ONE FOOT SPIN – Ice Skating Spins for Beginners

hey guys I’m Mary welcome back to my
channel today we are going to master the one foot spin hope you’re ready for
this one for our one foot spin let’s start off with the basics we are going
to work on an entrance exercise the focus of this is properly been keeping
our chest upright our arm is tracing our leading foot next let’s focus on centering the spin which means spinning in one spot and not traveling
or moving around the ice when you get into your entrance position I like to
hold and stay upright for a few revolutions before pulling into my left
foot spin let’s focus on the beginner one foot spin position our thighs are
going to be nice and tight the toes are the upright what is going to be adjacent
to the heel of this videos yay let’s try our one foot spin we are going to enter
with crossover step in the middle of your circle start with the two foot spin
when we are nice and bound slowly lift up one foot to that heel toe position we
talked about earlier with who we’re putting it all together
notice I am taking three nice big crossovers stepping in the middle of my
circle arms and chest upright I’m centering for a few rotations then
slowly pulling my arms and legs in at the same time and of course don’t forget
that beautiful exit edge show off that awesome spin you just did we can enter a spin either with
crossovers or an inside three turn make sure after we turn the foot our front
arm and shoulder stays in front if our arm and shoulder swings back we are not
checking a turn we are going to keep spinning and it will be quite difficult
to enter our one foot spin for the scratch spin an advanced version
of the one foot spin we are going to bring our free leg straight above the
opposite leg knee pointing up and push down so our ankles are tight and locking
no thigh gap and the arms are hugged tightly to our chest a fun spin
variation is to push your arms up as you are spinning let’s try these scratch
spin try to Center for a few revolutions then slowly pull your arms and knees and
at the same time keep your knee pointing upwards don’t let it point out to the
side the trickiest part of a scratch spin is centering so be sure to focus on
the basics of centering if you’re having difficulties some common mistakes are
dropping the shoulder this will make us start traveling almost instantaneously
another mistake is forgetting to center your spin here I lift my foot up right
away and spin just take a nice deep breath focus on sunray spin for a few
revolutions before moving your arms and legs here our foot is too high causing
us to lose balance there is a gap between both of our legs
lastly make sure your arms and legs come together at the same time thanks so much for watching guys be sure
to give me a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel and social media for more
skating tutorials see you all next time

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