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Primitive Clay Mud Oven | The Forest Kitchen | Off Grid Log Cabin Build, Ep.10 S1

Primitive Clay Mud Oven | The Forest Kitchen | Off Grid Log Cabin Build, Ep.10 S1

(crunching) (tapping) (rain pouring) (hammering) (hammering) (grass ripping) (roots tearing) (bugs chirping) (tapping) (birds chirping) – What was that, grouse? So those were ruffed grouse
that Cali just put up. They’re a family of young ones, just barely started
flying by the looks of it, so I think I saw six of them take off, which means that come this
fall, there’ll be a few birds that we can harvest,
that’s basically a chicken from the woods, that’s
what I’ll be harvesting instead of raising chickens around here. So I can shoot five of those a day, but there just wouldn’t
be that many around here, and I wouldn’t want to
harvest all of the grouse off of this property, so
what I’ll typically do is take a couple from
here, and then I’ll walk half a mile, find some other
ones, and shoot them there as well, so I can get enough protein and fat if I wait till later in the season when they have some fat on them, and it’s a great meal or two that I can from one bird,
and Cali is fanatical about bird hunting, which
is what she’s bred for, and what I’ve been training her for, so we will definitely be
harvesting some grouse this fall. (scraping) (rocks tumbling) So we’re in the mid
20’s, so like 70 ish, 75? But it’s so humid, it’s
like 100% humidity out here, and it feels like 35 Celsius, which is close to 100 in Fahrenheit, so we’re kinda feeling the
heat today with no breeze yet. With no wind yet, it’s just you sweat, and it just doesn’t
evaporate, it’s brutal, but it’s one of those
weeks where we’re getting some cool weather, well not cool weather, we’re getting cloudy weather
instead of intense heat, but we have these forest fires burning all over the province clear to
the west and east of here that could really use the rain to dose. Problem with this kind of weather, you get these thunder
storms and not enough rain, so the lightning actually
ignites new fires, yet there’s not enough
rain to put them out. So a bit of a crisis here. Now it’s supposed to rain
enough to lift the fire ban, and it has in a lot of
areas, so that’s good news. (scraping) (water splashing) What are you doing? Silly dog (grass ripping) (scraping) (tapping) (water splashing) So you want to make sure that
this is consistently mixed. So you shouldn’t see pockets of sand or pockets of clay, the
sand and clay are slightly different colors, so you can tell. This is a little loose, a little wet, so we need to add a little
bit more sand and clay to stiffen this batch up a little bit. This humidity’s building
up and it’s starting to thunder, so should be interesting to see how severe this storm we get, but I’m gonna try to collect the water, so I don’t have to keep going back down to the stream to replenish. (wind blowing) (scraping) (scraping) (tapping) (cardboard ripping) (hammering) (water splashing) (scraping) (patting) (patting) (rain pouring) (water splashing) (tapping) (tapping) (patting) (patting) (patting) (paper ripping) (water dripping) (water dripping) (patting) (patting) (door creaking) (liquid pouring) (liquid dripping) (sizzling) (tapping) (sizzling) (scraping) (scraping) (water splashing) (grass crunching) (squishing) (rain pouring) Come in? Come on in. Come on in. Come out of the rain, pup. (rain pouring) I’m gonna wrap this
video up, I’m just having too much of a hard time
dealing with the weather. Every time I get back outside and start up again, it starts raining. And if I was doing something different I wouldn’t mind so much, but because I’m trying to
finish off the second layer of cob on the oven, the cob
keeps getting too saturated with water, and it doesn’t,
it just keeps sagging, and it’ll crack actually. So I need it to be a little bit dryer. So what I’ll do is I
think I’ll tarp this over, let it rest for a couple of days, we got showers again tomorrow,
and maybe a couple days from now, once the sun comes back out, dries that out, I can
finish that second layer. I’m actually gonna take a couple days away from the cabin, Oh Cali,
you have to drink right now? (dog lapping up water) So last night I found out
that my great aunt passed away a couple of days ago, so my
mother’s father’s sister, and she was a pretty special woman, family was very close to her. She only lived about half an hour away from where I raised my
kids, so got to see her relatively often, but not often enough. I think she was 95 or
98 when she passed away, so she had a good, long life, and she just one of those
people that was so joyous, so full of energy and
right up until the end, she was just the life of the party. Just one of those people
that would do just about anything for a good time, so she was a very special person. We’re all gonna miss her. So probably going to
go and visit my parents and console my mother, I’m
sure she’s feeling the impact. I know that’s going to be another chapter in my mother’s life coming to a close. You know, it’s a reminder to spend as much time with the people
you love as you can, because even though she lived fairly close, I only saw her basically when my mother got the family together. You know, I was really fond of Gloria, and she was one of those people
I wish I’d spent more time with, and ironically, when I
posted that video last week, I show a bunch of clips of Georgian Bay, and some clips of
Killbear Provincial Park, which is on the eastern
shoreline of Georgian Bay, just north of Parry
Sound, and I said it’s one of my favorite places in the world, and ironically it was one of hers as well. In fact, her husband’s
ashes were spread there about 15 years ago, because
that was their favorite place to spend time together, and I always meant to bring Gloria there,
we actually kept her boat up nearby Killbear Marina
for a couple years, eight or nine years ago,
and never had her up to the boat, never went to Killbear. I’ve never been to the park with her, and it’s one of those
things I always meant to do, and now I don’t
have the opportunity, so. So I do regret that. And like I said, it’s just a reminder to spend more time with your
family, your loved ones, so I’m gonna take this opportunity to go down and spend some
time with my parents. So thanks for watching this, everybody. I really appreciate it,
look forward to seeing you here at the cabin next week when I finish off the cob oven and put
a roof over top of it. (soft music) (water splashing) (soft music)

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  1. Thank you for sharing. I'm sorry for your loss and wish you and your family strength and comfort. My granny just passed away last week and similar thoughts go through my mind. Did I visit or call enough? Did I have something to say to her that I didn't? I'm glad though that I was able to be there in time and see her the last days she was alive. If I was still an employee I wouldn't have had that opportunity. Most bosses won't give you days off to spend time with a dying person, sit by their bed and have those important conversations. Instead complete strangers often have to take care of them in hospitals and nursing homes and in turn don't spend time with their relatives. This is how weird our society has become. It is also a reminder that we can't procrastinate and think "I'll do it later or next year". We have to do things while we are healthy and have the opportunity and some chances are gone before we know it.

  2. I am from Brazil… Seu trabalho é maravilhoso, gosto bastante de sua disciplina, habilidade, organização e capricho em suas obras. Parabens por tudo amigo ☺

  3. Bugs chirping Lol! Sorry to hear about Aunt Gloria. If you were to run some gutters on one side of the cabin and a 55 gallon food safe barrel you could fill that thing up with a rain like that in an hour or less.

  4. Definitely not helping out your progress at all, but there's nothing like a good rain storm when you're in the woods.

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  7. Those burgers looked great! Wonder what they'd taste like with a bit of wild purslane, or something else plucked from your wilderness? So long as it wasn't too far to roam! Sorry for your loss. I bet Gloria would have had a lot of wonderful stories about that place, you both liked so much.

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  9. I wonder if there is dog safety vests, or something.
    My friend's dog ran off the walking path, and got harpooned in the chest by a stick. Luckily, it was only about 1cm deep and we were near an animal hospital.

  10. Let's start a Cali fan club! She is beautiful and loves you so much. I really enjoy
    watching you cook, we also only use cast iron skillets to cook. Sorry for your loss,
    she sounded like a fun person. Thanks for all your hard work.

  11. You are absolutely one of my favorite YouTubers definitely. I love what your channel stands for my friend. I wish you the very best.

  12. What kind of clay is it you are using?  Did the sand and clay come from your property?  Do you have any natural salt deposits on your property?

  13. Condolences Shawn, I know what you mean about sharing time with your loved ones, I regret not spending more time with my own family and favorite Aunties and Uncles, all just a tad too difficult when you are farming 7 days a week. Thank you for adding all your vids together and completing stories when you can makes for very interesting watching, looking forward to the time the rest of your family come out to the cabin. Cheers mate.

  14. Sorry to hear about your Great-Aunt. Also, sorry I've been absent from the viewership. From July 3rd through mid August we've had six funerals. A close friend and former neighbor, my Wife's cousin, my wife's mother, our nephew's grand-father in-law, our great-niece's grand-father in-law, and our daughter in-law's great uncle. Then my college classes started back up. Guess I'm getting to that age when there's more good-bye's than births and weddings. The oven is looking pretty good, can't wait to see how you get the core support out.

  15. Sorry for your loss of your Great Aunt Gloria. Yes, we all need to spend as much time as we can with family and friends. Life is but a Moment and then we are gone..Live each Moment to the fullest. It isn't a day at a time anymore. It is a Moment at a time.

  16. I live all the way in Barbados but this is absolutely inspiring and a very real way to live life keep it brother your tenacity is amazing.

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  19. Did you build all of this under the metric system or the old traditional system of feet and inches? I ask because I assumed you did it in Metric but I also saw you measuring using inches as your markers (I think?) You seem new school metric unlike me from the old school of feet and inches and Fahrenheit, which when I hear 20 degrees I think COLD you likely think warm. lol, I'm 68 as of Sept 10, 2018. (Happy B'day to me) I went to school in the 50s/60s, No metric existed in Canada back then. It's nice that you occasionally convert for us old fogies though. lol

  20. I really love your log cabin and all the hard work and the fantastic craftsmanship that you have put into it.
    So no offense, I don't like that frame and roof of the outdoors kitchen you built. If I could mark you with an A+++ for the house, I'd probably mark you a C for the kitchen.
    Maybe you got a bit more impulsive, or even complacent with your build.
    Have you thought to try to build the oven with home-made bricks for more rigidity?

  21. I love your chanel. Great to see what you are doing. My Mum passed away short after christmas at the age of 89. I never will forget her. She was such a kind person ! I´m missing her a lot 🙁 I love canada and my cousin lives in Calgary!

  22. When my kids were young, they took a form of karate. The motto was "With Persistence & Enthusiasm, Nothing is Impossible". That seems to fit your practice with this build. Please accept my condolences for the loss of your Auntie. No matter how much time we spend with loved ones, it's never enough, is it? There are always the regrets. But I hope good memories of her over ride the sadness and the losses. 🙁 Best wishes to you and your family at this time. Peace.

  23. Thank you for all the time you put in your uploads, they are beautiful just to watch and for me, very calming. I enjoy your silence while you work, although i find myself asking why are you doing this or why are you doing that, i laugh as I realize you cant answer, I truly enjoy your journey, thanks for sharing. Condolences to you and your family for this loss.

  24. Personally, I would have made Adobe Bricks to build and shape the oven… Maybe 4" X 6" X 2"… Put cob between the bricks to form the shape. People have been doing that for centuries… Making a domed structure is child’s play… Then just smooth the interior surface with more cob… Maybe next time…

  25. Just some of the most joyful videos I've seen in a long time. Love the fact that you just work, don't talk much (until the end, which is fine) . Cali is a beautiful dog!

  26. your creativity and determination…my grandfather in Hungary has worked on a similar way as you …your actions reminds me of him….he had worked pretty encoureged on different "projects", by high physical strain, mostly outdoor, became almost never sick, and regardless of his success seemed to be satisfied at the end of the day….. Would you be so kind to tell me, what was the reason you have covered the oven by wet paper?

  27. 10:10 I have used saw horses over the Daub trough, and just bounced the screen to sift the loose sand from the rock. Screening was temporarily mounted to a frame of 2"x4" boards.
    28:20 By God if you don't eat like a king!

  28. Our deepest, belated condolences to your family, on their loss. Rest assured that she lives on in your memories, heart, and that one day you will be reunited once more in the Hereafter.

  29. Toxic masculinity maybe goes along with females contend that they can do anything a man can do, which is false. Many women persist in trying to prove this. But they do not take into consideration the difference in body structure. A slim woman no matter her height, can not compete with a man in a lumber mill moving lumber around. She may try but she will have back and muscle problems. Yes, certain women can do some jobs normally limited to men. But they are mostly woman that have worked out and built upper body strength.

  30. Hi Shawn, I am just going back over the kitchen videos and one thing that puzzles me is, why do we see a red canoe every time but whenever you go out it is in a green one?
    Your friend Rach

  31. WOW. Cali and you are hard workers, no you just play hard, lol thanks for your show . I love them all, so glad I found your page,

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    Capins do bosque são coletados para proteger o vazado de concreto da mesa onde o forno de pizza a lenha será confeccionado. O clima está com prognóstico de chuva e James protege a mesa com uma manta pois não que que a água arruíne o seu labor.

  33. Hi there! Congratulations on your amazing channel!!!!
    I will be starting an oven myself soon and want to ask if you mixed some cement into yours. It looks really hard. Harder than I expect mud and sand alone to be.
    Thank you!!!

  34. Do not you have snakes, spiders and other venomous animals where you live?
    If I go to do what you do in my area I'll die the first time I get something in the middle of the grass.

  35. Wow! What a process that mud oven was. !!! So impressed!!!!
    I think you have some Italian wine making blood in your system. ? You do know how to squish the mud. Ha ha. ??
    Condolences for the loss of your aunt. Always sad time.

  36. I'm sorry about your great-Aunt. My mother is 92, and my father died in 1990, so yes, it is a closing of a chapter for the surviving children. It's part of the passage of life, isn't it?

  37. shawn ic you are still working your butt of. SHAWN WERE ARE YOU IN THE BUSH IN ONTARIO, I JUST MITE BE THERE TO VISIT MY BROTHER END OF JULY 2019.

  38. Your doing a great job wish I was there to enjoy the sounds of the live loons sounds & smells are what we need in life!!

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