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Paisley Learns to Ice Skate! | Christmas Traditions | Behind the Braids Ep.20

Paisley Learns to Ice Skate! | Christmas Traditions | Behind the Braids Ep.20

♫ Christmas time is here again ♫ Just like in days of yore ♫ A day when people get together ♫ For what we’ve waited for – Hey everybody, welcome
to another episode of – Behind the Braids! – Behind the Braids. We partnered with Walmart
to bring you more of our CGH family Christmas traditions, right? – Yes! – We did a lot of fun stuff this week. So, Mindy and I took a quick trip to do some last-minute Christmas shopping. Don’t tell Paisley what it is, okay. And then we did some caroling
around our piano as a family. And then lastly, we did what? – [Paisley] Ice skating. – [Sean] We went ice skating. – It was Paisley’s first
time, so you’ll enjoy that. So let’s go watch the video! ♫ Silent night ♫ Holy night ♫ All is calm ♫ All is bright ♫ Round yon virgin mother and child ♫ ‘Tis the season to be jolly ♫ Fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la ♫ Don we now our gay apparel ♫ Fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-La ♫ Dashing through the snow
in a one-horse open sleigh ♫ Over the fields we
go laughing all the way ♫ Ha-Ha-Ha ♫ Bells on bob-tail ring
making spirits bright ♫ What fun it is to ride and
sing a sleighing song tonight ♫ Oh jingle bells, jingle
bells, jingle all the way ♫ Oh what fun it is to ride
in a one-horse open sleigh ♫ Hey – Hey, guys! So today Sean and I ditched the kids, and we’re going on a little
lunch-date adventure. – We don’t get very many of these. – No, not nearly enough. But, we should do it more often, Sean. – We do. So we’re gonna go do a little bit of last minute Christmas shopping. Just a few more items left for the family. – Yep, but I made it super
simple because I ordered online. I did the Walmart Pick-Up Today. Which means order online,
then you go to the store and pick it up, it’s super easy, quick. – And that’s my kind
of Christmas shopping, makes it super easy. You don’t have to be in the store forever with all the people. – All we have to do is drive
to our closest Walmart. It’s great. Plus, today we’re picking
up something kinda cool that he’s excited about, so he’s like, Hey, I’m gonna come too! – Yeah, we have a family
gift we’re gonna have. It’s a 65 inch Vizio, in 4k and also UHD. – Very cool. – So, the kid’s are gonna love it. They can stream their Netflix to it, and YouTube from their smart devices. – It’s like wireless, so
they can just flip from their different devices up to the TV, it’s cool. – So why are we getting this for them? In our move we had one casualty, it was one of our TV’s was broken. It was our fault, it wasn’t the movers, and the kid’s aren’t
watching any TV right now, they’re like bored out of their minds, so. We watch a lot of Netflix– – Well they’re watching TV. They’re watching our TV. So, get out of my room and get a new TV. So, yes this will be a great
family present for them. Which’ll be awesome. And also, big item today
we’re picking up is Paisley’s new bike. – She’s been using Daxton’s
hand-me-downs since she was like a baby. – Yeah, well, the poor
thing’s been riding boy bikes forever, and our new house
is a lot more conducive to outside biking. So, they’ve been outside a lot more. And she’s such an outdoor girl anyway. I can’t talk today. So she is gonna love this. But, we got her this cute 20 inch Kent Trouble BMX girl’s
bike, that’s like so cute. It’s all sassy. It totally fits her personality,
it’s gonna be great. – She’s gonna love it. – We’ll show you guys,
’cause she’s gonna love it. ♫ I can’t wait for Christmas ♫ And the lights on the Christmas tree – [Mindy] Last one in
the store’s a rotten egg. (laughing) ♫ I can’t wait for Christmas It’s so cute! ♫ I feel a magic in the air ♫ It’s the greatest time ♫ And it’s yours and mine ♫ You can see it everywhere ♫ It’s the time of year that we both love Sean’s loadin’ the bike in. Whoo, whoo! – Check this one out for Dax. He’s gonna love it. It’s a Teenage Mutant Ninja
Turtle, skateboarding, remote-control, Mikey. – [Sean] It’s remote controlled? – Yes. So he skateboards, he does skateboarding. He does all these tricks,
like if he tips over he flips himself back up. And there’s all these
effects and cool things that Daxton’s gonna love. – [Sean] You think he’s gonna love it? – Yeah totally.
– Yeah I think so. – And then, I forgot I
had gotten Rylan this cute little jewelry set. It’s so cute. Look at the kitty-cat. – [Sean] Let me see it, let me see it. It’s a cat. She’s gonna be our cat lady
when she grows up, for sure. – [Mindy] She is gonna be a cat lady. And it says, happy. – [Sean] Happy, well that’s cute. She’ll love it. – Yes. So we’re gonna go drop them off at our secret location. And you guys aren’t allowed
to tell them what they’re getting for Christmas, okay! – [Sean] Please. (laughter) – We gotta keep ’em off
YouTube until Christmas. – [Sean] Alright, let’s
go get lunch, I’m hungry. – [Mindy] Me too. – Hey guys. We are ice skating as a family. Kamri and I are about to go get our boots. – Our skates. – [Girl] Daxton already got his. Have you ever been ice skating before? Oh, this’ll be fun. Okay, I’ll help you, okay? (lighthearted instrumental music) Good job. (Christmas music) (record scratches) There’s Dax, hanging on
to the edge over there. (Christmas music) (laughter) Nice. Aww. – [Paisley] Momma! – [Sean] Woah! – She ran right into a board a minute ago. – [Sean] What’re you doing down here? What is that? What are you doing? – Snow angel! – [Sean] A snow angel! – Ice angle. – [Mindy] Go Bailey, go. Hey! Daxton looks like he’s just ready to… – [Sean] Wow! – [Mindy] Okay guys, what do we think? – That was fun. – Thumbs up. – Not a bad run – [Girl] I didn’t fall. – [Mindy] Thumbs down from Paisley. Why didn’t you like it? – Because I fall. – [Mindy] ‘Cause you kept falling? Thumbs up or thumbs down from Daxton? Two thumbs down? How come? – I kept falling over. – [Mindy] Oh no. You were the most daring
though, I thought, ’cause you went the
fastest and the craziest. Bailey. – Yes. – [Mindy] Thumbs up, or thumbs down? Who’s the ice skating queen in the family? – Me. – [Mindy] What? – [Daxton] No, mommy. – Actually, I’m pretty good. Just kidding. – [Mindy] Okay, no. Now actually tell who’s
the ice skating queen in the family. – Rylan. – [Mindy] What? You turkey. – [Daxton] It’s mommy! – Mom likes to think she is. – [Mindy] Who has the best tricks? – Mom. – [Mindy] That’s what I thought. – Hey Paisley, what do you
say we go ice skating again? – Yes, but I keep falling. – You won’t fall down as
much this time, I promise. Don’t forget you can use
Walmart’s Pick-Up Today option if you’re a last minute
Christmas shopper like I am. And if you like any of
the gifts that we showed in this video, you can
find them in the links in the description box below. And if you’d like to
subscribe to our channel where do they click? – Here. – Right here. And if you’s like to
watch our other vlogs, the Behind the Braid vlogs,
you can click over here and our CHG hairstyles as well. We’d like to wish you,
from our family to yours, a Happy Holiday and Merry Christmas. Bye! (Christmas music)

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  2. I love ice skating, my aunt and mom brings me and my cousins to ice skating. While they stare at us XD I'm nine, I learned to skate by myself when I was 6. I'm turning 10 soon.

  3. How in world did you keep this a secret,hoooooowwwwww. Wouldn’t the kids just watch this video? You guys literally amaze me every time!!!♥️♥️♥️? ?

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