(water splashing) (bubbling water) (upbeat acoustic music) – Alright guys, finally at the dive site. Not the dive site, the dive
shop in Puerto Princesa. I still have to think
about that before I say it. And this is Dive Centre Two. And this is what it looks like. Big sign on the front, and nitrox, a big nitrox sign behind me. So we went to Dive Centre… – [Man] Nice! – Dive shop, I’m good man. Dive shop one and it was pretty much abandoned, nobody there. So you want to come to dive shop two, put that in Google, dive shop two and it’ll lead you to the right place. It’s right near the airport and uh, oh check this guy out. Check this guy out. Carrying family, see that? Yeah so we’re about to
go diving right now, super hot, maybe about 30
something degrees right now and I can’t wait to get under and check out what the
action is all about. So yeah, watch the video. Coming up. (upbeat instrumental music) Alright, so we’re walking
out to the boat now about to start our first
dive and super pumped. Wednesday morning, Wednesday afternoon, one o’clock in the afternoon,
something like that. And it’s like 30 something degrees today, it’s quite amazing. And yeah, just gotta swim
out to the boat (laughing) and then we’ll head out to the dive site. (upbeat instrumental music) (water splashing) (bubbling water) (tranquil instrumental music) (moves to lively instrumental music) (slows to tranquil instrumental music)

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