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Pro Skater Jerry Hsu – Epicly Later’d – VICE

Pro Skater Jerry Hsu – Epicly Later’d – VICE

PATRICK O’DELL: What videos do
you have that you’re in? I can see one of them? JERRY HSU: I can’t believe
you’re making me watch this. Wait, this is a trick that I
worked on for weeks, like weeks nonstop trying
to learn it. PATRICK O’DELL: Dude, you
have the hugest pants. JERRY HSU: I know, it’s funny
because I wanted them bigger. Because that was what skaters
did, and I just wanted to look like skaters. Like skaters looked so retarded
when I started skating, and I wanted
to look like that. PATRICK O’DELL: What is this
so torturous for you? JERRY HSU: I don’t know. PATRICK O’DELL: I mean, is it
from watching yourself state? JERRY HSU: I don’t think
I’d like it. PATRICK O’DELL: Hi, welcome
back to the “Epicly Later’d” show. This episode is about
Jerry Hsu. I went on a little trip to San
Jose, met up with Jerry. He just took me around in his
car, we went to some of the spots where he learned
how to skate. Jerry, since the first time he
started skating it seems, was a total child prodigy. At 13, it seems like he was as
good as most pro skaters. He also entrusted me with a VHS
tape of all his home skate videos from when he was 13. Anyway, this is the Jerry
Hsu episode and I hope you enjoy it. JERRY HSU: So basically now
we’ve entered the hotbed, the one mile radius of the
house I grew up in. So this is basically where
I did all of my skating. It’s right there. Oh, dude, they knobbed it. PATRICK O’DELL: Your
first handrail? JERRY HSU: Yeah. Probably slid like here to
here, did a no slide. PATRICK O’DELL: That was your
first handrail trick? JERRY HSU: Yeah. PATRICK O’DELL: Because of you
they put a knob on it. JERRY HSU: Yeah, I hadn’t
really been skating that long– just like three or four years. MARC JOHNSON: Did he show you
the footage of him skating in his garage? JERRY HSU: Filmed it himself? MARC JOHNSON: Yeah, like
just doing [INAUDIBLE] around his garage. Like him just going back and
forth, doing really hard tricks for back then
and stuff. PATRICK O’DELL: Did you just
set the camera up? JERRY HSU: Yeah, I’m just
setting the camera up and filming myself because I wanted
to know what everything looked like. I just wanted to know what
skating looked like. I wanted everything in my life
to revolve around skating. So this is where my
parents live. And this is where I
started skating– and there’s my parking block. My mom figured out that skaters
liked the skate parking blocks. One day after work she went
to a construction site or something and bought
one and brought it home for me to skate. Hello? Hey, dad. CHING HSU: Hi. JERRY HSU: Dad, he’s filming me
for a little internet show. CHING HSU: OK, cool. JERRY HSU: Yeah, is
mom around, too? CHING HSU: Yeah. JERRY HSU: Hi, mom. SU HSU: Oh, he’s going
to interview me? JERRY HSU: Yeah, is that OK? SU HSU: Oh, OK. PATRICK O’DELL: When he was
young did you ever worry he was going to get hurt or
anything like that? SU HSU: Sure. Which mother doesn’t? PATRICK O’DELL: Did you want
him to go to college? SU HSU: Sure. That’s probably every parent’s
first choice. Well, I’m happy for
him as I said. This is his job, not mine, and
it’s his life, not mine. MARC JOHNSON: It’s traditional
Chinese, like comes from a traditional Chinese family. And it’s just the cultures are
different and he just chose a different road and I don’t think
he’d have been happy being a computer programmer
or something like that. I think he knew what he
wanted to do, despite what anybody said. He just kept doing it. JERRY HSU: Are you waiting
for me to speak Chinese? PATRICK O’DELL: Yeah. [SPEAKING CHINESE] JERRY HSU: I got caught
shoplifting here when I was like 13. And they called the cops and
the cops took me home. And my grandpa was there and
he didn’t speak English. And the cops dropped me
off, and my grandpa was freaking out. And he thought I got arrested,
which I kind of did. But I totally lied to him in
Chinese and told him that I got lost and the cops just
brought me home. PATRICK O’DELL: What
did you steal? JERRY HSU: This is pretty funny,
but I tried to steal my own photos. PATRICK O’DELL: What were
they photos of? JERRY HSU: Probably just me
and my friend skating. This is like my first
line spot. We would come here after school
and hang out with this guy who worked here. And he was like an older guy who
claimed to be a pro skater in the ’80s, but we totally
believed him because we were just like 12. So it was so impressive to us
that we believed anything he said, but really he was kind
of just like a liar. MATT EVERSOLE: [INAUDIBLE] me and his brother went to
play basketball down the street from his house. And there was these two kids
skating and they came over and said hello, and it was Jerry
and his friend Will. He was just like some
dorky little kid. He was wearing these Dickies and
they were blown out ass. And he was just going for it– hucking his body off of the
deck, 360 flip, and just eating shit. And we were all like oh my
God, this kid wants it. But it was pretty incredible. JERRY HSU: These are like some
stairs I ollied once. These are actually stairs
that we skated like every single day. And we’d try to do every single
trick that we possibly knew how to do down them. And we would just like
throw ourselves down these little stairs. One of the myths that we heard
when we were little kids is a skater ollied from the stairs
to the street, which is basically impossible– I don’t like anyone
could do it. But we would try and ollie, like
long jump, we would try and ollie as far as we could to
try and eventually get to the street. I made it to here. MATT EVERSOLE: Darkslides, he
did darkslides back then. PATRICK O’DELL: Yeah,
I couldn’t believe that, I was like what? MATT EVERSOLE: A kid in middle
school doing darkslides. PATRICK O’DELL: And
landing them. I could see him getting
into them. MATT EVERSOLE: Oh yeah,
I just watched him just grow into himself. Like he found a uniqueness like unmistakable Jerry, you know? FEMALE SPEAKER: Quiet
down everyone. We have a new student today in
class, his name is Jerry Hsu. OK, Jerry, why don’t you
tell the class a little bit about yourself? JERRY HSU: My name’s Jerry Hsu,
and I’m 14-years-old and I live in San Jose. Sorry, it’s just like I’m
watching this and it’s kind of crazy. It’s like every video part that
I make, I want it to be the best I could possibly do. Of course it never really ends
up being like that, but definitely every time I start a
new project, I just want it to be really good. I think it’s just wanting to be
good at something, and to get better at it. And then when you don’t
want to do that, then you stop doing it. Oh, this kid? He tried to pickpocket me in
Moscow and I caught him. And then he swung around
and did a karate kick, but he missed me. He was like a gypsy kid. His whole family were gypsies
and they’re all trying to rob us by creating diversions. Like his sisters were all doing
cartwheels in front of us, and then all the brothers
were behind us trying to pickpocket us. And their dad was walking
alongside of us, supervising the robbery. This is a photo of
my friend Louie. We’re just riding mopeds
in Cambodia. That’s the only country I’ve
ever been to that doesn’t have a McDonald’s in it. But it’s crazy, it’s one of
those countries with like naked babies walking around, and
people with no arms, and people with machine guns
just walking around– it’s pretty fucked up. But yeah, we went
to a gun range. And for $20 you could shoot
AKs and throw grenades. And for a little more money, you
can bring a cow there and throw a grenade at it and
just watch it blow up. This was in Moscow, and this
guy was just wasted and couldn’t stand up. And then we were all watching
him and then he just tipped over like a tree falling over. And he fell, like his head right
on the curb, there’s blood was everywhere. And everyone walking around was
just ignoring him, like it wasn’t even happening. This is kind of like a gem. This is me, I used to play
Rambo when I was a kid. I seriously have no filing
system, it’s so disorganized and kind of embarrassing. This is my drawer of
sketchy photos. PATRICK O’DELL: That’s hidden? JERRY HSU: But you probably
can’t film it. PATRICK O’DELL: I see
that you spend a lot of money on framing. JERRY HSU: Yeah, I take really
good care of them, too. I like to collect masks. I got it in Japan, and the name
of it was Hollywood Girl. MATT EVERSOLE: The way that
Jerry lives his life is like he lives it on his own terms. He wears what he wants
to wear, he sleeps when he wants to sleep. He does whatever
he wants to do. And when you’re in a business
situation, they either don’t like that because they can’t
do that, or they don’t like that because it’s not marketable
or whatever. He’s kind of like an old soul,
like he’s way ahead of people up here. He’s the guy that’s younger
than you and you look up to him. JERRY HSU: This is kind
of like the rec room. PATRICK O’DELL: Dirt floors? JERRY HSU: Yeah, this
is probably the coolest room in my house. PATRICK O’DELL: Are you
going to build a well? JERRY HSU: Yeah. I started, but it’s underneath
that piece of plywood. And it’s not done yet,
so I don’t really want to ruin the surprise. PATRICK O’DELL: Are there
any chicks down there? JERRY HSU: Not yet, but
hopefully soon. Whoa, look at this one. PATRICK O’DELL: Oh shit, that’s worth money right there. JERRY HSU: It’s like one
of the best skate videos probably ever. PATRICK O’DELL: What do you
consider the job of being a pro skater? Like, what are the things that
you’re supposed to do? JERRY HSU: Well, I guess the
main thing you have to do is be good at skateboarding. It’s funny, because there’s
nothing involved and there’s a lot involved. You can be really, really
good, but no one will give a shit. There are amazing skaters
who are really unsuccessful as pro skaters. It’s crazy, there’s a lot of
discrimination in skating. But also it kind of makes sense,
because they want the people that endorse their shit
to be interesting and they want people to like
them and stuff. I don’t know, ask me
another question. PATRICK O’DELL: Oh, this photo
is pretty controversial. JERRY HSU: Yeah? PATRICK O’DELL: What was
the deal with that? JERRY HSU: That’s my
friend Tim’s cat. I just, I don’t know. Nothing’s happening there, I’m
like really close to the cat, but I’m not touching it. That photo ended up on
a porno website, too. It was like a porno website,
one of those sites like has just shocking photos of things
that your friends email you. Some guy just sent me
a link to that. And it was on some sketchy
website with chicks with dicks and guys’ dicks tied in knots
and things like that.

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