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POOL MAINTENANCE For Beginners [Step-By-Step ACTION PLAN] | Swim University

POOL MAINTENANCE For Beginners [Step-By-Step ACTION PLAN] | Swim University

45 thoughts on “POOL MAINTENANCE For Beginners [Step-By-Step ACTION PLAN] | Swim University”

  1. Matt, I have learned so much from you and your site. My husband passed away 5 years ago and he'd always taken care of the pool, so needless to say I had no idea what to do. I depended on the local pool stores to tell me what to do, but I was spending a lot of money per their recommendations and felt like I was being taken advantage of. I began researching anything and everything on the internet to teach me how to care for my saltwater pool and when I came across Swim University, I needed not to look any further. All of the information and videos you share have educated me and I have maintained a healthy clean pool for the past 4 years. I recommend your website to all of my pool owning friends and family.
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and helping people like me to have confidence in caring for our pools.

  2. Hi, my pressure has gotten to almost 60, I have backwashed my filter. What should I do? Where can I find the last two filters? Just bought this home and am lost.

  3. Get a robot and variable speed pump had mine for 7 years never a problem and Im in Indiana pain in the a for pools

  4. You guys focus on below ground pools,what about above vinyl pools? There’s a little bit of difference with vinyl and pump systems.

  5. Hey I accidentally deleted my book and my link you sent me via email has expired. Could you email me another link to your swimming pool care book pdf

  6. This is our first year with a pool and I must say it’s been very trying! The people who shut down our pool (we moved in the fall last year) never told us to turn off the motor so when we finally figured it out, it was 2 months later. Needless to say, we needed a new motor when we opened the pool this year. We got new people to open our pool and install the motor. It’s a week later and the pool is still green! My husband took a sample to the pool store yesterday and they told him he needed 10 bags of shocks. He came home and mixed them in a bucket and walked away to clean up some debris and boom! There was a yellow cloud of smoke overhead! I was not outback with him but he was drinking a ton of water because I guess he inhaled some of the gas! He could have been killed! He said the guy in the store never explained that he should mix the shock one at a time. We are so aggravated and over this pool! We just feel like everyone who came here basically took the money and then left us to figure it out for ourselves!

  7. I have de powder in my pool. My filter went bad. Put alote of powder in my pool. I replaced it with a cartridge filter. Now i cant get the powder out of the pool. Help please

  8. This is great info! We just built a salt water pool and want to make sure our water stays clear and safe to swim in.

  9. You failed to mention one of the most important chemistry cornerstones… Cyanuric Acid is incredibly important, if you have high CYA as a result of using pucks or stabilized chlorine/shock you will need to more chlorine to fend off algae.

  10. I just opened a 12' x 44 ". Kiddie pool with a simple pump/filter. I think I've messed up the chems and now I can't get the pH to come down and even when I put chlorine in, it won't take it or it won't register or however you want to say it. Anybody got any suggestions?

  11. Should be pool care for dummies, after some of the pools I have had to clean in the past! There is no excuse for someone NOT taking care of their pools, it's just common sense! If you're not going to take care of your pool, don't buy one ! It's not that hard to do ,once you get the hang of it. Maybe a little time consuming but it's so worth it to have a nice clean pool to swim in!

  12. I have a 12' by 31" pool that my dogs get in. I have a sand filter and use a flippin' frog floater. Do I need to shock regardless? Will the shock chemicals hurt my dogs? They are frequently drinking the pool water.

  13. Ok so talking about circulation I would like to know why on above ground pools like Coleman and intext why the 2 hoses running into the filter are at the same height wouldn't it be more logical to have one close to the bottom and one in the middle

  14. By far the best pool tutorial I've ever seen. Thank you for this. We're going to buy the course just for the money you helped us save from your videos. Thank you once again and take care.

  15. 1. Without using a test kit, are there any ways that you can use your senses to detect if you need your alkalinity up or down?
    2. What does the shock even do? How do you apply it to your pool?
    3. Please give me some sort of a list weekly of when to shock, use alkalinity up or down, check the basket etc.

  16. Great video, it taught me a lot. I just bought my nephews a 5000 Liter above ground pool and I want to do this right. I have a pump, and skimmer, and chlorine tablets. I'm going to watch this video again tomorrow when it's being set up. Thanks for making such a good video.

  17. Thanks for the video! You said to shock bi-weekly to save money, but did you mean semi-weekly or bi-monthly? Bi-weekly to me means twice a week. Thanks!

  18. I have been using just 6 in in 1 chlorine tablet for years and have no problem,I stop covering my pool and found out it is better for the pool to breath like the oceans do .My pH I use baking soda tablet from Walmart. I pump 4 hours a day in summer and 2 hours in the winter no problems what so ever . I have a G3 Zodiac pool cleaner that helps clean the surface every time the pump is on.I been doing this for years.Never shock the pool.Chlorine takes care of it.

  19. I'm in the process of buying a house with a pool and have been looking around for some tips on pool care – your videos are badass i really appreciate them. Thanks dude!

  20. Thanks for your time. New pool owner for 8 months. I have a Viking fiberglass pool and really like it. The mineral system… is that like our Cooper Ion system?

  21. My first year owning a pool I spent a tons on chemicals. Now I only use liquid bleach and baking soda. Pools always clear in PA.

  22. 1st Time listening to you great info thanks 🙏 I’m starting fresh as I’m quitting my job and starting a pool service business. Recommend a startup kit and recommend a good/ inexpensive truck? I’m in California ? Thanks again

  23. You didn't deal with valve settings when circulating, cleaning and backwashing. I would have thought this is essential knowledge for beginners.

  24. talking about chlorine, is it good or bad to keep a clorine float (with clorine ofcourse) during the entire winter in a winterized pool? thanks

  25. Just subscribed, this channel is the shit 💪🏼💯🔥 I’m from Palm Springs ,Ca and I’m quitting my job and starting a pool route 💯💯💯💯💯

  26. I'm planning on buying a home with a pool, any information is greatly appreciated, thanks to you and your team, for taking the time, definitely subscribing

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