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PUBG – Vikendi: New Features – G36C and Snowmobile

PUBG – Vikendi: New Features – G36C and Snowmobile

Along with the long-awaited launch of Vikendi
come two new and exclusive features that’ll have you both looking and playing the part. Battle it out in a flurry of snow with the
G36C, and the snowmobile! First up, the G36C is a brand-new Assault
Rifle chambered for 5.56mm ammunition, and spawns in place of the SCAR exclusively in Vikendi. Similar to the SCAR, but with a faster firing rate, the G36C is a desirable first choice for those chaotic
early game shootouts. This rifle can take upper and lower rails
for all grips and scopes, and defaults at a 30-round capacity, which can be increased to 40 rounds with an Extended Magazine. Coming with single fire and full-auto options,
you’ll find yourself fully equipped and ready to do some damage, no matter what situation
you come across. The G36C’s damage per second is lower than
its popular 5.56mm brother, the M416. But it makes up for what it lacks in DPS,
with better control, especially when engaging your enemies at short to medium range. If you’re looking for an all-around, reliable
option to begin your match in Vikendi, the G36C may just be the rifle you need. Another feature exclusive to Vikendi, the snowmobile is a brand-new two-seater vehicle coming with this update. The basic model comes standard with dual
skis up front for steering control and a single motorized track in the back. Because of this, maneuvering the snowmobile
may take some time getting used to at first, especially when you need to make sharp turns. Remember to take it slow to get fully accustomed
to its controls in the beginning. Some vehicles from other battlegrounds can
also be found in Vikendi, but only the snowmobile can boast both speed and stability on Vikendi’s frozen terrain. Driving other vehicles at high speed up the snowy slopes and across icy ravines may cause you to slip and eventually veer out of control. But where the others fail, the snowmobile
prevails, even under critical instances that call for sudden acceleration and maneuvering. If you’re facing a dire need for speed or
find the blue zone suddenly closing in on you, the snowmobile is an ideal getaway option to leave your enemies in the snowy dust. That’s all for now. Stay tuned for more updates!

100 thoughts on “PUBG – Vikendi: New Features – G36C and Snowmobile”

  1. Hi pubg fans, this is a great news and the developing team is doing great to bring real experience and I'm saying a suggestion to add 7 wonders of the world in a map to make it even more wonderful, if you like this idea please like it,thanks

  2. Yo PUBG you should add a new WW2 Sniper like the K98K, maybe you should add Mosin Nagant, for the new challenge
    The "Simo Hayha Challenge" where you can only use Mosin Nagant and Iron Sight only, thats all, Thank you if you add this weapon

  3. 120 000 china hackers per every week has been banned LUL )

    fix old maps? fix old bugs? fix china hackers? new anti-cheat? new patches for anti-cheat every week? Better servers and tickrate increase?

    OFC Noooo. We cant! We ban 120 000 china players per week and they will buy new ones PUBG. EZ MONEY.

    China members use FREE cheats. FREE. nice anti-cheat BLUEHOLE!

    ALL GAMES IN RU SERVER = CHINA HACKERS IN GAME. ALL. Thanks for new map ! I am very grateful !

    ADD MORE NEW SKINS 100?? 200?? need 1000 new skins!!! take my money !

    compendium ofc compendium in pubg like in dota. YEEAAHH why not.

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  4. This is why i love PUBG,they’re progressing slowly but has good results
    I am impressed ??
    PUBG cannot die on the hands of Fortnite

  5. Great work! Though try to make it less laggy. Fixing lag will always cause better popularity of the game than adding new features.

  6. 0:27 "the G36c is a ideal choice for early game" but the Tommy Gun and Uzi is what you will have to use because BLUEHOLE

  7. Strange the g36c has 2 picitini rails on the front sides, so why doesn't this gun become the only weapon that can allow to use all the attachments? Ex: rds, foregrip, barrel attachment, laser attachment.

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