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Peter Luger responds to New York Times’ scathing zero-star review

Peter Luger responds to New York Times’ scathing zero-star review

100 thoughts on “Peter Luger responds to New York Times’ scathing zero-star review”

  1. The guy who wrote it got what he wanted – a lot of attention. But ultimately he's just another guy who's paid by the word.

  2. Went there a couple weeks ago, I give a 6 outta 10. The bacon was great, German potatoes were good as well as the broccoli & the quality of steak was perfect also but the steak it’s self had no flavor. Staff was friendly gotta handshake when i left lol so overall good experience, just no flavor on the steak.

  3. Most of those who are defending the restaurant and think that "it's worth the money" are unaware that their perception of quality is affected by their prejudice that it's "famous" and "oldest". Many social and psychological experiments had already established the fact that perception is heavily influenced by appearances which include such things as popular and ingrained prejudices.

  4. It's good. Def not the ebst steak you'll eat. If I have to choose between Lugers and Capital Grille ill go Capital Grille because its a better experience and Kona crusted steak is the bomb. Plus the lobster mac n cheese is off the charts.

  5. Maybe the dude was having a bad day and didnt get his regular from Starbucks. But the zero star rating is ridiculous that it was given and ridiculous that a restuarant that has $100 per person tickets even serves food that makes people want to give it ZERO stars.. will I still eat at peter lugers sure. But anytime a meal costs more it should get no less than 1 star for every $100 you spend
    So if you're out on a date and it's awful there should still be some positive attributes to give it atleast 2 stars ($100/person)

  6. They didn’t “take a beating” anymore than a grown man can take a beating from a 5 year old. The New York Times is losing credibility and relevancy.

  7. Well Luger doesn’t do steak right. Period. I’m a rancher and raise waygu cattle. We naturally farm them and love them. Luger and America are sickened by industrialized thought. The best meat comes from old animals. Not 1.5 year olds. You can’t create the flavor in a young animal, it’s not there. Luger uses industrial young meat. Period. They just do what they know, and like most mericans, that’s not much. Go to the old world to find experience and know how.

  8. Never in my life have I ever agreed with a critic. As a matter of fact a critical review to me is an indication of exactly the opposite of the critics intent.

  9. I have to agree, the sides at Peter Luger’s do suck. The steak is great, but not worth the price, you can get as good at better prices.

  10. That's just it long-time regulars it's like an old shoe when you're comfortable with it you don't want to go anywhere else. And I have to agree with that because I also don't like change.

  11. One review or even a few by a food critic is not going to hurt their business at all…the are too iconic. That said if lots of regular people start trashing them then it may make a difference. That said, I prefer a Delmonico’s or the Old Homestead.

  12. The reporter needs to be fired because he has no credibility which makes him useless at his job. Even if the restaurant is operated a zero is nonsense.

  13. I used to live in Williamsburg, back when it was more artists and less investment bankers. I would jog past. And wanted to go in. But the price point was just too high. "One day," I thought. But that one day never came. I was mostly a guy who treated himself to a Hamburger Special with a Pabst Blue Ribbon for a grand total of ten bucks–all at the local bar.

  14. One of original steakhouses in America! …. old school/rustic n tasty has a place in our hearts. You know, like granmA used to make!

  15. Pete Wells…………….. NYC's Stan Sesser. FYI……., Stan Sesser – a slimy, little, self-loathing pos never had anything nice to say in his San Francisco Chronicle reviews. Eventually same became too much and the pos was fired eplete with an out-of-court settlement for several restaurants who were victimized by the pos. These "reviewers" can't even butter bread, but oh, how they spread their hate filled/lie-ridden diarrhea on a keyboard…………………………….

  16. Maybe Peter Luger needs some better salads and vegetables it’s been a long time I don’t I never been there , after a 100 years it’s has to change, the steaks good but maybe he’s right about the other stuff

  17. Peter Luger Steakhouse only needs to present their Michelin Star, which is the equivalent to having a Super Bowl ring in the restaurant industry. It sounds like the NYT food critic must have used the “do you know who I am” which fell flat.

  18. Unfortunately Williamsburg and The New York Times …. Are both full of kale eating hipsters that are NOT even from New York…

  19. Don’t get all the kale jokes. I’ve been to Lugers many times. Food is definitely off. Maybe they’ll try and fix the problem after the review. Used to be my favorite, have to say Wolfgang has passed em. I think Lugers will get it right again.

  20. NYT's Has been on a downward spiral for a few years now, they publish hitpeices and propaganda against people in competing industry's because they are a failing product and nowa day's hate clicks / click-bait is the only way they see any revenue~

  21. Even with the reviewer's complaints, if you read the review I was expecting at least a 1-2. I'm surprise he choose a 0.

  22. Most top steak spots in big cities charge $60 for a steak. Some are great, some are no better than applebees. Pick your poison or just cook your leather glove at home.

  23. Luger's has fallen off it is not the same quality as 10 years ago……Sorry folks but that is a fact kinda like when grandma gets too old to cook anymore. No one wants to say it but it is what it is.

  24. Every city worth it's salt has an iconic steakhouse that refuses to change with the times. It is what it is. Not everybody has to like it.

  25. To the NYT Critic: Every steak is a just a steak. Every steakhouse is just a steakhouse.
    Patrons can choose where to eat or where not to eat. However the cheap stunt of garnering fame at the expense of a historical institution has gotten too old to go unverified. GL & God Bless.

  26. I ate at Peter Lugers in Vegas and my steak was definitely nothing special. Giving it zero stars though is absolutely ridiculous.

  27. Peter Luger is ok but i would agree it’s not the best the city has to offer. If you want a real old school fancy steakhouse i prefer Keens in midtown.

  28. Those dummy's eating there just escape that bubble……they cant tell great steak from trash steak. Lol trash fries from high quality fries

  29. The restaurant should be able to right those wrongs if you complained. Now if they didn't, I can understand the zero stars.

  30. Any restaurant critic that gives any restaurant less than a 1 should never be taken seriously again or have a job critiquing food again. That is just being childish, vengeful, and ridiculous. Even eating dirt, rock, wood, and cardboard deserves a 1. Only a zero gives a zero.

  31. It’s true PL became so terrible after all those ‘tourist’ boom…Whenever I go PL these days, I feel like I’m in a tourist attraction.
    Wolfgang is definitely better in every food and details.

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