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Prizm Goggle Overview

Prizm Goggle Overview

[PRIZM] [THE DAWN OF A NEW LENS TECHNOLOGY] Prizm technology is something we’ve
actually been working on for fifteen years. With the new lens I’m able
to see those holes and the bumps, and all the little details in the snow. [YOU WILL NEVER SEE SNOW THE SAME WAY AGAIN] The path started with gaining a theoretical understanding of how the eye works. [PROBLEM: REDUCED DEPTH PERCEPTION. LOST DETAIL IN SNOW.] In the snow environment everything blends
together in this kind of blanket of white, but with Prizm we can deconstruct all the colors. [SOLUTION: DRAMATICALLY ENHANCED VISIBILITY AND CONTRAST] Let a huge amount of the
good light through, and take away almost all of the bad light. It brings out the contrast when there seems like there isn’t any contrast. Prizm technology is amazing. I could just see every little ripple in the snow and there’s my line. You can have one lens and even if the light conditions are changing, you don’t have to change your lenses. There’s tiny margins between winning and
being second, it’s those details that win races. [PRIZM LENS TECHNOLOGY] [OAKLEY]

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