OHHHHH motherfuckers Olá Youtube my name is Ricardo
lino and today we’re going to use these things sorry guys
sorry guys so what happened we can skate because it doesn’t say that we comes this is not the intro everybody knows you need knowledge
better take that habit College wrangled a little get stressed out fix a feel
worthwhile you know we’ll be on the border of insanity you’ll enjoy the
plane to see who the famed Orion manatee don’t get mad at me
playing it on your hand until here it was all easy because we have the back we
had the back here now that’s when the challenge starts just one really
important thing don’t do this without protection it
makes a huge difference I don’t floss but if I fall I promise
I’ll go like this let’s do this I hope your wedding ring doesn’t slip
your fingers off nah okay who first me that’s it yeah
just do it here yeah wait to it ah take bill bill he rose up go motherfuckers and that’s the hand of
this video and I hate my helmet what was I just think man I hate the trunk hit
the trunk check that shit my back tires gone flat I was losing
control my camera my camp is not really good I don’t know what suffering you
hear hear just fill me just grab it like that you need to grab the camera not
just a gimbal check this shit yeah always wear protection kids I hate my
knee really hard huh yeah and your ass your ass so I felt like these huh
check this shit it’s amazing yeah check the trunk come here
alright wasn’t the trunk check this rock look yeah oh it’s see I hate these men
oh there’s the mocking they’re my back tire is done chick is a nice for part
two now I’m dirty already haha now we can get really dirty
haha let’s do it that’s girlfriend lend my backfires let’s hope I don’t fall now so I think we’re calling it for today
it’s been it’s been interesting you know what I mean fuck this man
my feet hurts so bad from the skates no from walking I don’t have normal future

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