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Orkun Işıtmak SPX’te! Snowboard Alışveriş Macerası! I SPXTV

Orkun Işıtmak SPX’te! Snowboard Alışveriş Macerası! I SPXTV

We are on our way now. You need to dress properly. You
need to get proper equipment Or your butt freezes on the mountain. Now, we’re here, we’ll buy our
board equipment and clothes. I have Deniz Poyzn with me. -‘sup bro?
-What’s up dude? Well I’m fine. There are over a thousand
kinds of boards here already. Exactly. There are skis here… and… …boards on the edge of the fireplace. Currently, the most advanced
collection in Turkey… … is in SPX stores. The best brands, bosses
of this business Burton, Rossignol, Flow ve DC. Bro there are a lot of boards. And varieties. My brain is on fire right now. Well, let’s narrow it down.
For example let’s buy Burton. Good choice. Should I buy Burton All Mountain?
What should I do? Well, if there is no challenge
you have there like… …, I’ll make a very good free style,
I’ll go very fast, make slaloms… The best is All Mountain. All Mountain board is like 4×4 jeep,
you can go all over the mountain. Okay I can go everywhere, everything. My new board. Burton Process ta daaa. I bought it. But you’ll bind the binding right? No bro, you’ll do it, a
snowboarder man makes it himself. Okay then you’ll show me and I’ll do it. -Exactly, we’ll make you do it.
-Okay, agreed. Burton’s most legendary
binding and best… …performance binding in the
world if you ask me… Burton Cartel. Beginning; I’m having fun, I only
go to the mountain 2-3 times Comfort is priority. The softer shoe is the
better comfort it offers. But, I started snowboarding now. I do it well. Exactly. Hmm, hard. The thing here is this; Tthe harder shoe gets, the
smallest move of your foot… … affects the board. Is this intermediate level? -This is intermediate exactly.
-Okay, give me intermediate. -It’s neither too hard…
-Nor too soft Nor soft. Okay we bought everything medium,
let’s continue with that. The better budget you allocate to
this, the better equipment you have. The better equipment you have, the more
pleasure you get while you’re snowboarding. The clothes are here, exactly. All the pants and jackets
related to snowboarding with… …snowboard clothes are in this section. Wait, I saw something there. -They are for women.
-These are for women. We can give you slim fit if you want. Why are you being sexist, my friend? Let’s see from here.
There are beautiful cool… …colors like this. Trendy
colors of the year. Burton, Quiksilver both of them are here. -Oh, that’s pretty good. -It’s a very cool
camouflage, not a classic camouflage. -This is thin bro, wouldn’t I get
cold with it? -No, absolutely not. Burton is using a new technological fabric. When you body temperature is normal,
this smart fabric is loose knitted. Whenever a cold wave
approaches from outside…. …the weaving tightens itself,
blocks the air entrance. This jacket is smarter than me. Actually this jacket is a little loose
for me but I’d be comfortable with it… …if nothing enters from somewhere. Pants, nothing will enter from
anywhere, this will happen. Any pants… In the roots of the belt here
there are these at your pants. And you jacket has these things here. Bunları alıyorsun, birleştiriyorsun. You take them, assemble them and
assemble your jacket and your pants. Nothing is left. Even if you fall, if your
waist gets exposed… …since inside of you jacket is
assembled to your pants it won’t open. I mean no snow enters. Okay, super. Then there is no disadvantage
for me to have a loose jacket. There are 2 styles right
now, slim fit or beggy. With a loose top and a slim bottom… -How does it look? Does it look beautiful?
-Great. I think you need to try them together. Okay then let’s do it like that. -This has to protect you
from wind and water. -Okay. The things that will heat
you are inside layers. I mean thermal underwear,
polar, second windstopper. As you go to the colder
places you add thicker… …layers and increase the
fabric technology. This saves you from water and wind. I’m ready to give brave poses. Now glasses. Snowboard glasses. Bro the glasses are a very important thing. I was gonna say that. One of the most
essential accessories in the mountain. Because if you can not see well… Bro the glass mists and I can’t see
anything, it takes air inside. Exactly. And you can’t snowboard without seeing. And also when you can’t see.. Sure, of course… If you don’t see where you’ll
go, you can’t snowboard. You’ll go right
down to the cliff. Sometimes it snows, it rains. Exactly, there are 2 points
that we need to focus on. 1 overcast weather, 2 sunny weather. For sunny weather we have dark glasses, for
overcast weather we have clear glasses. About gloves, you know your
jacket had gore-tex technology… …these gloves have that too. This is more durable to water. Let me see, oh you can
also bind them together. -Like this?
-Or you can carry it in your hand. -Exactly.
-Oh, okay nice. In your jackets arm sleeves it had a small
ring you can assemble it there too. -Super.
-You can take it off if you want. I made it like this. Give me a phone. The gloves fit perfect but since
its thick it’s hard to text.. But we couldn’t even do this before. Yeah, right, take it off and things… You can’t text but at least
you can take photos. So, we got our gloves too. Subscribe, participate in extreme spirit.

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