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North Shore ladders for beginners: Leppard || Mount Fromme, BC | Mountain Biking

North Shore ladders for beginners: Leppard || Mount Fromme, BC | Mountain Biking

Hi everyone and welcome back for another trail
on Mount Fromme named Leppard. I’m entering this trail from the main gravel
access road, but this trail is probably more commonly used as an entertaining link between
the famous 7th secret that intersects this trail right about here and another black trail
named Crinkum-Crankum. Describing this trail as a connector though
would not do it justice as it is a great standalone cross country blue trail with many well built
ladders along it. Most are at ground level but a few are raised
up as bridges to cross some streams in the area . This trail also makes for a great warmup
before hitting the bigger and steeper ladders at the end of Crinkum. The trail that isn’t covered by woodwork is
either rolling pedally singletrack or punchy climbs up well placed rock sections. According to Trailforks, this trail has been
maintained by Ol’ Man Pete for the past two decades….nice work and huge thanks, this
trail has definitely stood the test of time! If you’ve been you’re wondering if I’ll make
more suspension design video’s like last weeks analysis of the Scott Ransom, the answer is
yes. There definitely seems to be interest by the
biking community, but now I turn to you to provide comments as to which bike you’d like
me to look at next. I was thinking something like the Specialized
Enduro or maybe the Santa Cruz Megatower, but I’m open to suggestions. Until next time, sit back and enjoy the ride!

2 thoughts on “North Shore ladders for beginners: Leppard || Mount Fromme, BC | Mountain Biking”

  1. Love the range of trails you ride. So much focus on the extreme trails its nice to see the mid level stuff. I have never seen this trail in vid before, looks like I have another trail to go try whenever I can get over the bridge to ride Fromme haha

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