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Night snowboarding with Wojtek “Gniazdo” Pawlusiak

Night snowboarding with Wojtek “Gniazdo” Pawlusiak

When we came here the day before yesterday, we couldn’t believe our eyes. In Bielsko or in Wilkowice, where I live there was no snow at all. We’ve prepared three spots for today. We worked on them yesterday, the conditions for building were perfect, the snow was wet and soft as opposed to today when the snow is frozen solid after the temperature dropped way below freezing over night. We just arrived at the spot but it turned out everything is hard as concrete. Solid ice everywhere. There is no point riding such a technical spot in this conditions. I went to Dachstein for a pre season warm-up some time ago. The weather was perfect, Than I went to compete in Spain and for a holiday trip with my fiance. We we’re chilling in Egypt for a week diving — that was exactly what I needed to recharge my batteries before season. I came back from Egypt after a week. And even though I wasn’t into the season much yet I went to compete in London and had a blast over there. Now we’re in Zakopane, Poland. Upcoming competition? I don’t think I have any… That’s great that I went to each competition I planned to — in Netherlands, Stockholm, Spain and London. And now is the time to focus on filming which is my main focus this upcoming winter. Where will those videos end up I couldn’t tell yet however I already started filming cause I’m sure I’ll land a part somewhere. We just finished riding that rail you see behind me and we’re off for a night session. It was cool I landed two tricks but not the ones I planned so I’ll be coming back here tomorrow. I think we have the best jibbing spots in Europe. There’s plenty of big cities where you can always find some place to ride. If you want to go to Helsinki again for filming it’s ok, but I guess your part will look like a dozen other filmed in this popular destination. If you decide to come to Poland you can be sure to find a unique, one of a kind spot to film on.

59 thoughts on “Night snowboarding with Wojtek “Gniazdo” Pawlusiak”

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  2. Fuck off redbull. Im unsubbing all this slow motion of him walking and looking at the ground for like 5 seconds of actual riding.

  3. Easily one of the worst edits I've ever seen. Talking the whole time, the first 2 tricks and the last 3 were the same… Cool!

  4. Fajnie, ze udziela wywiadu w swoim języku, a nie robi z siebie gwiazdę, że trzeba po angielsku, żeby jak najwięcej fanów zobaczyło ! 🙂
    I do tego jeszcze takie patriotyczne podejscie z tymi miejscówkami – MOC ! 😀

  5. Mam na imjie wojtek mieszkam w bielsku I jerzdze na snowboardzie na rasjie mieszkam w londynie jestem w bielsku na zime

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