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Pumpco Inc is Untruthful in Alpine, Tx

Pumpco Inc is Untruthful in Alpine, Tx

Heres the deal, he wants to talk to you right
now…… inaudible call into the County Attorney to see if he will prosecute….possibly with
the criminal trespass do you
want to sit down right now and talk to him right now? With you, with you standing
right here I would like to
talk to him and we will gladly bring our well
permit to the water board for you to view. When? In a timely manner. You don’t have one.
You don’t have a permit.

3 thoughts on “Pumpco Inc is Untruthful in Alpine, Tx”

  1. If I were the city mayor of Alpine, Texas, in an arid region in drought, I would've said NO to Pumpco!! It is OUR water, not THEIRS and……… water here is mooooore precious than gas, oil, and $$$$$.

  2. Interesting…..Who is the officer? He's not DPS, has what looks like a Brewster County, TX shaped patch. What jurisdiction is he from, is there a county police?

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