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Pull-Ups & Chin-Ups for Explosive Skating

Pull-Ups & Chin-Ups for Explosive Skating

Pull ups and chin ups I do whenever I’m out
skating in the park Does it make me a better skater? I believe it does, yes Here are my thoughts 1# Sprinters are strong I’m sure you’ve seen these like super muscular
sprinters So if big muscles are good for runners, they
should be for skaters too, right? At least for explosive skating with lots of
spints, I think a strong upper body really make you
faster … For marathons I’m not sure if this applies
though, does it? Anyway don’t forget, the arm swing is really
important when you skate … especially when accelerating and going
uphill #2 Falling More muscles and stronger bones will help
prevent serious injury, right? I think so … to some extent Just keep in mind that falling is mostly about
how you fall so being strong is not enough .. far from
.. But what I try to say is if you do fall and
you wear protection, you try to make the fall as soft as possible,
divert energy away your wrists, and so on, and so on, at least being stronger gives better odds
at avoiding injury #3 Balance I always emphasize my monkey arms Your arms and upper body are extremely important
for balance and a bit more muscular and explosive arms
should help you keep your balance better *** So these are at least my thoughts, maybe something
I left out or something you don’t agree with … let us know in the comments Anyway, a little bit of upper body strength
doesn’t hurt, right? And here’s how I train Here I do chin ups. This means underhand grip But I also do pullups with an overhand grip I also like to alternate how wide the grip
is Sometimes I pull myself up slowly, or let
go down slowly or hold a fixed position. I don’t really have a fixed schedule .. I
just try different things Oh yea … dip bars are also good But if you’re not quite strong enough yet feel free to be creative … There are plenty of channels on youtube dedicated
to just pull ups, so I recommend you watch those to get some more
tips *** Alright, I’ll make an update video in a month
to share my progress. That’s all for today. I’m JP Jay. Thanks for watching and subscribe for updates!

7 thoughts on “Pull-Ups & Chin-Ups for Explosive Skating”

  1. 1:56 and 2:08 are great for the back. With 2:08 you should try to keep your pelvis higher. Everybody should do these, regardless.
    To start with dips try jumping up into a stand on the bars and then comming down as slow as possible. Same with pushups.

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