski champion. He notice a little jump over there So we’re going there to see what he is capable of, without putting any pressure of curse ! Let’s go Okay here we go Look how fast he goes He skies really fast He is good He is good I don’t know if it looks good on tape but we crashed in a very violent way and in a speed of 70 km/h Don’t you notice anything on yourself ? Well you made me notice… Look at my ski So? What’s that ? It’s a bottle opener now ! Okay, we are ready to shoot a little skiing with the drone What are you doing ? We are going to shoot Cyril who’s skiing Careful Cyril, be ready You ca see on your right… Wait… my hood from Daesh pisses me off On the right, there is our friend Lainkwho is ready to take off in paraglide and we are going to make some bullshit while waiting I see Cyril ! It is the litlle back spot now on your screen I see you Let’s go for some freestyle session Let’s go for a “lol”, wtf and nonsense session Impress us ! Oooooh ! 180° ! My god ! It’s unbelievable ! What a man… I’m gonna crash on the mountains if I continue like this Can’t believe he is jumping Look at him ! Look at him trying to impress us with his little jumps Oooooh ! Is he crazy ? He did it ! My my he is good at it What a man We can guess he grew up in Savoie. He is from Lille, isn’t he ? Cyril is rushing ! We still see him He goes really fast, he is skilled My god he is headed to the blue trail which is extremely steep followed real close by the Japanese skier Look at his ! What a speed ! What a man ! He takes the rindgroad It’s too much ! There only in Tignes you can see trails like that Besides I am unable to come back where I am. I mean I’m lost in the mountains, man… The drone still reach the signal but it’s in Switzerland He crossed the border for a while Wow ! It’s beautiful ! Really beatiful A real postal card Here look The massive of the old shell Invents you own massive name in the comments below ! The pierced point The hollow teeth Your turn, Terracid The massive of the old shell, that’s it The “Fit-All” Mount The “Fit-All” Mount Well found Let’s take the chair lift of the Three Slippers Those ames are credible What shitty names People who invent those kind of name are not very smart What do we have here ? The Three Squirrels ? It’s always with 3 things The man starts his job… there’s nothing… He sees a tree with three squirrels… Oh shit ! Laink is taking off ! Yes, he is here ! I fllow him It’s super dangerous Oh Look at this ! So cool The shot I’m taking is incredible ! It wasn’t planned, it’s my gift to you On the house Sponsored by Wanki Studio {chanel of Laink and Terrzacid} I’m happy I can’t see him anymore He is there, look ! Follow him real close It’s very dangerous He is gonna crash ! Unbelievable ! I film the death of a youtuber with my drone It’s true that it takes some beautiful images We are happy We enjoy We can see the Ariane take-off basis which offers us a quick take off between two mountains This was for the warm-up We make fun of Tignes but lot of things happen here Now we are going to shoot a funny scene. We found a boat for kids and Wakil Studio is going to reproduce a pretty dumb and funny scene from Titanic You will see this sequence on their chanel, they will make a better editing than me It’s funny ! Okat bye “A pure master-piece” – Diabl0x9 {french youtuber} “I put a thumb up” IbraTV {french youtuber} Now I’m with Romain, the ski champion, and he is going to make a cool jump Cyril is there, near the jump to make a nice shot of this figure and I will follow him with the drone Cool concept ! Here we go Whenever you’re ready Ready ? Yes See you Here we go God, he goes fast Too fat for my drone Really too fast He’s gonna do it ! Look at the momentum he takes ! It’s amazing ! It’s amazing He is great Oooooh, little bastard Little bastard It’s a cool shot I have here Come on Here, Cyril, for you You can put this on your video I’ll send the bill We’re gonna jump again with Romain We are looking for a rocky barrier et he will jump over it This is gonna be great ! Ready ! He is doing it ! I couldn’t do that Good evening ! Always very natural… Very funny We’re gonna present ourselves because everybody doesn’t know every channel of every body in this room… First Waa Salam to all my brother and sisters, hope you’re okay, your family is okay If your family is okay then it’s perfect, bothers and sisters… Today we are with Momo Noo, not the T-shirt Hey everybody, it’s Siphano {french youtuber} HEYYY (gibberish) This one was great with the gesture and everything Hi Kalys ! Actually we was supposed to play to Speed on this giant screen which you can film just a little setup It was cool, right ? But, the Playstation 4, This fucking PS4 decided to delete the game It’s gone ! Totally gone. If you look at the boockcase, there nothing It happens everyday We were on the game and then… Nothing Games are disappearing We have the lapel microphone, we are redy So we decided to make this little joke to compensate for the lake of gameplay Okay okay Fuck, we are taking off ! That’s crazy ! Holy shit zero G zero fucking G This is amazing Look at this decor Landing ! Well Amixem, how do you feel ? It sucked First, it was ugly This man was incompetent I was bored I was on my phone, I was checking Instagram Oh ! A piece of the paraglide fell We could have died What is this bolt ? Yes, effectively That is what is holding the sail ! I think it’s a bolt from your camera Thanks a lot for making me live this experience Thanks to Laink and Terracid, I don’t know why but you are nice Thank to Camille from Ubisoft Subscribe to Steep and to Ubisoft Steep_FR on Twitter Xoxo Ladies and gentlemen, this is the end of this video Subscribe to the Wankil Stufio channel because they are funny sometimes It was Amixem. Over. That was cool Isn’t it ? I do that in every end of video That my secret Huh ? Without this, I wouldn’t have 2 millions subscribers Then you have to lift the caméra a litlle like that Put an epic music Go to the mountains And then, we have 2 millions subscribers ?

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  1. le stil de Cyril comment dire que même moi a 5 ans je skier mieux mes en même temps j ai commencer a 2 ans et j ai m'intentent j ai 11 ans!!!!!!!!

  2. zette trop en arrier mais sinon le paltez de baton mesieur dus! nan je blague mem si c vrait tres bonne vidéo

  3. "je sais pas faire de slalom moi, j'ai jamais fais de compétition.Mais tu sais ce qui est le plus important dans la compétition ? L'OPPORTUNISME !!!!"
    -Cyril à 3:42


  4. Yes J'adoooooore Tignes j'y vais tout les ans ! Palafour c un super piste !
    Ah et on fait la course quand vous voulez je vous gagne a tout les coups xDDDDD, surtout avec Link et Terra 😀

  5. «Et on est bon, on va sur 2 millions de vues» au moment où je regarde la vidéo il y a 2,2 millions de vues 😂

  6. Savoie oui savapa NON GROS ÇA VA PAS IL FAIS FROIDS ON CE GÈLE LES GROS LO 😂 tu connais Tignes habits à côté

  7. Clap bonjour je regarde cette vidéo pour me rafraîchir car dehors c'est la canicule, il fait 40 sa grand mère la pute

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