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Prepping the Van for the Desert!

Prepping the Van for the Desert!

That doan Tilted here a little bit more. Okay, Mic Check Mic Check pretty good. Pretty good. Pretty good. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Oh What’s up guys I am really really excited this week And I know I’ve been posting a lot of ski videos and stuff up here around Park City because that’s what I’ve been doing a lot of this winter But I posted a video long time ago right as a new year started about some new stuff I got for the van for Christmas so I wanted to kind of show you guys some of that stuff that I had and then Take you with me to get the van ready because I’m gonna leave tomorrow To go down through the desert just for the day or so about a day and a half I just want to make sure the van is ready to go tonight so I can leave Tomorrow not have as much stuff to do I receive like four or five things here for my mother for Christmas. That’s like all van related So I didn’t even open them as you can see because I’ve kind of been waiting to do them on a video like this There’s three things here that are from a brand called camp casual Focus on that camp casual she got me a 15 ounce sturdy ceramic mug which Is awesome it’s super super like heavy duty super thick glass and just totally fits the vibe of camping You know, I’m surprised like how thick it is like this thing’s like really really heavy-duty So that’s freaking awesome next thing to kind of go along with this set. Its nesting bowls a set of four Nesting bowls which are just always handy if you’re making soup or salad or and I just really liked about like things stuff That’s like meant for camping is how compact everything is anything everything here is dishwasher safe, which just makes it easier to clean? You know like when you get home or whatever Things like that, but let’s see all for the bowls are within this one Bowl I guess would be like a perfect size for like super if you’re making like a salad for one or two people or something But again, they’re all like really really nice Like they don’t feel like they’re just gonna break if they get chopped, but you know, they’re not like super heavy I’m really stoked on these because I feel like I’m the van. I know I have so much just like Miscellaneous crap if I can just kind of cut down and be more efficient with my space It’ll just give me more space for other stuff You know and camera gear or more recreation gear same same company that camp casual you can see like the same sort of design On this and this is just a big like comforter Quilt thing a little afraid to take this out of the backside wonderful, baby Shoot it back in but it’s so soft like oh my god I don’t know if I can even get this guy back in so I’m just gonna I’ll see if I can find some of this stuff and I’ll link this stuff like in the Description and if you’re interested you can check it out. So I’m really stoked on this. This is probably my favorite thing of everything It’s just displaying it The other thing so super stoked that these are not camp casual but they are from a brand named camco They’re LED party lights, and they are retro travel trailers. So again, just keeping the same theme of just the camping vibe and I think this is gonna be super super fun this kind of throw up amongst the vent my only problem with these sometimes that I’ve noticed with my string lights is that they pull a lot of power and depending on your battery size and how you’re like solar system or electric system is in your van like you can run them for it a little bit but it’s not something you’re just gonna keep on for hours and hours because they just Suck a lot of power out LED party lights in the shape of retro trailer shows would be cool We can like custom make these and have them like the actual bin itself and be super cool But these are suffice for now and then the last thing which I’m really really stoked on is this wheelers like camping case right now the way my system works like You open up the top drawer. It’s kind of like my cooking utensils and there’s just stuff everywhere this Has everything you need, right Inside it, which is just so handy and so nice I mean we have literally long special service that also kind of doubles as like a little pork hand opener a bottle opener Scissors dish towel and a sponge. I mean, come on like that’s so Incredibly handy now. I eat more serving stuff a cheese grater and then even a cutting board back here And this is all fitting in this green pouch like I said I want to go load the van up with this stuff and just make sure the van is ready to roll out tomorrow I wanted like check the propane levels and I just like just make sure stuffs. Okay I was there probably about two weeks ago Just clean it off the snow and you’re started or not made sure everything was good, which it was so with that being said let’s hop in the car and drive down to Salt Lake City and check out the The first thing I want to do is just get this started up let it run a little bit while I unload the other stuff and then Figure out kind of what I need to do to get this ready for tomorrow. So good thing. I remember the key. I Thought there’d be like some snow on the van but it’s literally bone-dry down here so warm And I can see that the solar has suspend working because there’s power for my battery isolator and stuff like that So really good signs and it’s kind of why I wanted to move it down here in Salt Lake rather than try to keep it Up in Park City for the woods just so much more mild down here. We got power Battery looks good Literally like first cranked man just I got some gum here I’m frozen so It’s hard to describe just like the feeling I get inside Whenever I come into the van like the smell just like the warmth every time I come in here I’m just like I literally just getting so emotional because I get so freakin happy I’m gonna just do a little clean out right now first before I pull some of the new stuff in just kind of Get some of this dust out and all this good stuff. Yeah, it’s nuts on the new purse That’s so dusty from my trips that like the desert and tell you right I think it really is over There’s like that really red clay dirt. So I’m gonna let using like the water from those shoes from outside to kind of like One of the things I was like super concerned with not like super concerned with my main Priority was like just a water system and the propane down here so I kind of started doing this but I Had taken the water out of the jug when I kind of winterize it just so I didn’t have any Anything like freezing and stuff like that This might be a very stupid question But I just didn’t know if like the propane would freeze or something like maybe the hosing would tear Something so I want to see how the stove still runs Bingo man. No problem Like that two burners man for those who might not know this is basically like the my setup here and this water tank Water jug goes back there and acts as my water tank, which is actually super simple Then I have this line here that goes in the water jug then this is my faucet here That’s literally just battery power. So I’m gonna have to charge this tonight and it just pulls water out of there There’s my propane tank which definitely like isn’t the safest thing right there but to be honest like as I think about where I could put if I put it on the back and the exterior and I Get like rear-ended. I’m like really just as susceptible to if it’s in here and I get hit from the side The concern is like when you’re sleeping is it gonna leak propane? But I sleep with the vent open. I honestly crack my backdoor In this other door, so I ever had any issues with it right now But it’s definitely something I want to look into just kind of like refining I guess is the word for this this summer this year But so far, I’m like really really excited that this is all all looking good This is that cabin I was talking about earlier where I usually keep my cook stuff You can see it’s just like a mess, you know, just every time I open this door I just like want to grab something close it cuz it just stresses me out. That’s what I’m hoping that green Package or green like case comes in So I’m gonna kind of remove everything here and see if I can essentially repack it with that other thing See if it saves us any space. Oh It’s bright out, we’re just gonna crank everything because why not Okay Let me go grab this green case thing and see how that fits and works a little better. Hopefully save me some space I’m a little concerned that the Bulls won’t fit up there though I guess first thing be taking everything out of the plastic Kong spot a little Mary scissors cheese grater barbecue fork ping Spatula which can probably replace this guy Although I really do like this green one. So I might keep this one But this is kind of been my problem from the beginning. I just kind of weird stuff and keep it just in case Oh, Perfect check this out. Does this just make me feel good? I was like oh And it just fit so perfect. That is what I like to see I was a little nervous about the Bulls fitting because this one is pretty big and I ended up doing I don’t think I’m gonna use this yellow Bowl just because when I close these It just doesn’t quite close So I just figured might as well just bring this yellow guy somewhere else and I can put this guy Which is the other three bowls which is still plenty right there. It should fit fine. And that’s literally Pretty freakin perfect, if you ask me and because that ball is just a little smaller at all closest down nicely I could wrap my bungee around Alright guys I am even more excited now after being here with the van and just like Kind of cleaning out and getting it ready for tomorrow. So thank you guys for hanging out I hope you enjoyed kind of seeing the van and all that stuff stay tuned because the next video when you guys are watching this I will already Be down in Moab aguas is planned and in the next video will be our adventures So I got a lot of fun stuff coming up this month really a lot more adventures kind of some new places That I have organized to go to super super stoked Thank you guys so very much for watching and I’ll see you guys in the next video Koz booze

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