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Opening Christmas Gifts From Vanoss! (A Terroriser Christmas)

Opening Christmas Gifts From Vanoss! (A Terroriser Christmas)

Hey Google Christmastime, Merry Christmas What’s up everybody, hope we’re all having a good Christmas day So I wanted to make a video because something arrived in the mail today really random package from a good friend of mine Vanoss this guy is a little shit alright I know that there’s gonna be stuff in this box that is gonna be Taking the piss out of me so without further a do Let’s see what my good friend Evan has sent me and remember last year Evan I sent you I sent you that owl kitchen roll holder the owl with USB Bet you you threw that shit away, so I’ll consider this even All right, let’s see what you got? first thing It’s a Christmas joke, hey Google make all the lights white, you can barely see in here Yes you fucking do ay Google make the lights white mate alright alright, changing 16 lights to white alright, changing 16 lights to white You see I’ve got a Google Translate with an Australian accent Right first thing you sent me, Christmas jumper. That’s pretty big EVAN, and I’m not fat, large! I’m a medium I think it’s too big, What’s it even say? What’s it? Say now? I have (cannot understand what tf he just said) I think it’s too big, What’s it even say? What’s it? Say now? I have (cannot understand what tf he just said) Now I have a machine gun oh, it’s big okay, Evan all right. I get it. So, Evan Yeah a long little joke Evan and I have always done this hurr hurr hurr Whenever Evan and I started doing Alan Rickman? I’d normally do the voice then he’d ask me to do hurr hurr hurr so that’s why that’s nice I like that all right Evan that’s good Jesus Christ. He’s going down memory lane now in this one all right what else to your future son What to your future son what the hell is this what’s this supposed to be? Am I having a kid? ‘yes you are terroriser’ – from everyone in the comments * overjoyed brat face intensifies * Are you kidding me?! Am I getting teary? oh my god Evan whoa dude this one just hit the fuckin fields this is oh you got at Walmart you cheap bastard I’ll take the price tag off. Okay. You got it. You didn’t get it at Walmart. You got it You went to Arnold’s house, and you took it from his private collection. Okay? That’s actually really fucking incredible Oh, my god. Well obviously yeah, like I’m known for doing the art of voice I get that jingle all the way is like one of my favorite all-time Like Christmas movies and movies in general like put the cookie down Come on put the cookie down oh My god. That is so cool I’m gonna wrap that up and open it on Christmas Day and feel like I feel like the kid in the movie Do that is actually incredibly awesome. Whoa Thank you so much That’s awesome. Holy shit. I got another present Amazon box I’m in shock about the turbo man Doll oh yeah Atticus always cut away from yourself I never do it But because other people are watching and I have to be somewhat responsible so our dress and a dress don’t do an o-blood Don’t do an ogla always cut away from yourself Like I said, I never do it because I’m irresponsible The hell is this? Ffffff-ff FIZILI Evan I fucking love this man Right so the reason behind this one is because I can never ever ever it’s holy shit That is pretty sick. Whoa whoa whoa whoa holy shit, so the reason is behind This is because I live in Ireland and whenever I go over to America. I lose sight of what time zone I’m in and what time it is so my Evan will be saying like yo, do you want to play at 3:00 p.m. And I don’t know if that’s Pacific Standard Time or his time or my time So he’s given me a watch that can allow me have Greenwich Mean Time, which is the timezone? I live in Easter est Eastern Standard Time and Pacific Standard Time So now I have no excuse to be late to a recording session every there That’s actually incredible that is awesome, and I need a watch give you a closer look at that That’s pretty sick so the middle one. I’ll have is my time. You know GMT top one Eastern bottom one Pacific Can I do that I don’t know if I could do that it doesn’t matter. It’s still funny. It’s still very funny I think that’s what the whole joke is all right appreciate it. Thank you so much for that. That’s awesome next one Fuck is the sleep mask for what’s that supposed to be for I think it’s just a sleep mask I sleep a lot Maybe that’s probably what he’s saying. I just sleep all the time That’s how we do first You no da wae I- Talk to the hand Rahhr Where the fuck did you find these I Thought I was getting some fucking Versace, and you gave me thi-this Elton John doctor the hand haha good shit I like it funny really did you have to do that? Did you have to troll me with the Versace got all excited there? I’m still gonna wear these out in town on a night echo all right in fairness Son of a Li go key rank splitter compatible with headphones and earphones He gave me a new splitter for audio Oh is this so you can have two sets of earphones into the one oh, that’s actually a legit present That’s actually something I can actually use so yeah, you plug it in to although it goes in your keep. It’s alright So it goes my key ring what you do is you plug it into your phone? and then you can put your earphones in and your Girlfriend’s earphones in ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) and the tube you can listen so when you’re on a plane I think that’s what he’s saying so whenever I’m traveling with Lynnae We can listen to the same music on the one phone or an iPad so that’s actually a really good present. It wasn’t for Sachi sparkly glasses Can’t go wrong with a bit of Simpsons. Thank you very much USB flash drive a gig Homer Simpson now We’re getting some real presents open here you’re Just when it’s going good. Just when it’s going good. You think always actually give me stuff You know like as a love and friendship and then he gives you a fucking subway card because that’s where you started working when you found each other on YouTube when eventhough I Remember I was in the back of Subway I was working in subway And we’re in the town where I grew up and I remember uploadin’ Evans video to my channel where he found me He found me on amazing films 24/7 playing doing the go t a Tryhard that I used to know and then he approached me and said hey do you want to do some videos together or no it? was first it was like hey you want to do like a clap thing he uploads one of my videos to his channel and he Gave me a video and I uploaded it to my channel he and my video did great I don’t think he did much out of my my promotion But we started playing together and really subway was when we met and so I think that’s what he’s kind of saying is like That’s where we met really because he knew I was working in subway at the time, so that’s kind of killed I don’t know if that’s the significance behind the present or you just you know reminded me of my my shitty hell subway days But I appreciate it buddy You racist bastard And I look of the Irish bottle opener, you know you know what Cheers boy appreciate it mmm Don’t know why there’s such a stereotype about Irish people and drinking beer and alcohol don’t get it. I just realized what it said You just keep it’s just more and more actually this. This is good cuz he knows how much I love my snapbacks, yeah Oh, that’s pretty sick. That’s actually really nice. Thanks man appreciate that and then oh we got the Bowser Again my little for Mario this dude knows me well appreciate a PUD. Thank you for that well this is the last president here, and I mean I like like wow What is with this reoccurring thing another bottle opener, it’s an army man like toy soldier It’s an army lamp, but Paolo. I’m not an alcoholic Evan all right I’m not an alcoholic you know this, but you’re buying me bottle openers set a bad example and then I’m scared now. Okay. It says this is the only gift. I hope you thanked me for I’m kind of scared right. Let’s just crack it open Okay, the shape like a sweet all right that has to be I’m envisioning him doing this with other people he’s a smartass What is this? What is it come on? I can’t believe you got me a turbo man. I’m freaking out about my terrible man You want me to say it Evan you want me to say it. Thanks very much Evan. Thanks very much I appreciate a man. Thank you so much. You little shit Evan always makes fun when I say. Thank you He always says say it again, man. Thanks. I always say tanks. I never say thanks It’s an Irish saying thirsty tre tanks a t’ousand tank so much man. Thank you LEM scheisse I thought it was gonna be something real this your bollocks here. That’s pretty much everything Thank You Evans unless. Oh, there’s one Do I what just what you wanted That’s not what I wanted what I don’t want to look what’s inside. I think I know what it is WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS EVAN?!?!

100 thoughts on “Opening Christmas Gifts From Vanoss! (A Terroriser Christmas)”

  1. Not only is he a smart…… ….ass….buuuuut you have to LOVE Evan, just for his respect towards you as a personal friend. Even i felt this vid.
    he's a good dude. And im sure I've watched more of your vids. So i know how the intake(or as you might call "on -slot") is…
    #respect/unity ✌

  2. Those tanks, one is a M1 Abrams, the other a Panzer IV, lol love your vids terroiser, and your lucky to have friends like Evan, who you can get along well with

  3. second focking present ye open your face straight kid who wanted that Christmas present for years and finally got it

  4. ɪ ʟɪᴋᴇ ʜᴏᴡ ʜᴇ sᴀɪᴅ "ʜᴇ's ᴀ ɢᴏᴏᴅ ғʀɪᴇɴᴅ ᴏғ ᴍɪɴᴇ" ᴛʜᴇɴ ʜᴇ sᴀʏs "ʜᴇ's ᴀ ʟɪᴛᴛʟᴇ sʜɪᴛ" ?

  5. 10:10 random nerd fact tank on the left is a panzer 4 with spaced armor from ww2, tank on the right is a m1a1 abrams. just thought you should know

  6. Террарайзер можешь пожалуйста делать хотя бы русский язык в видео ПОЖАЛУЙСТА, Translation (terroriser you can please do Russian subtitles PLEASE) with love Russian Yuri

  7. Man I saw this in trending a few years ago but then I guess that was when they made that joke about brock's channel change it to terrorisor so now he can now fix his channel lol

  8. Я один смотрю из Русских смотрю Терорайзера из за переводов Михакера?

  9. Hey Brian. The sweater that says now I have a machine gun. Watch die hard 1 that's the exact line on the paper word for word that was on the dead guy in the elevator that Bruce Willis sent down to Hans Gruber. "Now I have a machine gun. Ho ho ho"

  10. … hey this is my first time seeing terrorisor and this was amaizing (my fave part is the ending not because the video stop, its because the music is awsome) tottaly subcribing

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