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OUR PLANET in 6K | Dolomiti from Passo Gardena to Passo Sella by drone

OUR PLANET in 6K | Dolomiti from Passo Gardena to Passo Sella by drone

copyright 2020 The Dolomites from Sella Pass to Gardena Pass filmed in 6K 60 FPS. Cinematic drone footage. Skiing, hikes, nature parks, peace and serenity, a stunning natural beauty, legends and tales countless images come to our minds when thinking about the Dolomites. The Three Peaks of Lavaredo date back some 200 millions of years and the mountains of the Dolomites arouse 40 millions of years ago. The pale Dolomite limestone gave these Pale Mountains their name. And still today, valuable fossils may be found on the high peaks. The Sassolungo Group with its round shape stretches from the Sella Group to the rocky ridges of the Catinaccio massif. The highest summit, name-giving Mt Sassolungo, boasts an altitude of 3,181 m. Together with its southwestern peak it covers almost half of the entire Sassolungo Group. The mountain massif, originally a coral reef, is well-known both in summer and in winter: Mt Sassolungo and Mt Sasso Piatto boast several climbing routes and hiking paths, such as the Via Ferrata Oskar Schuster and Friedrich August Path. Furthermore, a cable car connects Passo Sella with the Sassolungo ridge at 2,681 m asl, ideal starting point to walk around the mountain. The view of Mt Marmolada and the Alpe di Siusi is simply breath-taking! In winter, skiing areas such as Plan de Gralba, Monte Pana and Ciampinoi (with the famous Saslong World Cup slope) are located at the foot of the Sassolungo Group. Also the Sella Ronda passes by. The Passo Gardena proceeds from Selva di Val Gardena to Colfosco, which is part of the municipality of Corvara and with 1,645 m asl. the highest located holiday resort of Alta Badia. A little below the Passo Gardena, findings from the Stone Age were made, a driveway up to the mountain pass was built in 1915, during World War I. The Passo Sella connects Selva di Val Gardena with Canazei in the Val di Fassa valley. The Passo Sella road is 53.4 km long, the altitude readings are a bit varying: at the top of the pass, the Passo Sella is stated with 2,240 m asl. Already in the Stone Age the area was settled as several findings prove. In 1872 the mountain pass road was built, three mountain huts followed which are still opened: at the top of the pass the Passo Sella Mountain Hut is located, which dates back to 1903, the Carlo Valentini Mountain hut, the oldest hut of the area (1884) and the Maria Flora Tavern (1934). The first lifts were built in the middle of the 20th century. Like the Passo Gardena, also the Passo Sella is one of the mountain passes of the Sellaronda (around the Sella Massif on skis and the 4 passes cycle tour). The hiking paths proceed around the Sassolungo, to the col Rodella or the Meisules Via Ferrata (Pößnecker Klettersteig). The lift facilities lead you towards the Rif. Toni Demetz mountain hut and Punta Grohmann crest. In summer 2017 for the first time the pass was closed to traffic once a week for conservation purposes. The alpine world on the Passo Gardena is awesome: to the south the massy Sella Group, the Cir Peaks in the Puez Group with the Puez-Odle Nature Park to the north, the Sassolungo Group to the west and to the east the peaks of Val Badia valley with the legendary Fanes Group. copyright 2020

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