“One of” the biggest DIY skateparks in the world // Wörgl DIY Tyrol, Austria.

ola youtube my name is Ricardo LIno and I’m a wheel addict. we’ve been driving and driving and driving and we are right now
about 3,000 kilometers away from home and we actually drove about three and a
half thousand kilometres already because we were supposed to right now be eating
Switzerland but you some some visa related stuff we chose to come through
Austria so we are right now about to eat Innsbruck in Austria and there’s
supposed to be a really amazing indoor skate park the weather is actually
really good outside but I don’t think Jenni’s ever skated a skate park like
the one we’re gonna let’s see how this goes meanwhile these
thing is amazing it’s been over 15 years since the last time I was announcer and
this is just way too pretty tricky we’re doing a lot of Europe I’ve learned
all countries in Europe and cities that we’ve been to
with just a Munich Universal also green lots of parks I really liked Munich and
Austria just a bit that I’ve seen we’ve just entered illustrators absolutely
breathtaking I feel like I want to singing The Sound of Music the hills are
alive it’s so green and so beautiful Jalen and PEG with her friend from South
Africa and they played really hard so she’s exhausted she’s also a little bit
sad that she was leave my friend behind especially Civic selfie which is good shit that’s it we’re
living this gypsy life to the fullest it’s been about a week since Willa is
yes today it’s one week since we left and there’s about one week two girls
we’re getting there used to this gypsy life
see you in Innsbruck little change of plans while driving I
just saw the most amazing skate park right next to a little river whatever
that is so right now just on the way there mazing crazy big DIY DIY
skateboard and just look at the view here and just like you kiss wasn’t enough one
less part of the park do you like the park that’s a different angle hope that was it and that I’ll just show you where I am
check where we are where this amazing skate park is just check this out I was
just cruising on that road when I found I just looked down and I see this
amazing park we had to turn around and we found this the road trip continues so
if you guys enjoyed this one there might be some more of this some other parks
that we just find out so if you want to see those if this is the first video
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other than that just like I always say don’t forget why we all started skating
and that is because it’s fun no I got my bag on me
and I’m about to go gear meet my family in the caravan let me just see you put
everything on my hands now I can do the rail ride first try or if I break the
camera and the rest of the shit so Cheers don’t forget it’s fun chips seems a brand out

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