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Yo Zozo! You here? One a snowy mountain? Cool! That stuck the landing! People we are here at Snowattack! France! and now, yes we brought out Zozo too, come check it,
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he’s chilling with us here in the snow Hey Yo! Yo, Zoli! high-five! High-five! There is a chance we won’t get to take Zozo up to the hill too much, but never the less we will be skiing, shooting on GoPro, partying, brining you the videos, there will be a lot of awesome activations, I hope you like what we managed to shot this week, check it out! PATRIK: Hey! We are here at Snowattack boys and girls! We are here with Csepi! We just shot a few pictures, that turned out to be amazing! Although it’s quite foggy now. CSEPEL: You literally can’t see anything! -Yeah, the visibility was better a few seconds ago, anyways it’s really foggy now, but we hope the sun comes out tomorrow! Check, this is how much we hope! We really hope! The weather is great, there a bunch of people and cool vibes! And now we’ll ski down, till we see something from the tracks. -We can’t see anything already!
-Bye! So, boys and girls! We woke up 8AM this morning, to catch the first lifts at 9 o’clock, so we can be the first people up on the mountain, powder, was amazing, we already did a few rounds, we just shot a few picture to instagram, check Kevin out, he’s about to attack me with some snowballs. Anyways. We took a few photos, we are here, we are skiing! and now, music clip coming from us hitting the slopes! CSEPEL: Patrik… Patrik meets powder, today, KEVIN: He said, he can ski! You should tighten those bidings! PATRIK: Say what?
– I’m recording! -What you recording? Don’t record! We going this way? CSEPEL: Come on, show us how it’s done!
-Ah man, no way! I’ll just sneak down here, and that’s it! KEVIN: Yooo! CSEPEL: Patrik, what was it like in the powder? Please tell us… PATRIK: I came down pretty well, my skis, opened at least 3, 4 times, so they came off But in all, it was great! We came down, we are down! If this guys wasn’t here, I wouldn’t be able to make him up What was the song you previously sang? -Which one? -The trouble! Trouble, trouble, trouble… PATRIK: Hey Csepi!
Whats up? CSEPEL: The Monster team organised an ollie jam. -What’s it about? Whats the point? Who jumps higher?
-Yes, there are scales on there, and they lifting the bar higher every round, and you have to clear the bar,
-Oh, cool! -Without, hitting the bar! -That’s all! Are you challenging yourself? -What?
-Are you challenging yourself? -I haven’t participated in a race like this before, it’s going to be fun, -Alright, will see! You could jump over that dachshund for sure, right? Can you jump over that dachshund? Should we place her there?
-I think I could! Nice! Csepel? Nice! CSEPEL: So I had 2 chances, both are gone, I managed to stick the first one tho, PATRIK: How far you came, 50 cm? -Well, wasn’t it 80?
-50, wasn’t it? KEVIN: 40! -What? It was 50!
-Come on! -50 cm it was! -But the second try was 80!
-Will that be enough for the ladies? 50cm? -anyways, my knees were hurting too, but i should work on my technique, -But he’s knees were hurting!
-He’s knees are wrong, you know? -So I should work on my technique too… -Do you know what we going to work on tonight?
-What? KEVIN: -I’m so tried, don’t you have a Monster?
CSEPEL: -Sure, here is a Monster, Kevin! -Aaaaagh! Heavenly drink! CSEPEL: My legs are hurting, it’s going to rip off, jesus, there was a avalanche here, it’s blown off by the resort, Arrgh! PATRIK: Boys and girls, we been skiing all AM, it was fog all around! Now as we look up to the hills, the sun is out, looks great, good for skiing, but we are here at the airbag session now! We going to see Bálint, then we off to hit the slopes! What’s up Bálint, this Snowattack treats you well so far, isn’t it? BÁLINT: -Yeah, yeah, yeah!
-You won the ollie jam yesterday? You nailed the ollie jam?
– Yeah, the ollie jam is in the bags, now we off to the airbag! -Nice, Bálint won the ollie jam yesterday, give him a follow! Csenke Bálint! Now we are here next to the huge airbag, which is huge! Csepel, will you be jumping? -When the competition finishes we’ll try it out
-Cool, let’s go! In the mean time…
-Bálint, my man gives it all!! My man! -I represent, Békés county, you know?
-You should pull a double backflip! PATRIK: Yeah, this was a nice one from Bálint wan’t it? I don’t know the day… come on… So, I don’t even know, how many days we been skiing so far, but I can’t feel my legs anymore, for real! We are here on a cool activation! The bikini downhill march, or something PATRIK: There’s a lot of us, check out the background! CSEPEL: -There are quite a few of us!
-A lot of us! -This event is so cool!
-Mood: 10 out of 10 -If you can do so, make sure to come to this event at least once! PATRIK: Hey there! Bálint won the ollie jam yesterday, he was the one with the highest jump, the podium ceremony will be now, so let’s get it on video! (( He’s amazing jump, )) (( he’s not other then the amazing, the unforgettable, the great )) (( Csenke Bálint )) (( this is the time when we realise, we should’ve participated in the jam, right? )) (( he got a snowboard deck )) (( we were giving out some cheer and wines before, )) (( dude, get a new board! )) (( Give it up for him, well done! )) PATRIK: I hope you liked the video! Smash that like button, and subscribe to the channel, Give Zozo a follow, make sure you root for him in the Exatlon TV series! And bye everyone, see you in the next video! BÁLINT: – Will I be on YouTube guys? CSEPEL: -Yup, you will! -Wow! (Congrats to Bálint!) ( Special thanks ) ( to @SnowattackOfficial, ) ( and to @MonsterEnergy ! ) ( Music Ski/Snowboard Part ) -Throw it to him! -The sun shine in my face! ( Huge high-five to all the 200,000 subscriber! ) TOMI: Kevin… you dumbo! How was it?
– It was *%! amazing!


  1. Az a papír Zozó valami zseniális ötlet volt😂😂szakadok (főleg mikor az exatlonba a telóba is bemutattátok😂❤)

  2. Jó volt látni hogy a minőség és a hangulat ugyan olyan jó maradt így is hogy Zozo távol van 😀 mindenki csak az exatlont hajtogatja de azért köszi srácok hogy így is van tartalom amit tudunk nézni és ami ráadásul még jó és szórakoztató is 😀

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