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Outre Bahamas Curl Crochet Hair Review| Lia Lavon

Outre Bahamas Curl Crochet Hair Review| Lia Lavon

Hey YouTube! It’s your girl Lia back again with another video. This time coming on here with another crochet hair review and I will be reviewing the Outre Bahamas Curl hair. Now I split this video up into two sections. I have my installation video and I’ll link that up above and then this is just solely the review and my thoughts on this hair. I just like to do this just because I don’t want one video to be so long of me installing and me reviewing the hair. I just want you guys to see it and if you only want to see the review of this hair I’m giving you the option to. Now in that video I want to go ahead and correct something in the installation video I said I used six-and-a-half packs of hair. After I got done filming and checking out my head I realized I missed a huge chunk. A kind of huge chunk of my hair so I have seven packs of this hair in. And if you guys saw my installation video you guys know why. I don’t think you have to use seven packs of his hair but I messed up. So I’m going to do this video kind of like I’ve been doing my other videos. I’m gonna do my initial final. My initial, first week, and final thoughts of this hair. I didn’t do that with the party curl hair and I kind of regret it just because as you’ll see in this video I kind of changed my mind about the party curl hair a little bit after a few weeks of wear. So it definitely changes on my rankings list. If you want to see more. You want to see my thoughts on this Outre Bahamas Curl hair just keep watching. Hey YouTube Lia coming on here with my initial first minute, first second thoughts of this hair. Don’t mind how dark it is I just got done installing this hair. It took me about three hours and it’s daylight saving time so it’s almost like five o’clock and I started at maybe about 2 something maybe around 1 something. I used five-and-a-half packs of the Bahamas curl which is the hair I should have actually used. And then I used one pack of the Bohemian curl as you saw by accident in the installation video. I halfway realized while installing it that hey I picked up the wrong package of hair. But I mean I probably will do a review later on the Bohemian hair and try it out too because it is in my hair right now and it looks no different than the bahamas curl that I have in right now. You probably cannot even tell that some of the Bohemian curl on this side and of course all the rest of the Bahama curl looks identical to it. I would have to say I love the density of this hair it does not feel too heavy even though I do have to six and a half packs of hair in my head right now. I don’t feel weighed down. I don’t feel heavy. I think it’s giving me a very full look. It is is 14 inches. I don’t know how much of it I’ll cut. Even if if I will cut any at all. I’ll definitely let you guys know in my subsequent review later on with this hair. But I would have to say initial thoughts loving it. Loving to run my fingers through it. This is my first time trying an Outre hair. So I’ll definitely tell you my thoughts on this brand wise later on. I haven’t heard negative reviews or negative things about Outre hair and I like Outre wigs so hopefully I like this hair. Stay tuned keep watching to see my one week thoughts of this hair. So now for my one week thoughts of this hair. Throughout the wear of it if you can kind of tell from last week I have cut this hair a little bit and I just kind of been cutting it increasingly more as the kind of days have gone along. This hair I think would say. I would say the Bahamas curl is very much so a kind of equal curl to the FreeTress GoGo Curl. If I had to compare to any hair that I’ve ever tried. The Bahamas curl is definitely more so equivalent to the GoGo curl and I’ll insert a side-by-side right now of me wearing the Go Go Curl vs. me wearing this hair. Thee one difference I would say is the gogo curl was a little bit more stiff of a hair. It definitely softened up more as I wore it along but initially I would say when I applied this hair first it was very much so soft and it’s always been soft throughout the continuous wear of this hair. As opposed to be go go curl lwhich was kind of stiff at first and then kind of settled down into a much more softer feel. I would have to say my first week’s thoughts of the hair . It has frizzed up a little bit around the crown area but other than that I haven’t experienced that much frizz around the hair. So in this first week it has been a very much good. It’s held up very well. It’s gotten bigger throughout the wear of the hair but it doesn’t feel heavy. NowI had nine packs of the water wave hair in my head and when I tell you my head felt heavy throughout the wear. It was so heavy that when I took it out of my head I stood up a little bit taller. Now this hair I have seven packs in and it doesn’t feel heavy at all. It may be a little bit lighter a little bit less may come in a package. I don’t know what it may be. But this hair having seven packs in it still feels very light and airy. I do think that it has the look of the Go-Go Curl, but as I’m looking at it in my viewfinder right now I’m seeing a little bit of the party curl in here which is the last very last hair I installed. Let me know what you guys think. I’ll insert a kind of a clip side by side of me with the party curl as I’m really looking in the viewfinder I’m seeing a little bit of party curl in there too. So I’m seeing a look of the Sensational Party Curl hair and I’m also seeing a look of the Freetress Go Go Curl hair. So definitely , um yea those are my one week thoughts of this hair. Of course I’ll come back later with my final review and my rankings of the hairs I’ve tried. Don’t be surprised in my next video if I do a rankings 1-5. I realized the more and more I wear the crochet hair. The more and more I’ll have and I’ll have to think about my rankings and I’ll have to be like well my number 20th hair is. No I’ll stick to 1 though 5 and I then I’ll do my bottom bottom least favorite hair that I’ve ever tried. So yes stay tuned for my final thoughts and I will see you soon. So now for my final final thoughts on the Outre Bahamas curl hair now it has been four weeks since the installation and yeah I don’t know. I do not want to give Bahamas curl a bad wrap because I’ve seen it all over Pinterest. I’ve seen it on Instagram and I’ve seen people wear it and it looks amazing on them. Now the thing about it is sometimes with pictures I don’t know if that’s day one or they’ve worn it for a while. For me this you’re seeing it right now at week 4 and I’ve gotten more compliments this week. I don’t know what it is about you will be a really move this week or what be from we have been more compliments for this week week forward that I have any other week with it here and I’m like but I’m not to take this here house so why you love it so much for me it’s really big like it’s gotten bigger to be initial installation i think that’s what people love however our econ that I have there’s all that happens here is if you can see like a cool one treatment here thousand here is coming with it and it’s like I know it’s a dedicated don’t get me wrong I know what’s pathetic here so i know that was gonna happen I tried several different synthetic cares if you’re familiar with my crochet here series but for me it’s an extremely extremely tangle to put where I can’t I can’t do anything about it now without creating more kind of you know more this and I think the next time I try this because i will try Bahamas curl again this is all too many things amazingly about it that I don’t want this to be my like final kind of thoughts from this year that was probably picking up a camera is looking luscious and the lumps you within a gorgeous and all that but I’m in person I don’t know if you can kind of get into all this really miss that happening right here I can’t so we have two separate every morning before i go out in the morning to kind of come and get some of the things that the bottle on my here I could use every morning and to kind of start my date Mama’s Carl is a good curl it doesn’t initially come 14 inches i think in the next time that I get this installed i will or install it as I animal front and i will probably cut it family to move 10 inches to start with just because i think it’s too boring I’ve seen it and every time I’ve seen it’s been shorter here and it looks so good for me I think I cut it down to maybe you’re singing right now I well which is um so yeah I definitely would go a lot a lot shorter but I love long here and i think this already is short to me but it’s not short enough for it to not have all this going on in the bag so now being the last time we’ll do a complete and total working on my hair because I’m getting to the point where i’ve tried to many crochet styles and now it’s getting like I don’t want to see he ramble off like already different crochet hairstyles and wear them in order of that but I will do my complete with things right now I number one here of course of course of course the different trust me to appear i will never not allow that here i will never not go back to that here and think of that as a good here now this is a little different than my last great i have to switch the waterways above the party crowd last time I said party girls number two but i think that and when I recorded that video it would really be the initial stages of party girl and party girl needed to come work itself out before I could give it that day so I’m going to go back and gave give my number to hear to be freetress waterways here the features what we fear was amazing i loved it i think i did appreciate be here as much as i could have 1i had it and I think I’m so put off by how many packs up here i had in my head that I wasn’t really giving the cruelty and but i will the water wave here and I think that here when it comes to maintain it becomes to style when it comes to booking the most master i think the features what we have here would have to be my second favorite I think my third-favorite would now be the party girl here now I have a love-hate relationship with it towards the end when i recorded the video like I said it wasn’t the final weeks of me wearing it I think towards the inner did have the same kind of effective this here did but I love that here because it had a couple of different textures going on it w a different kind of look and what is that makes it for me today I get in with the same from each day which was an A+ for me I’m number four wouldn’t have to be the google girl i did not hate the google curl at all and love the girl who are actually oh but the thing about local crowd that I’d bit my love is I don’t know I didn’t bring my face while I think it looks so amazing we were on other people and that’s another here that i have to add back to my trike in this because I might not have appreciate it as much as I should have a might help that would that mean early stages where i was going to hear a little harm as possible it should have been doing that off so i definitely believe that i’ll put freetress go across on like please reasons atlas later on and then my I number five here this year I i was about to give five to this and mixed girl but i think im gonna want them together and tired and both 45 i can’t choose between the real girl with the out ray Bahamas curl which 1i think I don’t love it as much as the other now the thing i don’t like about each I think it’s the same thing I think it’s the tangles are the girls started off of extremely extremely soft and that’s one thing I knew was going to be a bad thing about this year is here also started soft not ask off as the river curl is here with slightly soft and they coming internet so i didn’t know all that it’s got to be this office here and fill but it did feel very fast and I tried not to touch it and manipulate it as much when I prefer to put in with a real girl I want to do with my finger to excel soft that wasn’t no no I’m both repair put in a new it’s off I didn’t try to play around with as much yeah let me know your thoughts down below if you’re not seeing you and you think usually I’d you’re being the freaking crazy person let me know down below well make sure you like make sure you come it makes you should go all my other question here videos too and our fees my next video thanks thank you so much for watching if you want to see any of my other protective style videos i would leave that over to the side make sure you subscribe by clicking my little faith right over to the side as well and i will see you in the next video bye

27 thoughts on “Outre Bahamas Curl Crochet Hair Review| Lia Lavon”

  1. I really like this hair! Personally, I think the hair looks better as it gets older because it looks more natural, frizzy, and less "perfect" – closer to how actual human hair looks.

  2. Hi Lia, thank you for the thorough review. I currently have the Model Model Bahamas curl hair in a color 2. It starts at 18" (but also comes in a 14"). I used 2.5 packs and cut it in half and I absolutely love it. I've had it in for 4 weeks and the frizz has been minimal, I cut off the few I've had. I could totally leave it in for at least 2 more weeks, but I'll probably switch it up next week. This time I'll leave it longer so I can pull it up for more versatile styling options. I'd be very interested in your thoughts on this curl in a different brand. Thank you for doing what you do. Keep shining, beautiful!

  3. Lol! You said "come against" this clumps each night. Girl, I know you are saved!! That is some church talk for real. I come against frizz right now in the name of Jesus!! 🙂

  4. Thanks for such a thorough review! Even though you're not a fan, the hair looks great on you. If you decide to give it a second chance, I saw other ladies use the hair and have success with it. They used less packs, trimmed away the tangles and wet and conditioned it every other day. Hopefully this helps should you try it again.

  5. I wanted to like this hair soooo much. I used 24" non pre-looped. I had to cut ends and frizzy clumps everyday 🙁 It was a constant battle to keep it from tangling.

  6. Def don't need 9 packs of water wave because it gets big after you separate the strands. I think you should try it again but with only 4 packs. I love it!! It feels light and bouncy.

  7. Was it possible to wash your hair underneath while wearing the crochet? If you didnt, do you think it ruin the hair?

  8. Hands down, you make the most helpful crochet hair reviews on YouTube. Please do more reviews and don't ever stop being so helpful and thorough!

  9. What kind of hair can go with the Bahama curls. I noticed that it only comes in black. I wanted to add a little color. What other brand or match Can I use?

  10. You need less hair installed. Concentrate on installing enough to give you volume in the top and separate the knots and trim any frizz every 3 days. This is what I did and I wore that hair for 6 weeks. I got compliments for the entire 6 weeks

  11. Dear Lia I'm trying to order Bohemian Curl from the SamsBeauty website but the shipping costs in Italy are scary.
    Shipping Method

    USPS – Express Mail International ($ 85.90) ​​USPS – Priority Mail International ($ 64.10) UPS – Worldwide Expedited ($ 201.64)!!!!!

    Can you suggest other sites where to buy them?

  12. This is an old review but I have watch 4 other installs of this hair and YOU are the Most Thorough Reviewer on the internet!! You ROCK!!!!

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