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Hey Youtube fam! It’s your girl Lia back
again with another video and today’s video as you can see from the title is
another crochet hair review video. But today’s crochet hair is not just any
crochet hair no no it’s my first time trying a black-owned crochet hair
business on this channel which is very exciting for me. Now today’s hair as you
can see is the Pure Beauty Supply Co Malaysian hair but before I get into the
review of it if you don’t know much about pure beauty supply co. They are
all over my timeline. They sell both their own kind of hair or
their hair from people like beautycanbraid has her own type of hair and
it’s on this site. But they also sell hairs like you know Freetress and your
run-of-the-mill hairs. But I didn’t want to try one of the hairs that you can get
from anywhere I wanted to try a hair that was unique to Pure beauty supply
co. So today’s hair like I said is the Malaysian Curl hair. Now if you’re
not familiar with my crochet hair series welcome join the family smash that
subscribe button. But this isn’t just your run-of-the-mill review. You know
you’re not seeing somebody come on here review they hair one day in and oh
never update you on the hair oh no no no I walk you through the process with
my crochet hairs. Now I come on here first with my first day thoughts of
a crochet hair showing you how it looks on that very first day. Mean
right after install. How it looks lengthwise. How long of an install it
was? What my braid pattern was? How did I knot the hair? And overall my first day
thoughts of the hair. Then I come on with my one week thoughts of a crochet hair.
Showing you how it looks one week in. Did it go downhill in that one week and
overall what my maintenance has been like with the hair for one week. Then I
come on here with my final thoughts of a crochet hair. Showing you how this on
that very last day. Telling you whether it’s water friendly activewear friendly
and overall whether I recommend you purchase this hair or not. Now this video
is in partnership with Pure Beauty Supply Co but that does not change my
opinion. You guys know Lia Lavon keeps it real on this channel. So if you want to
see my first day thoughts on this Malaysian curl hair just keep watching. A
few moments later .So now coming on here for my first day thoughts on this Pure
Beauty Supply Co Malaysian hair. Now if you guys have not seen my install
so you can see me actually install the hair instead of actually talking
about installing the hair click up above. I installed the hair. I show you how I
install the hair and you get to see all that. But I’ll just cover it briefly for
you guys out there who are not going to check out that video. I do have a
straight back braid pattern. Nothing fancy. That’s pretty much the
only thing you’re probably gonna get from this channel. Just because ain’t
nobody doing nothing miraculous over in these parts. But straight back braid
pattern. I use one full portion of this hair. If you guys see in that video I
take out one full pack of that. I have two of these only one of them is used in
its entirety. In terms of knotting this hair I did knot this hair two times at
min three times in most places but no more than three no less than two times.
I did kind of invisible knot around the front because of course I like my
knots to look realistic in the front. Really don’t care what’s going on in the
back as long as it looks clean. Now this is how the hair looks lengthwise. I know
you guys if you’re not familiar with my channel or this is the first video
you’re seeing it’s like that’s long girl what’s going on. I do like to show you
how it looks the very first day. So if you put the hair in don’t do nothing to it
this is the length that you’re going to get. Now it is 24 inches and I actually
have the site pulled up so I can tell you everything that they say on pure
beauty about this hair. It says Malaysian curl is a premium synthetic crochet hair.
It is extremely popular and for good reason. It is realistic and mimics the
texture of human hair. You cannot go wrong with this style. People will be
following begging you to tell them where you purchased your weave. The hair
resembles a deep wave if you want a looser wave pattern please purchase the
essence curl. The essence curl is another curl they have on their site which I
guess is looser. This is 24 inches long. It says it can be straightened but we
recommend doing this towards the end of wearing the style because the curls will
not come back which obviously this is synthetic hair and you ain’t reverting
the hair back. Once you know one way you can’t go back the old way. It says can be
curled using rods and hot water. We suggest three packs for a full
install the model is wearing four packs Now overall I really like this curl and
I can’t really compare the feel of it to anything else. Like they say on the site
it is really mirroring weave. Now when I feel it I don’t know.
Like it’s it’s again like nothing I’ve ever felt before. So it’s weird for me to
try to equate it to something. I will search in the weeks of me wearing it a dupe maybe or something that I can compare it to but right off the bat there is no
hair and that feels like this hair. And that’s the one thing I can’t show you
guys on camera. I can’t show you smells and I can’t show you feels but the way
it feel is very different. Now overall how long did it take me. It took me about
2 hours and 15 minutes of just install without the braiding portion. With the braiding portion it took me about you know 3 hours and 15 minutes.That’s also because I’m a little under the weather right now. I hope it’s not
coming through on camera but this week in North Carolina it’s 70 one day but then
45 the next day. I don’t know what February is given us right now but it’s
giving us a lot and it’s really playing with my immune system. Now overall like I
said this is how it looks on it’s very first day. I have to say really like it
this very first day. I can’t say anything negative really about it. The install is
very easy. The hair was very easy to separate as you guys saw it wasn’t
like a hard situation. Was very easy to pull apart the hairs. But overall
really do like Malaysian curl on this very first day but to see how I feel
about this hair in one week just keep watching. One week later. So now coming on here for my first week thoughts on this Malaysian curl hair. Now don’t mind
this outfit I was filming a little something special for you guys today but
as you guys can notice the hair is very long still. It’s because I needed
kind of longer hair for the content I was filming today. I’m gonna cut it up
after this but if it were not for the video I had to film today I probably
would have cut it up earlier this week just because it is a very long style.
But overall for how long it is and how full this hair is it’s not heavy at all.
This is not a heavy hair whatsoever. It’s probably looks at me like it’s a lot
going on but the hair is very lightweight and it’s still very soft to
this day this kind of lenss feel back again like I said haven’t really cut
this hair so it is still pretty pretty long but as soon as I turn this camera
often yeah I’m gonna cut this hair up a little bit numb in terms of the
maintenance of this here I definitely would say medium and I’m
put my foot and say hi until the final thoughts portion but I know for a fact
this ain’t a little madness here and that’s in my opinion now there’s not
much online about this hair but I was on one instagramers page she’s also a
crochet stylist and I think she has something you do in connection with this
hair I’ll list our Instagram down below but she had installed this hair plenty
of times and she puts down and below her installs kind of a paragraph about the
hair she’s got this here was a low maintenance here and vacation is
friendly hair now maintenance I don’t know if I would put this and low
maintenance especially for me coming right off free Trent bohemian bright
hair now free choice bohemian bread to me I could have probably fell asleep
every night with no star phone on a cotton pillowcase Megan would have still
held up no issues with the Bohemian braid the hair was so low maintenance
and there I say it domain it’s really no maintenance I might make a video when
they have all the no maintenance hairs if preachers bohemian praise is gonna be
on it so going from that last week to this week having to twist the hair up at
night now if you guys can see a little bit of the frizz that’s coming off of it
one weekend when I sad twisting you’re up at night I mean I separate the hair
into four to five sections each night just take it and kind of just twist it
up and said fashion now I have not put product on this hair as of yet I’m still
kind of scared to know what kind of product will work well on this hair why
honestly I don’t want to put mousse I don’t want to put Hawaiian Sookie I want
this hair to last as long as possible and I don’t want those products to kind
of interfere with the way it’ll hold up so I’m kind of holding off into putting
any product in even the product that was sent to me with the hair I’m still kind
of holding off this is kind of what the twist looked like again I do this four
to five times no less than four times around my head put all the hair back and
then put a scarf on top of it in the morning take the search I’ll take the
scrunchie off and then unravel the twist this is kind of what I am left with and
again it’s not taking up a lot of time in the morning but going
being able to kind of walk out the door it’s having to actually put some work in
and in a little bit different for me now onion though maintenance is subjective
to some people I feel like so here that I probably have sales we’re low
maintenance you guys were like I put in a lot of maintenance and some hands that
I’ve said are high maintenance you guys are probably been like no girl you ain’t
got a new hands very low maintenance so again I think it’s very much so the eye
of the beholder when it comes to what maintenance is and what putting
maintenance into your hair kind of looks like but for me you know maintenance
being put in this everybody there to take away from my love of the way the
hair look I’ve gotten so many compliments at work this is everybody’s
favorite here since I’ve worn this here this whole week every day somebody like
that’s my favorite here on you that’s my favorite here on you I’m like okay till
the next here you guys you got to keep putting it here on a pedestal you keep
moving something up to number one until the next hearing and that’s number one
but for now 2019 this has been my colleagues favorite hair of mine and I
really like it too but again I’m going to cut it up to probably about here
today and then see how that look keeping her hair I synthetic hair longer for a
long period of time just done that ever really bode well for me so again one
weekend really liked it very much so out here that you’re gonna have to put some
maintenance into very much so medium maintenance but we’ll see what skill of
maintenance and what my final thoughts are coming up in my final thoughts which
maybe three or four weeks from now keep watching lay down so now coming on here
for my final week thoughts on this Malaysian curl hair and it has been four
weeks with this hair let me get a bit camera so you guys can kind of see what
four weeks looks like round two so you guys can kind of see this is what the
hair looks like and I’m going to let you know right now this portion is gonna be
pretty along what have you got out there suggested to me to put timestamps in the
comment section so you guys can see when I do my first day thoughts my first week
dolls and my final thoughts of the hair and I hope I remember to do that in this
video and I am going to continue doing it from
this video onwards so if you watch a future video of mine it should be down
below in the comment section for you but again I’m going to
right now it’s gonna be pretty long because I’m so happy that I actually
upload in my install video while I still have the hair and a lot of times when I
do it install video I try to put the review video on the same day so most of
the time I no longer have the hair in when I upload my install and in my
review video at the same time but I’m glad I did that because I can address
some of the questions you guys had in that video now uploaded that install
video got a lot of feedback thank you guys so much for supporting that video
but one thing I heavily wanted to address in this video is that I only use
three orders of this hair and what I mean is in that video I said I use six
quantities of the hair but Nicole the owner said oh no no no girl you use
three you use three so I tried updating my description box I tried to put a
comment down below I said it on Instagram I wanted to let you guys know
I was wrong I only used three so what I mean is this is how the hair was fit to
me I got two packs of this so I use the entirety of the other pack in my head
and this is the other pack that she sent me so she sent me two packs of six what
looked to be six bundles in here so I’m gonna take it out so I said in my video
I use six of these and i didn’t use six of these but two of them come in one
order so on the site it says that three orders is recommended for a full head
and what that means is this is one order so ordering this is one and then you
order two more of these it’ll do a full head and that is actually true so this
is one order this is what you get for $12 and if you order three of them
that’ll be what $36 so again had to correct that because a lot of you guys
look like six six like over $60 got money for that again only need three for
four head I was wrong I hope that you guys out there watch my reviews before
you buy but I know a lot of you guys we’re gonna buy before my review even
came out cuz y’all play I love it I’m go ahead and buy it and buy it now I was
like I hope some people Wyatt for my review because what if I end up hating
in here then you got there and you blame to me but I
and I elected in the install video I stay away from my review video comes out
again this is the collaboration video with pure beauty but I am a little
honest in my channel and you guys know I keep it honest with you guys my
loyalty’s is never with the company that sponsored the video although I’m happy
to collaborate with companies companies have to also realize Who I am
and I’m gonna keep it 100% and my videos you guys know I collaborated with
Trinity tresses in the past and I can’t decree much so real in my videos and I’m
pretty sure that’s why they don’t contact me anymore but again this is a
collaboration with pure beauty and I did get a lot of comments in my install
video as well as a lot of deals in my DMS about pure beauty and people’s
experiences with them I had a few comments from people saying that the
customer service with them in the past hasn’t been the best that responses have
not been as timely as possible that hair hasn’t come in the timely
fashion that they thought it was going to come in and all that and to that I
said I definitely understand I watched a video with the owner Nicole very
recently I think the same day I uploaded my video or I know the same day I
uploaded my video she did a interview which was not planned at all I didn’t
even think I was gonna get my install up that fast quite frankly but she did an
interview and she was talking about her over all her business she wants pure
beauty in August of 2017 so it hasn’t even been in two years with the business
she was still doing here at that time so she did crochet here she stopped her
business completely and then focused solely on the pure beauty I think in
2018 so her main focus has been on pure beauty but she hasn’t necessarily had
the team in place until very recently and so I think within the last month she
says she hired a manager and all that to specifically work on orders and all that
so I think she put a team in place very recently to kind of help her I think the
thing that a lot of black businesses don’t recognize is that they need help a
lot of times and it’s amazing that she has actually recognized ok I need some
help I need a little bit support I cannot be a one-woman show when I have
what I have going on so again if you guys have had issues from now so what
meaning from March February on work please let me know in the comments down
again I want my audience to be aware of anything but if you’ve had issues in the
past again she I think acknowledges that she needed a support team and I think
that she now has it in place so just wanted to say I saw y’all comments out
there I don’t ignore anything I address
everything and I wanted to kind of address it but now let’s get to the fun
part my review on this actual hair and I definitely had to say this here is high
maintenance this is a higher maintenance hair and I feel so it’s about saying
that especially when I can see the creator of the hair I am newbie and I’ll
put her histogram down below actually created this year specifically to be
sold on pure Beauty so she has three exclusive curls that she created to be
sold on this site Beauty can braid has some specific curls that she has on this
side as well but I am new being had some curls too and this is one of her curls
so I feel weird saying it’s high maintenance when the owner herself has
said this is a low maintenance vacation friendly hair so when I review a model
model here free tres hair I’ll train hair Janak collection hair I don’t feel
any type of way cuz I don’t know who the owner is I don’t know created this curl
so I say it’s high maintenance low madness whatever I want to say but
having greater herself saying this is a low maintenance hair if you go to her
site look at her pictures please go follow her she will say you know blasian
girl low maintenance vacation friendly and all that and so for me to come on
here and say it’s high maintenance you guys have to remember again this is
my opinion on this hair and especially it’s weird for me coming off of
free-trade bohemian braids hair which was the lowest no maintenance if
anything that hair was super no maintenance to this hair which is to my
opinion very high maintenance it’s different for me to me you’re definitely
gonna have to stay on top of this here meaning you’re gonna have to do you
tangle this here I say once every three days what I use to detangle was just a
little bit of water actually I didn’t use anything fancy I didn’t use my vigor
or mousse I didn’t use my Hawaiian silky this time
just use water I couldn’t think of what really worked on this hair I just didn’t
think mousse was gonna be the right product for this hair I think if you
feel this hair you would kind of know what I mean like mousse for to me works
better on the hair that feels like the main concept here is the free trance
beat curl hair those feel when you it’s hard to display feelings on this channel
because you’re your senior but you can’t feel it if you felt this hair I
definitely felt it and I was like I don’t think mousse would be the best for
I don’t think Hawaiian silky would be the best for it let me get a spray
bottle of water and that just helped and I would just be tangled that way also
the owner sent me this that she has on her site it’s called the crochet
snapback and you’re supposed to spray it on your hair while wet and it’s supposed
to ease in the detangling of this here there is no water in this here so please
don’t use this alone and also has a smell to it it smells like a little bit
of an inner curve isn’t this they’re not overpowering so your hair smells no like
vinegar but it does have a little bit of vinegar in it so you spray you’re
supposed to spray this in with it while wet and supposed to revitalize the hair
and all that and it supposed to make it softer the one thing I will say is it
did make it a little bit softer while detangling it now I can’t speak on the
revitalization of the hair because the hair did feel very dry afterwards so I
didn’t have to bring out my braids change spray after detangling it so once
your detangling it you’re doing all your new tangles to it you’re gonna
definitely have to spray some braids Sheen spray on it to revitalize it
because this hair will kind of get a little bit dry it doesn’t work that way
right now because of course I did spreading my brain sheet spray on this
before coming on camera but again something you’re gonna need to know
you’re gonna have to detangle this hair often because it’s here we’ll get a
little bit of tangles in it and definitely will frizz but to me it’s not
an unbearable amount of frizz if you guys can see right now it’s just enough
for it to make it a little bit more natural-looking but again this hair it’s
definitely gonna tangle to get rid of those tangles you can or you have to
detangle often so for me I definitely say it’s not one of my most favorite for
active activities if you’re an active person I definitely wouldn’t say this
will be my favorite just because you would definitely have a tangle more I
definitely would choose the free transform me and break
for somebody who’s a little bit more active and for a vacation now
the pure beauty site has a girl she owned the page with Malaysia curl on at
the beach on vacation and so I definitely say for some of you guys
definitely go out with it what for me would I and I just want to
be my vacation choice this definitely wouldn’t be mine just because I know if
I were to go swimming if I was just there and like I wasn’t getting any
attention and getting my hair wet then fine yeah I think this hair will be
perfect but if you’re somebody who swims which a lot of you guys are you want to
get your hair wet you want to do all that I definitely would think it’s a
no-no just because of what you’re gonna have to do afterwards I’ll watch this
hair from was it last night was last night and then I had to detangle this
hair and it’s a little process and I think when you’re on vacation you just
don’t have as much time to go through that process not to say that you don’t
have a process with other hairs when you go on vacation because you do but I
think this process would just be a little bit longer I just don’t have to
sit down you’re gonna have to take your time you’re gonna have to detangle
whereas maybe with the frigid bohemian break
you’re not going to detangle as much and again it’s just kind of your preference
where you’re going to vacation what you’re getting into but again I don’t
think I’m going to probably film my vacation friendly hairs pretty soon I
don’t think this would make the list so overall the question do I recommend
this hair now I would recommend this hair for somebody looking for a special
occasion hair looking for a hair that you can’t find elsewhere I think I would
recommend this for somebody who does not mind putting a little bit of work into
some hair who has the time to put into the hair who may be going on vacation
who may not be getting their hair wet I would definitely recommend it for that
person but I would not recommend it for somebody who thinks they’re getting a
low-maintenance here there’s somebody who does not like to put a lot of effort
in there near I wouldn’t recommend it for somebody who is going on vacation
who is swimming heavily heavily heavily like you’re
going swimming every single day but overall that has been my review of this
hair now I do have intentions on trying other pure beauty supply hair so down
below if you check out the site let me know what curl you would like me to try
whether it’s the essence curl the darn curl the topaz curl whatever curl you
want me to try don’t work them into here that I could buy elsewhere I would
prefer to try it here that I could only buy but again they do have hairs on that
site that I have before so they have free trust believe
me and brand they have main concept parents they have full locks they have
pretty much everything you can think of they have on that side a lot of hairs at
least 10 out of the 20-something hairs that I’ve tried on this channel they
have on there so definitely check them out make sure you give this video a big
thumbs up make sure you subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss any of my
content comment down below letting me know other pure Beauty suppliers who
like me to try as well as your overall thoughts on this hair on this video of
me make sure you’re following me on instagram at Leo Lamont 89 I will see
you in my next video thank you so much for watching bye


  1. ❌PLEASE READ❌ Since this video was recorded I’ve received tons of messages, comments, and emails regarding a lack of customer service and very long shipping times! To this I have to say that is unacceptable, if you were promised a less than two week window. I’ve spoken with the owner and she did say she just had a very high level of orders which caused a delay but I’m on the side of my audience and have to say at this time I would say hold off for now from purchasing unless you have a few weeks to wait. If can you order with the expectation that it may be 2+ weeks then fine. It pains me to say this as I really wanted to support a black owned crochet hair business for a change instead of the ones that I typically promote but at the end of the day like I said in this video you all come first and I have to speak honestly. So I can’t in good faith say I have 100% faith that I stand behind them at this time. The owner Nicole is so sweet but I believe the number of orders got the best of her. She is not a scammer as I’ve heard before. She is hard working but I don’t believe she knew my install video would perform like it did. If anything changes I will let you know. I debated even posting this video but I knew you all would come for me if I never posted my review!! 🤣😂 I encourage you if you’ve had an experience with Pure Beauty (bad or good) to please share it below! I want everyone to be informed!!

  2. I think the hair works the best without product. I had the hair twice and learned the first time that mousse wasn't good

  3. Glad I waited like you said . Ain’t nobody got time for high maintenance round these parts lol. I really just want a hair I can wear in a high ponytail from the time I put in until I take out. I’ll never wear it down. Any suggestions?

  4. Thanks for the review. Hopefully customer service will improve with her new team. Please try one or all: Topaz wave, Essence curl, and/or Dominican
    wave. I wouldn’t mind the maintenance because the hair looks so nice. However, would not use on a trip with lots of water activities.

  5. The Malaysian curl looks so beautiful on you. If you were to do another purebeauty hair i would like to see the topaz wave hair. Also I have a very itchy scalp I was wondering if you do would be able to do a video about hairs that are good for washing and if you do scalp maintenance under the crochet what that looks like. I find that I cant go more then two weeks without washing and cleansing my scalp but I know with certain hairs that's not possible. Thank you for your videos I really enjoy your content.

  6. 👍for the video and thank you for your honesty. I think I will have to pass on this hair I just can't deal with the high maintenance because I go to the salon for my crochet hair install and for that I would love to get 6 to 8 weeks. But I will be trying the bohemian braid for my next install!

  7. Tho you Lia 4 helping me ssve my $$$! I was in the process of ordering this hair, because I liked it from upur day one video, but turned 2 your final week's video & it helped me save my coins!😌

  8. Hi Lia Love you sis looking at this video the install looked nice but as time went on I could tell this hair is not for me it looked dry and frizzy and I think that you did a good job with the interview on this hair but I will stick with some of the others that you have done and I look forward to the ones to come keep up the good work

  9. Gurl, is it me that seeing you getting prettier and prettier every video? Love all your videos very informative.

  10. Thank u for letting us know about a black owned company. Now I gotta start ordering from them. I cannot wait to see more hair from them and will add them to my Instagram. So I love the Topaz, Nubian Queen and Dawn Curl.

  11. I have ordered from here several times. I have received orders within 3 days! The longest I've waited was a week and a half. They do have a processing time that you have to take into account. I don't walt until the last minute to order anywhere though. I learn that with big manufacturers. Even fashion nova have delays. They are pretty good at answering the phone. The owner is so nice. They are a small business so you do have to be patient. Their products are amazing. I cant wait to try the Malaysian now. I love the ocean wave and locs they have.

  12. It's very pretty on you Lia! Malaysian hair is the top of the line for Black People. There's really no difference from what you usually wear. Honestly they all look a like but that's just the way it is LOL My only problem with this is I could never wear it for 4 weeks that's just too much work. I would wear it for 2 weeks top.

  13. I’d like to see the Dominican curl! Also I placed an order on 3/14 and still waiting. I reached out for a status and got a response that they would get back to me. :-/ I hope the quality makes it worth the wait.

  14. Please review the essence curl. I trust your opinion! lol I wait until after you review hair, then I decide if I want to purchase the hair or not lol thanksss sis!

  15. Couldn’t wait for your review or even the install and ordered it the second I saw your IG post. I do agree that maintenance for this hair is on the high end, but I received a ton of compliments on it. I’d like to see you try the Topaz or Toyal curl from their site. Thanks so much for all the videos, it’s one of the highlights of my week!

  16. Thank you for sharing this video Lia💕 I Love this Hair girl, I'm wear water wave for three week now and its one of my Favorites❤ I plan to give this Hair a try.

  17. The look of this hair reminds me a lot of the Freetress deep twist hair. I don’t know but every time I look at it that’s what i keep thinking. It did seem very frizzy at the end there too. I’m not sure if I’d personally want to try it. Maybe when I’m in the mood to experiment I’d give it a go. They way it wore for you I doubt I’d be able to keep it more than 3 weeks thou 🤔

  18. I ordered on March 4 with an expectation of receiving my hair in 7-10 days. As far as I know it never shipped. If I had gotten an actual reply to my email or even a response to the PayPal dispute I might have been willing to give them a chance. Unfortunately I did not. Not responding to the PayPal dispute gives the appearance of shadiness. I wish her well but at this time I will have to wait for my refund and keep looking for a Black owned crochet hair company.

  19. I've purchased from them twice now and they have been great at letting me know what's going on (especially if you follow their Instagram page). The first time I ordered from there I used my apple pay which still had my old address and she personally changed my shipping address for me after I messaged her through Instagram. My second order was during the time that there was a high volume of orders (a few weeks ago) and she informed everyone what was going on. Although the wait time was longer, I'm glad that I was informed so that I could adjust accordingly. As far as the hair, I love the hair. However, I think that the darker colors look better overall even once the hair gets a little old. I currently have 27 and 30 in my hair and the frizz just stands out a little more…but that could also be because the person who installed my hair kept combing the damn hair lol. (which I never do when I do it myself). I'll definitely continue to buy from them.

  20. Please make the no maintenance video…summer is almost here. Lol . This hair looks good on you. I will check this company out since they are Black owned. I'm not in a rush so slow shipping isn't an issue for me. 😜

  21. I know it hasn't been that long…but it seems like I have been waiting on this review forever😉. I knew u were posting it tonight and almost didn't go to church so I could see it lol (I ultimately did go to church that's why I'm late 😂).

    I could tell it pained u not to overwhelmingly love this hair. I could literally feel ur struggle. This is why we all love u…we can TRUST what u say. With reservations…I will probably still try the hair. Only because I am at home everyday and have a little extra time to invest in the maintenance plus I love that u said it wasn't heavy and it just looks so darn pretty on u (but what doesn't). Just pray it's not too too hot.

    Keep being YOU! Thanks again for doing the hard work, so we don't have too. Looking forward to the next time…😘

  22. I ordered hair on February 27 and NEVER got it, I called and sent multiple emails, I just got a response today. The hair is so pretty, but my experience with customer service was horrible. Hopefully it gets better with the team she is putting in place.

  23. I just LOVE your reviews!!! I see what you mean when you explain it… so honest. Although I don't like high maintenance I would use this. Thanks for your review! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  24. You look absolutely GORGEOUS IN THIS HAIR!!! I love how honest and transparent you always are. Thank you for letting me know it's a black owned business because I would love to support them just for that fact. Please try the LaToya Curl it looked beautiful!!!

  25. It's always the same 2 miserable people disliking Lia's content!!🤨 What is there not to like about this sweet, positive, and beautiful young black Queen!!🤷🏾‍♀️

  26. Good Morning LIa, love the video, this Malaysian hair pattern looks close to the Kimma Ripple Deep or Ocean wave. Would you agree? and if so which brand would you prefer based on the quality of the hair?

  27. I'd love to see topas or lexie curl next. Also encouraging the owner to sell separate bundles, see that one big price is intimidating

  28. I agree it is very high maintenance. I ended up taking it out in two weeks because it got extremely frizzy and dry 🙁 It was very pretty when it was first installed and I did get several compliments but it was not the best hair.

  29. Thank you so much for all of your thorough reviews. I have never put anything in my hair, never had weave, braids, wig etc. I have been transitioning for the last 2 years and came across your channel. Girrlll Thank you so much for your vacation video hair recommendations. I tried Freetress Presto curl for carnival in Trinidad March 2019, went to the beach about 3 times and washed the hair, oiled my scalp and the curls looked better the older it got. I went against what stylist were saying that it would be matted and a mess after it got wet. Thanks again. Your reviews are honest and in depth. I really appreciate it. I got lots of compliments on my hair when I got back, the next week a co-worker had crotchet in her hair.

  30. Loving the idea of a " no maintenance " hair…. Your people need that video … I plan on buying from this company…. Good look Lia!

  31. Will you do a skin care routine? Or maybe you already have one. You're skin & makeup is so smooth and glorious.

  32. Thank you Lia for forewarning your viewers regarding the lack of customer service. I am sure Nicole may be a nice person and sincerely mean well, but once you pay over $50+ for a product and you don't receive the product in the stated processing time nor a timely reply to your inquiries about a purchase you can understand why someone would feel "scammed". This is an online only business and the lack of customer service is alarming. At this point this company has my money and I currently have no product nor my money. BTW I ordered crochet hair on March 8, 2019. Today is March 28th and still nothing.

  33. The hair is beautiful. Thank you so much for all the insightful comments. I was wondering why you are taking it down because it still looks good.

  34. I did love the hair at install. But it is like you said a very “high maintenance” hair. If you dont take good care of it, it will frizz and tangle easily. I’m only on my second week and feel like it’s reaching a 4ish week look because I’m not the best at 100% upkeep. The hair is beautiful though!

    PureBeauty did keep in touch with me and it only took about a week and a half to receive, so I have no complaints there and would order again.

  35. I did something I don’t normally do and ordered hair without your review😂 ordered topaz wave from pure beauty on 1/29. It was delivered 2/14. Much Later than I expected. I just had it installed on Monday and 4 days in it’s beautiful, but i know it’s not going to last 6-8 weeks… please 😩. I should’ve waited!

  36. Thank you for your honest reviews girl! We need the truth to make our decision! That's the all point! Now, eveb if it's a bit high maintenance for us lazy girl lol, I would by this hair cause it's pretty and it's not like it's unbearable maintenance (if it ships to Paris). It's a matter of personnal choice. As usual, love ur content girl!

  37. Saw the video and decided to order hair on March 4. I’ve emailed the company, Instagram messaged the company, and commented on her Instagram page and got no response to any mode of communication. In fact, after i commented on her photo someone after me commented and she responded to them. So I take that as her trying to intentionally avoid me. She really shouldn’t have “customer service unmatched “ in her bio until she gets it together. Very disappointed. I would like to see what Lexie Curl looks like since i don’t think I’ll ever get it 😂

  38. Thanks for your honest review and not getting swayed by an owner trying to get chummy. Yes looking for the no maintenance video. The sound bite is a lil creepy to me of the guy who tells us the timeline – 1day, later etc. But you're still👍🏼.

  39. Love your channel! I bought this hair because of your install video. I did not have any issues with customer service. The hair is gorgeous and super soft. I receive compliments daily, but it is high maintenance af! I would love to see a review of the Lexie curl.

  40. Not loving how it turned out…beach curl is where its at. Freetress beach curl yep best hair to date.glad u reviewed it

  41. I have ordered from pure beauty Co, I will admit that the shipping sucked I bought my hair back in December the first time, it took 2 to 3 weeks to get and I had to contact the owner to see what was going on and she shipped it asap and I got it fast once it was shipped. Now the hair I live the hair myself I don't mind the work to maintain it is not too bad same thing I do to all my hair. I only use the snap back spray and I braid it after I spray it and cap on at night then take down in the morning and it look great. I have tried the Essence and the Topez hair both are nice , for me I like the hair way more than any reg hair at local store. Freetress included just me. I have not worn the hair for more than 4-5 weeks I never leave any up longer than that. To get around shipping issue I just ordered enough for 2 installs at a time .

  42. I thought I commented on this a few days ago, but cannot see my comment or maybe I didn't hit the "send" button.
    I feel she could have used a cheap conditioner to detangle the hair and a mouse to style it. This is what I used to maintain my hair. I had it installed for a trip to Florida. During the 7 days we swam 4 to 5 days, rode roller coasters, walked around in the rain and my hair held up great. I also washed my hair after every swim. I Used a good leave in conditioner spray for my real hair light oil for my s scalp as needed. For the synthetic hair like I mentioned before I used cheap conditioner to detangle and left it on the hair and let it air dry. This kept the strands soft and gave it a natural shine and nice sent and mousse to style the curls I wore this same curl for a total of 5 1/2 weeks. If I wasn't so rough on it by swimming and washing multiple times in a short period of time I feel it would have lasted longer.
    I did have issues reciving the hair both times I ordered. I contacted them through email the first time I had more trouble getting a response but this was during the time she was transitioning to just the beauty supply store. The second time I got a quick response and got it was shipped out within the next couple of days. They were very professional about everything. I will continue ordering from them.

  43. This hair is absolutely beautiful at install however, i am only 6 days in and it is dry, frizzy, and tangling. I have a wedding in 2 days and I'm thinking of taking the hair out. I hsve religiously wrapped it every single night. I do not recommend this hair at all. To date freetress deep twist is my absolute favorite!

  44. Your reviews are so helpful. I recommend them to people all the time. I would like you try either Essence curl or the Lexie curl. They look so pretty on the website. Thank you for taking your time out to help us out here.

  45. I ordered the same hair from this company on 03/28 and am still waiting on the hair. Wished I had seen your comments below prior to ordering. Multiple emails sent. Kept tracking the package and it was never received at the post office. So it never left. Finally spoke with someone who said they were the owner last week, she said was shipping priority, and I would receive on Saturday. Never happened. Emailed them twice since Saturday, and called today. Was told that they are on the way to post office to mail the hair to me. It's been over 30 days ladies. Purchase from this company at your own risk. This is very discouraging. No excuses for this delay under any circumstances.

  46. Hello I been watching your videos since last year during the fall. I like the way you explain how the hair works,feels,and indeed what the best crotchet braiding hair that is low maintenance. I give you a 10 star. You are specific of giving details of how the hair is works what products to put on them. Keep up the good work.

  47. Thank you for these wonderful videos! I think I am going to start protective styling with crochet, because I need a break from my natural hair. I would love it if you did a "low maintenance" video. Keep doing what you're doing! I also enjoy when you do the install video first,and then your review video, because it allows you to see the process on how you achieved this amazing look, and if it was a difficult or easy one.

  48. I ordered on 3/29, shipped 4/9, delivered 4/11. I ordered the Topaz Wave but haven’t gotten it installed yet. These are my thoughts. I try my best to support Black owned businesses. I’ve had some bad experiences but most of them aren’t. Whenever I have a issue I reach out to them privately before just blasting them all over social media or yelp. I know a lot of people who shop at non black establishments like beauty supplies & nail shops and the staff has been super rude, following you around the store as if you’re there to steal but yet we continue to support those businesses, and never flood them with bad reviews. I say all of this to say. Stop giving up on our people so easily. Reach out to them directly first to see if something can be done to rectify the issue. A lot of black owned is only 1-2 people running the place plus still working a regular 9-5. Just my thoughts!! Lia Lavon, Thank you for this review and can you please review the Topaz Wave hair!!

  49. I’m going on 3 weeks awaiting Topaz Wave. My Birthday is on June 8th. I thought I ordered in enough time to get it by My Bday. I am considering canceling with my credit card company. $72.00 for the worst customer Service ever😡 It hasn’t shipped as of yet!

  50. I love your videos. I purchased the Essence Curl from Pure Beauty Supply. I received it yesterday (5-21-19). However, I placed the order in February. Heck I totally had forgotten about placing the order. Any who…would you please do a review on the Essence Curl? I would love to hear your thoughts on this hair.

  51. I watch your videos on YouTube I enjoy the way you present the hair the do's and don't the ups and the downs

    I saw the Malaysian curl from pure Beauty, so I ordered it on May 11,2019 so that I can wear it on my wedding day June 8, 2019

    Well today is Memorial Day and I still haven't received the hair that I ordered . the only thing I did get is them keep sending me an automated message saying we received your message .
    I heard nothing else..

  52. Hi Lia
    Just keeping you up dated.
    I received a text today, saying that my hair shipped.
    I will let you know when it arrive..


  53. I am in central NC too! 🙂 it is awesome…I WANT to try this soon BUT maybe in the winter. I am WAY too active in the summer lol. it wouldnt last 1 wk. Im binge watching as you can see!

  54. No maintenance video 🗣 no maintenance video 🗣 no maintenance video ( me chanting ) please and thank you

  55. You talk a lot. I do to and for that and the fact that you are so thorough, I think you are one of the best Youtubers and should have AT LEAST 100k followers. U are so helpful, keep up the awesome work

  56. 🙋🏾‍♀️🙋🏾‍♀️🙋🏾‍♀️ it literally took 4 weeks for my hair to come in the mail. 3 emails to customer service and a bad review on FB. What sucks is that I LOVED the hair and got so many compliments on it but it was such a headache to receive.

  57. My experience was decent with them. I got my hair after about a week and half. I haven't used it yet but i will definitely get the Dominican curl soon. I would to see you do a review the Dominican curl though..

  58. All I can say is if you dont like it I honestly dont wear it. I love your honesty and descriptive detail on your reviews. Oh CAN START DOING VIDEOS ON BUSTY WOMEN WEAR. I LOVEEEEE THE TOPS YOU SELECT AND US BUSTY WOMEN STRUGGLE WITH PICKING TOPS THAT FLATTERS US. YOU SEEM TO NAIL IT. .

  59. Hi Lia!
    Love the video! My question is do you have a recommendation for a hair that has the similar curl pattern but is low maintenance? I’m going on vacay in a few weeks and I love the pattern of the hair.

  60. Hello! I wanted to share my experience with this company so far. I really should have looked at more reviews! I ordered the hair on October 7th and waited a couple weeks and sent a e-mail…no response. Then I sent a text message about two weeks after and got a reply that it was being shipped out last week. Well, surprise….it hasn't and I'm just over it. I just wish they were better at responding, because I seriously don't have alot money to just waste like this. I texted her saying that if I don't get a shipping update this coming up week I will have to cancel. Hopefully my bank will give me a refund otherwise I'm just out of 60 dollars. This sucks because it's my first time ever buying crochet hair and I'm having a terrible experience!

    Edit* Just got a reply back saying it will be shipped, and she was very nice about it, she also took 10 dollars off so fingers crossed it will ship!

    Edit2* Lol sooo I waited till 11-11 and I never got it so I just ended up filing a dispute. So be careful when ordering from them!

  61. WOW!!! I wish I’d seen this before I placed an order. Found Pure Beauty Supply’s page on Instagram-inquired how much hair would be needed for the featured style, and got a very quick response. They even liked it when I @ my braider to let her know that was the hair I was going to try for my next style. I placed an order on 11/2/19, they shortly thereafter received a shipping number. My next appointment was coming up, and I hadn’t received any more info about when the hair would be shipped, so I went to their latest post to inquire about my order(even left my order #). Long story short, I’ve been asking about my order on each new post-they answer questions from people still looking to purchase, but keep ignoring me. I tried calling the number listed and got nowhere. I just looked this company up on the Better Business Bureau, and they have them an “F” rating. People like this girl make it hard to support small/black businesses.

  62. I know I'm late in reviewing this video but I don't see this hair on the website does anyone know if this hair is still available? And if so is it offered somewhere else? Any info is greatly appreciated.

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