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Outre Bohemian Curl Crochet Hair Review (Comparison to Freetress Go Go Curl)| Lia Lavon

Outre Bohemian Curl Crochet Hair Review (Comparison to Freetress Go Go Curl)| Lia Lavon

Hey YouTube. Lia back again with another video. This time coming on here with my review of the Outre Bohemian Curl hair. Now I got this from at a price of $5.99 a pack. And if you guys are familiar with my videos I come on here and do my initial thoughts of the hair. I come on here with my kind of a couple weeks thoughts of the hair and then I come in with my final review of the hair. Make sure you like. Make sure you comment. Make sure you subscribe and let’s get into my first day thoughts. So now coming on here with my first day thoughts of Outre Bohemian Curl Hair. So you are seeing it right after I installed. I haven’t really played around with it, manipulated it at all. I haven’t cut it. So you are seeing some probably dangly ends at the bottom which is to be understood. I haven’t done anything to this hair. So you’re seeing it. It’s 14 inches. This is what 14 inches looks like. Um so if 14 inches works well for you. If you’re seeing what you like. Then 14 inches would probably be your length. Or you can cut it up of course. You can go up to 10 you know. Whatever suits your style. Longer hair like I’ve said in all my videos works well for me. And I like how the look I get with longer hair. Even though all my friends tell me “I love short hair wigs”, Your short hair is everything”. I’m not listening to you. I’m not listening to you. I love my long hair. Um so it took me about 2 hours of continuous installation with this hair. Um so that includes my breaks, my talking, my snacks, all of that. So two hours. I used 7 packs of this hair.Which is … I think I used 7 packs of Bahamas curl. Um my last hair that I installed. I either used 6 1/2 or 7 packs of the Bahamas Curl. Can’t remember right off the top of my head. So I have noticed that with Outre hair it does take a little bit more hair than normal to install and to get a full install with it. I’ve asked my friends who have also tried Outre and they had to use you know several packs of the hair as well. If you didn’t that’s amazing for you. Let me know your secrets down below but with me Outre hair takes a lot to kind of get a full voluminous as they call it . ook. Um they say more voluminous. I believe They say it’s a fast install. I do I do get a fast install with this hair. Is it soft to the touch as it claims? It is very soft to the touch. Um lightweight and tension free. I think it is lightweight. I do have 7 packs in my hair and my head doesn’t feel heavy at all. Which is an amazing thing. You don’t what your hair to feel heavy. So my what your hair to feel heavy. So my hair feels very lightweight. Um which is amazing. Um and is it low maintenance. That’s to be seen. I’ll definitely come in with my final thoughts and tell you whether it is lightweight or not. Or whether they’re lying. You guys will definitely know by the end. Another thing I’ve noticed right off the bat is that this hair is exactly exactly a dupe for the FreeTress GoGo Curl hair. The exact same hair. I’ll insert a side by side right now and I’ll leave the link of my Go Go curl hair video up above. But you guys can be the judge it looks exactly the same. It looks like there there’s no real difference between the hair to me. This is just Outre’s version of the Freetress Go Go curl hair. And I think every brand does it. I see Model Model and they have a curl called I think the circle curl. That looks just like Go Go Curl. So I think every brand has their version of what the go go, dominican curl looks like. And I think it’s the exact same hair. So I’ll let you guys know if it was comparable to the freetress hair. The freetress brand go go curl hair did well on me and it lasted a while on me. We will be sure to see if Outre has the same kind of lasting power or low maintenance as it claims but that’s something you’ll find out at the end. Without further ado let’s head into week one of my thoughts. So now for my first week or one week thoughts of this hair. Now I fully expected to come on camera today and be like I love the Go Go curl more than this hair. I do not like this hair whatsoever. I was wrong. I one have gotten so many compliments on this hair. Like I know that compliments don’t mean anything to the love of a hair whatsoever. I got so many compliments on the aruba curl hair. I did not love that hair. So it didn’t matter to me what you know no one else said. This is after one week and no routine whatsoever. When I say I had no routine whatsoever. I did not I did not put any effort into the upkeep of this hair. And when I say that I only pineappled this week which for me isn’t shocking. I do that pretty much every hairstyle so far since the first hairstyle. I was very careful with my deep twist. If you guys saw my first ever nightime routine video. It was only my third video on YouTube and I was like so careful. I was twisting every night. Aint nobody got time for that. At the end of the day I was like I’m going to start pineappling and that’s how it’s gonna be. And so I only have only pineappled this hair for this last week and it still looks amazing. There is no frizz and I’m glad I’m on a black background today so you can kind of see it like straight on. This is it. This is it. This is after one week of wear. Which your hair should last. You should… I shouldn’t have come on here after one week and been like it looks crappy it’s crap. This is one week of wear and it looks ridiculous. No it’s one week of wear and it looks phenomenal still. Now it does still compare to the freetress go go curl in my eyes. I’m going to do probably a side by side right now of me with the go go curl vs me with this hair. It does have similarities between it and I really really wish I wasn’t on this path where I was like trying new hairs every you know couple of weeks or every so often because I would love to give the Freetree Go Go curl another chance. Now because I’ve seen other people wear the go go curl and they looked phenomenal in it but when I had it in I liked it but I didn’t think I looked like va va voom but I think that that hair was so good. And it’s so comparable to this hair. And I used a lot less of that hair than I used of this hair. Go go curl over this hair because you use a lot less of Go go curl than this hair but I’m just so in love with this hair. And it’s soft. And it’s not frizzy and if you guys have seen some of my videos softness and frizziness have gone hand in hand and I’ve hated those things. But this hair is soft and it’s not frizzy. Like I can run my fingers through it and the hair falls down like in normal situations it’ll be like and a whole attachement of hair but I can still pull through it and it still will fall and they’ll be fine and all that. You know of course I do have the occasional tangles and all of this and this will need to be cut shortly but other than that yes I love it. I’ve not cut that much would be hair off. It’s still pretty close to the 14 inches it normally comes with and yeah. I can’t say enough good things about it. I’m loving how it’s picking up on camera. We’ll see how I feel about this. I’m not going to do two weeks. I’m not going to do three weeks. I’m gonna to do my final review and so I don’t know how many weeks and wear I’ll get out of this. But you guys will see shortly how much wear I got out of his hair and how I feel about it and how it ranks against the rest of my crochet hairs. In just a bit. So stay tuned. Hey y’all. Fooled you. This is not my final thoughts on this hair. This is week 3 with with this hair. I thought it was going to be my final but I had to come on here. I was filming some other stuff and I normally like to have it where it’s just my initial, it’s my first week and then it’s my final thoughts. But I’m coming on here with week three thoughts soley because I am in freakin love with this hair. I am in so much love with this hair. I had to come on here and share with you guys. This hair. Three weeks! Look at it. Look at this. Look at the hair. Look at it. Like I can do this for hours. This hair is getting better with time. Its aging like wine. My other hairs have been aging like milk. This is aging like wine. It is getting better. I’m getting more and more compliments with this hair. I frickin adore it. And it’s so funny because it’s Outre hair and you guys know how I feel about the Outre bahamas curl hair. Did not love it. Was actually at the bottom of my list and I thought the Outre Bahamas curl hair and the bohemian curl hair was so similar. The whole reason I bought the bohemian curl hair or I wanted to try more the bohemian curl hair is because when i did my bahamas if you saw that video I accent bills accidentally installment backs double-teaming Carl did not realize till the end because the curl patterns look so similar so in my Bahamas called video i have like what six packs of the bahamas curl probably one pack of the bohemian girl so and you can’t really tell where that here is or how it looked but I was like I hated the Bahamas Carl here so much it was like why but I was like let me try the Bohemian curl here to see how it compares in looks to the Bahamas curl here a and it may look similar but the hair is upkeep is totally different i know they use the same fibers for for each hair they’re not using a separate factory for the Bahamas curl the bohemian curl but the hair is doing but not only and the only upkeep I’ve been doing is two times this week I sprayed this hairspray that I just got randomly from food lion I was in stare it had a oil sheen I needed some oisin in my ear and it’s the VXR braid and extension brain they probably have is that like normal beauty supply stores too but obviously I needed some oil for my hair but my scalp for all that and I just spray it in twice a week and I step great like I just go through my hair and just like you know I’ll do it right now long here oh it’s great and then I’ll just take each curl separate it out cut like tangos cut things at the bottom that are preventing my hair from like being like I don’t think I have any right now but usually like there’s some strings at the bottom I think I did a fresh fresh you know site over you to your today and this is what it looks like after three weeks you see a little bit of friends but that’s only making it look better it’s making it look more realistic the frizz is actually helping the situation it’s not freezing to the point where it’s tango romatic even the back is holding up pretty well like of course the back is always the problematic area because it’s the one that’s running against your fabric especially the wintertime I’m wearing a lot of stickers fabrics a lot of warm up turtlenecks and a lot of that stuff so it’s rubbing against a lot of my fabric but it has not been in her major issue at all like I love this hair like I’m gonna spoil alert just probably go knee twist you guys have been following me for the beginning you know he twists has held the number one spot for weeks and weeks on air but this here after the weeks is looking like this I’m getting extraordinary compliments but here is armed like I can move on people look I get stares like it’s from all races all cultures everybody got the tape now I’m not to sponsored by Sen beauty about I’ll trade by none of them if you guys can see mommy you count or see how many views I get on my videos I’m not up there I’m not getting message it to me for nobody so everything I’m expressing me buying this here myself and all that I like the tan like it’s just me different in you when we meet like in this here and I promise you the next time at home this video it will be the final review like I said this is an impromptu three weeks I was filming some other stuff I had to come on here I was just going to wait to the final and I could not wait I had to share with you guys how much in love with is here i am right now so i will go ahead and we’ll definitely next time you see me will be my final final review on this area will it be I’m week full of these six week will it be seven week I don’t know but keep watching now for my final thoughts on this I’ll trade bohemian curl hair you guys y’all ready now yall already know from that last week i’m not i told him i spent a lot of time in this final thoughts video like this hair is everything like I cannot stress enough how much of everything this period ultra is not paying me nobody is Santa beauty is not painting nobody is paying me for this like this is my true reaction i have not had a reaction like this for any coaching here that I’ve ever talked about like I am in love with it here like this yeah I do not want to take it out the only reason and sorry I didn’t say that right now this is my final review this is week 5 i’m not thinking it out today I’m actually gonna take it out next week sometime during the work week but I’m filming it because i only can kind of film on weekends that’s the only times still light outside and all that when i’m home so yeah I’m week 5 but I’m going to go to week 6 with his hands the only reason I’m digging it out at week six I could leave it in even longer it’s just I have a lot of products build up then I’m like kind of concealing right here just from you know every day I get up I do my edges use I love Hicks edge control because it doesn’t have a lot of products build up and you don’t have that kind of saying I have a lot of trouble sometimes eco styler gel when I use that to slip back and having a lot more product build-up but I have a lot more but I’m starting to think that Hicks edges this week is the product buildup in earth if you guys notice I kind of even part my hair in a different way than I have in every other videos is because like throughout the regular part is just yeah it’s just not the best right now but if I do not have that product sold up like this here like this hair like this here like I can’t even there’s not a lot that I can sing about this here and I know that this video might not even get the most views of any other video that I posted because not many people are familiar with the outright hair game and I think a lot of my videos that have gotten a lot of traction have been from the freetress Brandon people just know free trusted free choices in and preacher is good because good up you know I’ve reviewed a lot of my freetress here but then hey I do not want people to sleep on that’s the thing i do know what people to go do not sleep on this hair this hair is everything maintenance with this hair had been incredible I don’t even feel like I taken care of all in all full disclosure I don’t feel like I’ve taken care of this here as hard as I have some other years and it feel working out well but I feel like there’s been times when taking a nap I fallen asleep on this here like sometimes you know you’re just chillin you watchin TV next thing you know you wake up your hand on the pillow and you’re like oh no I didn’t wrap my hair I’ve done this with this hair and it’s still like look at it like the curls are not like the hair and even as meta de as any other mommy if I pulled like a hair you know I’m getting a couple extras you know wanting to be connected the last time I saw without pools in here with the Bahamas curl every single hair if you guys saw that video like the whole hand was up it was like I do like this put one curl in the whole hair was up now like yeah of course to be some kind of you know attachment to each other but kind of what comes along with you know crochet here it’s sort of kind of want to be together it’s Fabrice Fabrice rub together they want to be together like I don’t get compliments on the time right now you have a nice i’ve had this hearing for like five weeks now hey girl like I I like this hair like I can’t even so that’s why I’m gonna go on my rankings right now and you guys are already gonna know you like that already gonna know number one this hair like I cannot even this hair this hair I’m gonna I’m gonna get off of it but this year maintenance business you know minimal with his hair and it’s still elastic so I’ll trade bohemian curl you did it and I was so like anti display I just knew that it wasn’t going to work out because of the Bahamas curl here and I was wrong and I was our next favorite here the twist you got push Batman you had it you are in the game for like a couple of weeks trying fruit resonates with you had that number one spot but something came through and not to all number three it’s going to seem a little strange it’s gonna seem a little bit strange but I’m going to have to move the party curl hair back a couple notches just because the party curl hair I just seen it on other people i recommend it for other people and all that and i think when i feel my review on that here it was cut up very early on i saw like I look back after I edited that video because i just edited a video recently so that shows you guys I I do my little videos a little bit later than most people but yeah i just edited to the party curl hair video and that hair i don’t know if i would recommend it to all i got hair looks good and it definitely had a very unique kind of structure about it but it did tangle and so I’m gonna have to kind of push it back now my new number three it’s gonna be the waterways here by freetress I did like that here my number four here is now that I’m Oh curl here now I said in the beginning of this video that I see some similarities between those tears and when i first reviewed goal curl here it was at the earliest stage of me you know getting into grocery here it was my only my second here that i had ever tried crochet why so I wasn’t really familiar I wasn’t keeping up with that hair as much as I could have and yeah I don’t want to weigh that here like say it was a terrible or like you know a lower-ranking here it might be as good as his hair but I’m like seven you know styles in now as opposed to back then when I was only what I had only tried the go-go curl here in free trust me i think i push that party curl on back to number five just because like I said it definitely did experience some matting with that hair I’ve seen other people wear and they haven’t had the same experience that I did and I just like I don’t want to recommend this here out to everybody right now and get them all you know excited about this here and it not me what it was for me for them so I’m going to move that back to number five and you know the bottom the bottom you know other two are Bahamas curl in a rube occur they just you know you know what the Bahamas curl was I just not like that hair and I think you know the thing about that was maybe I should have gone shorter and then with the rubric role here you guys already know and I don’t know if I mentioned this in any on my other videos but that here is actually going out of stock anyway so free trends is listening honey get down here on up out of here and get some better haters out there thank you so much for watching make sure you like make sure you comment make sure you subscribe and I hope to see you guys in my other video follow me on instagram I do have a new Instagram it is a leo bond 89 that’s where i post all my hair stuff some of my neck and stuff all that good stuff thank you so much for watching and I will see my next video hi you

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