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oh shit Olá Youtube my name is Ricardo lino and I’m
a wheel addict I’m 45 minutes away from Cape Town city
center with this guy right here good evening with Zane and check my eye
my feet blips so there’s a little pump track I don’t even know if this is a bug
tracker or not and we’re about to start well not saying he needs to put her in
its eyes but I’m going to try it check this one this shit sucks, ineed more air in my tyres too. its not fun I need to be like steeper or something
like that I don’t know what I did wrong okay I’ll keep trying today we got team
GoPro here so the thing is I got more air in my tires now I went a little bit
higher in the hill and I’m going to tried it I want more speed because I’m
like I couldn’t do it properly man okay that’s the one you haha now these was fun yeah man I can’t
judge those I didn’t jump but like these words ones that’s it again if they do
jump the jump so I’m going to try to now check these up let’s do it
now I’m going to be talking because I I don’t want to be the boring one so I’ll
go a bit slower but more control not be so unlucky forgive that fast fast first
turn jump jump do it man I didn’t do it yet but that comedy is so much Wow two
guys by the side of the road playing with a selfie stick so much fun I’ll try
to jump both wish me good luck I’m tatted like I got like three scarred these are the newest knee gaskets so
still if I don’t fall I’ll be happy from not falling so let’s do the chit stay
there I’ll try to talk to jump now ah I missed it this the second one the
second one is getting us it is there yeah we got it I’ll tell one more than
I’ll change this record because there’s like more track there’s one we like a
little wall ride made of wood we’ll go there next but first I need to jump in
second one which is kind of sketchy I kind of maybe just because I’m not used
to this and it gets to be twenty shitting stay there I’ll try to share my
thinking with you huh here we go oh I don’t know if you have an idea what
happened I missed the first turn I missed the second jump a nice I think
I should over to the other stop that yeah Lane is coming you want to jump too
small jump and I’m about to filming now here we go he’s cruising I think he’s
got it easy yes control so check this out that guy’s
crazy for doing digital helmet without any protection don’t do off-road skating
without protection listen you never know what’s gonna happen then you met you met
for doing that without protection seriously just step I’m just something here this will be
good probably not would be good maybe not you
tell me so now there’s like this wooden wall
right on the corner I just did it once and I filled it with
Zen film it but now I’m going to try to bring you with me so you can see it
basically I need to go down this little thing that you can see here it’s nothing
I don’t think it’s steep enough to to get the whole thing it has a little jump
in the way so come with me come they just hobbled a little okay coming there’s little jump oh let’s
see if we got the wall ride with this beat I don’t know if I got sweet enough
for the will ride up coming nuclear good I usually uh-oh I got a friend
have you ever my friends have you ever seen yes have you ever seen skate on
this I’ve come now I did I do like it and I give me five yes my name is ready
they keep coming Oh keep going finally we can do even oh
my god just like you after the other one that’s
my kid that’s cool yes we going I have no idea what’s in there oh my god
I have no idea what company now no halo he’ll have fun he’d even go on the grass
because I’m happy the wind is picking up yeah but there’s
two more children we want to do the one right now might be the most radical just
because they’re like it’s not faster but there’s like there’s a little bit more
obstacles let me just clean the lens stay there don’t move you can see you
know better okay so I would say it’s the most radical Warren just because like
you start way downhill there like a few turns might be cooler for you to see
cause there’s more obstacles and then the last one might be a little bit like
more like inclines my there’s more inclination can you say that steeper
little bit steeper I’m going to we’ll see Scott gave it say there let’s do
this one let’s start let’s start with something and the first one is this so
once I drop I’ll do the change you ready for this shit seven three two one oh
please I’m back yeah you actually recipes on
the contract now go I’m gonna see where we were it
just basically must everyone jump here I will get Peter move now there’s a breach
or wouldn’t wish this is us oh my god it’s looking good and do a sec oh and
that was it I got a friend my friend said it is nice what to say about this
my friends making friends everywhere all I know you happy and going up price to
pay then I’m going to Jean we can present I
also win the boot camp the way the wind is in my face now it’s going to be in my
back when I’m going down but when we passed by so here a little poop let’s
hit the radical I got the shit did you tell me thank you so much yeah please
okay so we suck that I hate this way I need
it stay there they’re still done the would
like yeah i canna do well change to the end of the world
oh my freaking fucking crew see in the following speed he’s been given speed
ladies and gentlemen I’m freakin fucking dead that’s the last one I told you it’s
a cool trick I’m gonna bring on the air at the usual one take it
oh my big gun oh oh yeah so now should be fast but there’s a part
there we can I don’t know what’s gonna happen so it’s almost now
so here it’s childress now that’s the part here that I need to go to the grass
and get into that turn and then I’ll shit haha I’m so happy
look at my left my helmet so I think that falls should still be recording the
GoPro is alive top my glass is my helmet ticket yeah record ah that was a look like take it back
let’s see now my phone is still alive with lot one switch because if we still
alive it’s recording the phone nice so if a day we just what is happening like
you will appear blood one Cheers and passions thank you go oh my god my
right foot my helmet and all that do not do not
we’re not do as I do not offer oh don’t forget the side to the channel I’ll see
you in the next one hopefully with the hill hands
Cheers I almost kill myself before I said it was the left one but I can’t go
home like this I can’t go home with a full and the
reason why I don’t have these it’s because I’m trying to be fit enough
okay I’m trying to film it better grab the full stick better so that you guys
can see better I’m not blaming on you guys but it’s
enough subside into the shell okay so that’s it I’m not going to think the
left one but I’m going to try to do it right right now and hopefully I’ll do it
first so stay with me now yes and my ends are hurting now because of the
thing okay so this part I did it before and it was quite cool and I thought I
was filming but I wasn’t because I wasn’t so the thing though the pleasure
I felt or with you but here you got to do like a little bit some of why this
thing here and then turn that little fucker
yeah oh my god now this turn Oh Ellen fun get it now
downhill again and then like a trunk here Phil what trunk down and not almost
yes that’s a cool runner keep going and that was it
that was another day in the little life today with off-road skate hope you
enjoyed this video if you did don’t forget to give it thumbs up and if
you’re not subscribe to the channel now it’s the time to do it if you didn’t saw
the whole video is working we’ll be there


  1. Wow, Ricardo, this is awesome and totally crazy! Love it 🙂
    I was thinking some day about buying offroad skates to skate in a forest but I was afraid that I couldn't manage: skating downwords is fast and crazy and upwords it's heavy and clumsy (and I'm not as good skater as you are 😉 so I gave up but now, after watching this vid, I'm thinking again to try it.

  2. my son asked me "why he is using dirty words?" WHERE HE HAVE LEARN ENGLISH??:) i live in europe and our english is not very good:) nice movie:) keep it up

  3. is it really stable, as it seems to skate, with these type of skates?
    looks like a lot of fun to me?
    thumps up… another great video ?

  4. oh my god this is actually mental! but I love it!!! ? I'm so glad youre a okay, because your videos are so quality ???

  5. I have those wrist guards, they saved me not long ago! That's all i wear though… My knees and elbows aren't too happy lol. Sooo gutted the memory card was full, would of loved to have seen the crash! ?

  6. hoooly shit this was crazy

    off road biking is already scary as hell.. cant imagine skating hahahah

    seems fun as hell tho!

  7. @THE LINO LIFE > Has your perspective on wearing protection during skating and taking risks (off road, speed skating, stunts etc) changed at all since you became a father? Just wondering 🙂

    I go off road skating every now and then for very short distances,.. just not fully intentional :') It's my emergency break in case a traffic light turns red and I can't break on time. I usually slow down a lot just in case they go red but sometimes I get greedy and just want to try to make them xD.

  8. Which exact Ennui helmet is this? Looks kinda low profile compared to the pictures on their website. I WANT ONE!

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