[Music] do you even know what I just filmed r34 skyline oh my god I just got that on camera like to the US that’s cold really we’re down that’s crazy that’s all one check this out they have you lied [Music] this thing’s actually really speak and I feel about are my family but I’m sorry to be that bad go for it please yeah I was pretty fun I’m cool but things are done I realized her there’s nothing with dirt feel free are you ready my really is so five bucks on this 500 yen shutting it cubicle check it out that’s how you doing [Music] [Applause] or does look how close it is to falling off check it out and you’re freaking when people come on my books worth Spence one oh I’m gonna try it one more time if not I lose the money it cost 200 yen for one thing he’s a local mom is moving a little bit I waited eight bucks to like this is why you don’t gamble if I’m this bad with like little things like this I couldn’t imagine myself with like a real gambling machine this is the few I didn’t like him so I’m wearing them like many we’d will go oh yeah that’s what you wanted to do expose it brothers where were you going it’s crazy how they do this this isn’t the actual food they have like plastic displays of the food which is probably the best way because it looks so like appealing I want that right now none of this is real so look I’m sorry damn right oh thank you me yeah can you see me good day no oh okay hi there are many she makes the most awkward way to order ever I guess the menus up here and we can’t read any of them so good thing they have those the plastic food display outside for us to just point flying [Music] and maybe game after you insist occasion catalyst right Oh an Ohana game Joey – okay I haven’t had a console in like five years but I just want to check out what I’d like games for would look like out here so we checked out this place it’s pretty tight in my first video I was reaching out to people at the end anyone who lives in Japan and could speak English and Japanese fluently some guy hit me up through YouTube you didn’t have an Instagram so hit me up through email and we were talking and we’re actually meeting up with him today and he’s going to show us around this is mike on your suggestion this is Luis I never think you guys wanna come to Japan we did is the first time I saw loving it so far it’s just hard to get around actually I was thinking maybe you might call because I saw you had the Camino Noah uh-huh what you’re on your elbows I’m like my favorite oh yeah so I guess like the best place runs out of cars over at the next station so this is my first time actually taking like the train around Japan yeah someone who knows that it works with Russia just in case if you guys want to take the train on your own like you can just first language let’s language English and then I can see them soon oh you see the training so just find where you want to go and then this is a price 240 and 201 descent and yeah get your hand okay get up right it’s like you feel would you really lose that and it makes you take stuff to get knowledge the future may be out part all you do is just do that and that’s it one I’ll make sure you know which way you’re going and then just look at me it’s a lot more quiet right right right it’s like with the people’s rhizobia is the culture you’re not yeah like if you talk aloud actually people will like start stare at you some people just look at you because they’re interested what some people may be irritated like there’s a lot of those small little texture you’ve been like you know the escalator you’re supposed to stand on the left side if you want to stay still oh when I walk you’ve got to be on the right side but you’re not supposed to talk on phone inside the train or cost yeah yeah it’s just like using photos okay but like okay so this took like a minute minute 30 we’re here already feel so we’re talking it’s so quiet but it was taking us half an hour stating like is so much easier when you have help it’s called cocoa Ichiban yeah that’s the name of the restaurant quite so curly restaurant but it’s a Japanese style crew oh yeah it’s not like the Indian protector thank you thank you arigato gozaimasu arigato arigato gozai Corzine mas when I see also Go Go da da de ma smash of course goes ie matches go my tribal go is I’m a so arigato gozaimasu yes that’s my first time trying curry Japanese curry is amazing don’t you dare expose me Samuel was great but why I got a baby footage it’s going to be maybe 60 bucks I’m going that maybe for 12 hours yeah every night disaster this is has been waiting with you know us just magazines like this just having manga here could uh take a whole six another skyline you miss you yes ready we have the car for about 12 hours but the times cut a little bit short because we have to bring it back by 11:00 and the first place you’re going to is this indoor skate park which is an hour away we’re actually meeting up with this skater he’s on blind his name is Yuto I don’t know how to pronounce the last names we’re going to meet up with him around 3:00 get a sash hopefully get some clips with them to do them same at skating you’ll see one of the best skaters in Japan for sure one of the cool things about Japan is all the vending machines that they have since we have an hour to kill look at the white scream you jealous it’s like ha I think you chose my clothes right it’s pity degrees yeah like this is the sitter so please no oh okay all right you too say can you talk yes oh nice to meet you let’s go [Music] Oh [Music] [Music] I just filmed a pun of clip with Yuto how do you pronounce it fully oh yeah it’s already gone man yeah you saw honey Gomez this guy is insane all the sudden you see them do here he does in the streets probably like one of the best skaters in Japan for sure you guys are gonna see this guy in the future Allah he’s actually coming back to LA because actually in like March I am mine yeah so he’s gonna go with some flips gonna see more of them but come on yeah no problem what’s your name showing off gamla stuff and how old are you guess yeah what’s your name Jesse get up and how old are you [Music] these are some of the best skaters I’ve ever seen you might see them in the future in Street League I’m not even joking that’s now give these kids are well known I’ve noticed you guys first these gives us so much potential it’s ridiculous I think I’m gonna wrap up the video here so make sure to LIKE subscribe and comment I’ll see you guys for the next video no ponies ha [Music] oh my god you got a guitar [Music]

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