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Not Far Away from Home | Snowboard Short Film | A RIDER’S JOURNEY

Not Far Away from Home | Snowboard Short Film | A RIDER’S JOURNEY

being on the road without any pressure just struggling with a bunch of friends and seeing what the day brings well as well I love the most about the trip through the Pyrenees [Music] is the road [Music] I [Music] about to do another line actually one that’s a bit more accessible good less lethal right away maybe it’s better than we think I think it’s worth knowing [Music] [Music] [Music] at the end of the season you just want some peace and quiet no pressure driving around and see little mini farm he had a set we didn’t write or the weather was too bad and we just driving but yeah this was still your face till Sunday [Music] when I look at it the team has been in the making for eight years or something so we don’t need a lot of words to make things work we really trust each other Francis always stoked to do anything as long as he is coffee in the morning to get him started yes I’m already I’m gonna candy could recover minute interview nice Marin’s writing is just so happy [Music] it was really sad that sep couldn’t write himself because he was injured he was actually more stoked about the lines that we wanted to write then we were already he’s a writer and he seems like a writer and he also knows how to capture those in the best way it’s always fun with near them so making pictures is one thing but you also have to be able to be out there widows she actually gets better the tougher the conditions gap I’m going to- GP come in stefan it’s like a brother from another mother whenever this guy comes up with a plan i’m just going to say yes whatever it is and sometimes Stefan is more amounting go tonight you because we have perfect team when it comes to doing cool stuff hey it’s snowing finally no ring anymore oh I need you inside come on stop talking it’s gone like like [Music] [Music] my all week me oil is for the first [Music] baby I’m sure lock on my door it’s always either you to blow it up and all the way and let the house see the day let us look [Music] let us look [Music] Oh [Music] yes [Music] now we ended up with finding a couple of very cool lines and places I wouldn’t think of before you just have to get out there take the time to look around and it doesn’t even have to be far away from home

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